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Friday, 19 October 2007


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Thanks for the link and the help Heidi in spreading this, as our friend Donald said its not the bloggers we reach so much as generic visitor that happens on our sites by keyword search or happenstance. The conservative political blogosphere is not very big but it is huge in its reach just as the moonbatosphere is, the difference is we discuss and debate, they lie, scream, cuss and hate. I guess I should mention steal and defraud as well since we are talking Hilari Rodhamovich Clintronsky.

heidianne jackson

LOL - good, valid points, goat. the word is spreading. had a conversation with a couple in the booth behind us at outback tonight. they were amazed at what they didn't know. gave them my card with my blog address and told them i had the best links to go to. it will just keep going from here...


i'm thinking of starting a "stop hitlery" gang - would you like to be in on the action?

you may check my blog and the label "stop hitlery" - i'm just trying to think of a good way of presenting it.

any input would be welcome.


Atleast Michelle Malkin and her HotAir team are keeping an eye on this story and they are both huge players in the blog world. It is also important to do things like you did with the couple at the steakhouse, feed 'em the red meat.


hey Heidi!..yes we must spread the word over and over and over...Hillary?..NO wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..argggggggg!..lol

heidianne jackson

nanc, i'll check out what you have going on and email you.

goat, i love michelle and her team! and i love steak!

yea angel!!!


check this out! got it from another blogger this a.m.

heidianne jackson

thanks nanc for posting the link - i saw this over at goat's place and saved it to my favorites :)


"goat says we need to make this thing viral; this is my contribution to that effort."

And I admire your contribution!! I don't need to be convinced but it continually amazes me of the people that will follow Hillary! WOW! Do they ever need to be educated!

I appreciate your efforts in spreading the word.


Nanc, there is already a stop Hillary website I believe. She has seriour unfavorable ratings and around 50% of voters would never vote for her. I hope she is the DNC nominee as it will hurt the down ticket as well.

heidianne jackson

any idea of the url, goat?


The stop Hillary site is www.stophillary.org

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