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Thursday, 13 September 2007


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Donald Douglas

"did we make mistakes there? of course. in every war, or conflict, mistakes are made."

Don't tell that to the antiwar types! Bush is a "chimp" who "lied" to get us into this "fiasco" of a war. (They make me sick.)

Keep up your great work, and thanks for visiting my blog.


Great post BGP, SoKo is a good comparison, just as Vietnam is as a comparison for leaving too soon. I am adding you to my blogroll just as the same, stop by and say hi.


Mistakes are made in every war or conflict, as you have said. It's a 'learn as you go' process at times. That's unfortunate, but nothing in this world is perfect.

Thanks for coming by Right Truth. I always enjoy meeting new friends! Nice place you have here and I love the name of your blog. (I want some of those ruffled undies, hee hee)

Come by my place again, the door's always open.

Ottavio - American Interests

Good posting. I have added yours to my blogroll and look forward to reading future postings. Take care Ottavio



"just as Vietnam is as a comparison for leaving too soon."

how so? they've since been no threat to us (not that they ever were), and the domino theory in se asia has been thoroughly discredited. in fact, it was the vietnamese who put an end to the atrocities of the kamer rouge in cambodia.



er, "khmer rouge...."


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