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Monday, 05 November 2007


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I had to use a stated income loan as a new business man to get out of a bad mortgage, I am glad I have an 800 credit rating. This will hurt small business owners especially new ones in their ability to aquire needed capital as I did through my home.

heidianne jackson

exactly, goat. we must mobilize to stop it. i take it from your comments you've made the necessary calls? :)


hiya Heidi!..Pelosi will be the death of us all hun..what a horror show on wheels..great read and ty so much for your support!

heidianne jackson

thanks for your support, too, angel! i have everyone i know voting for you, even if they aren't blogging enthusiasts :) we just need to keep holding up the magnifying glass to continue to expose the idiocy of our current congress!


My House guy is solid my Senators are Boxer and Feinstien, not worth the call time. My Rep. Wally Herger is a member of the RSC and good friend of our new firebrand John Campbell, our friend Don's Rep., Yes I have email contact with Mr. Herger and his staff.

heidianne jackson

good man, goat! always good to have you here :)

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