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Friday, 12 October 2007


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I've seen Angel's post on this, Heidi. On behalf of my friend Angel, thanks for linking to it. :)

In my opinion lighting up the Empire State Building in Jihad green is saying "We surrender! Come and get us!" This Dhimmitude is going to get us all in one hell of a fix!

heidianne jackson

i totally agree, gayle. we have got to get the general populace motivated.


I try to focus on obnoxiously politically correct garbage that MY TAX DOLLARS pay for. But this one makes me sick even if I didn't have to pay for it.

Neat blog. Can you MAKE THE FONT Bigger? Tough to read.

heidianne jackson

thanks for visiting, art. i will endeavor to increase the size of the font moving forward! i appreciate you letting me know.


Green to honor Ramadan, eh?

Maybe I should insist that they light it red/yellow and leave some black to mark my German heritage? No, wait - better yet! Lets all campaign to have it lit up plaid to honor the Scots! I can't wait to hear about some official starting a study to determine the effects of plaid lightbulbs. But then we start the clan wars all over again since it will need to be determined which clan is to be honored.

Apparently this requires more thought than I had originally anticipated.

Maybe cover it with cheese to honor Pinky and the Brain. Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

heidianne jackson

i think so, brain, but burkas, er um burlap chafes me so.


Wow, this is appalling and I haven't heard this anywhere else.

heidianne jackson

it's just awful. we have got to start being more vocal. we have to make it known that we are NOT going to stand by and idly take this.

glad to see you again!

cracker h8r

this is a whole bunch of bullshit!!!!!!

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