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Thursday, 08 November 2007


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Are you sure that's a building? It looks like a big piece of Saltwater Taffy.

heidianne jackson

too true - i just didn't realize it until you said it. just further proof that their whole thought process is just bizarre...

American Interests

I unequivocally agree with you Heidianne. As I wrote at Right Truth:

"This sort of thing really pisses me off! To think; pictures with his wife and small children. Appalling...I too am sick of the apologists...I think the we should all up the ante in condemning this hateful creed and expose it, for what it trully is"...


Excellent follow-up on this mosque. It is a hideous looking thing, nothing like other mosques I have seen. I'm wondering why the strange architecture?

Mr. Craig expresses our feelings, it's not Muslims, it's the radical ones behind this particular mosque. London, in the view of a physician friend of mine who actually lives there, ... is LOST.

heidianne jackson

otto, i agree! i fear that england and europe are all but lost. worldwide the muslims are taking over simply by having the largest population - through both birth and immigration. the rest of us MUST step up our reproduction and we must speak out against their use of our courts and laws against us. but it won't be easy - the apologists on the left (in both our countries) can't bend over far or fast enough. they simply refuse to acknowledge that the goal of islam is to annihilate the jews and to either extinguish or subjugate the christians and "other non-believers". i won't go down without a fight!

heidianne jackson

debbie, too true. but i would posit that if someone is truly a follower of islam they are by diktat and obedience "radical"...


Great job, Heidianne, (Debbie, too!). We will eventually lack population to combat this silent overthrow, and with the Lefties doing such idiotic things as providing the pill to 11 year olds without parental knowledge (I remain mortified this came from my state), we have little chance of combating their 'revenge of the cradle'.

heidianne jackson

di - yea, your back!!! i was amazed at the idiocy of the plan to usurpt parental authority for even pre-teens - not that it happened, but that it came from maine! as i said above, we have to increase our reproduction if we are to have any hope at all of combatting them.

thanks for stopping by again - come back soon.


I guess again, I am mystified. I understand the principals of religious freedom, and the right to worship in any way you choose. Hey, sounds like a nice idea, live and let live, to each his own and so forth. I guess the part I'm missing (and I'm sure you can explain it to me Heidi) is why I need to adapt my lifestyle to accommodate your religion. Wearing headscarves? C'mon now - that is not in my religious tenant. You religion requires that? Guess what - I don’t believe your religion, ergo, I am not subject to its restrictions.

Religious freedom is a two way street. Just because you believe something doesn't mean that I do. I could worship Twinkies, and my religion mandates that I put petroleum cream in my hair. That does not mean that I should make everyone spike their hair with petroleum. Most people (even if it is most people, there is still a faction that won't) won't follow this religion, so why should I press my fanaticism onto others? That, somehow, doesn’t seem right to me.

So, I guess when someone explains why I need to accommodate and restrict myself to accommodate another’s point of view, I’ll understand. But I‘ve never been one to submit or repress myself to please others.

Viva le Twinkie!

heidianne jackson

i couldn't agree more, eric, but so many people are hell bent on not offending the islamists among us.

remember the cartoons? how about the pope reading a text from several centuries ago? how about the riots in france. all things designed to make us fear the islamists and want to appease them.

in many areas of paris, non-muslim women are already donning headscarves out of in what they say is an effort to be respectful of the muslims' beliefs. my guess is that it is really out of fear of the muslim men and their violence. remember the woman in michigan? probably more than that that's happened elsewhere in the world that we just haven't hear about.

i will never don a headscarf - and can you even picture me the least submissive??? - yeah, that'll happen. we'll stick together you, me and our friends here in the blogosphere - hopefully we're getting others to see the light as well...

btw, who knew that twinkies were masculine? i had no idea!


Debbie at Right Truth sent me over here and it's a great addition to what I read at her blog. Wow. It's an incredible story. I've heard of the mosque being built but not of the people risking lives over it.


heidianne jackson

it is incredible karen. and disgusting. thanks for stopping by. i'm adding you to my blog list...


Twinkies are masculine. Twinkies are at the root of the subliminal propaganda. Think about it: Twinkies are phallic, full of cream, and two to a package. Perhaps I'm just being homophobic (or perhps I'm takin my satire to the next level) but is this a subliminal message? Hmmmm. Twinkies as gay marriage propaganda.

Honestly, I don't care one whit about gay marriage. Two people want to be together, fine. Don't try to make me believe that what you are doing will work for me. I'm not abdicating submission (unless it is between two consenting adults, then, let's talk) from any group.

I think my issue is that everyone screams about being able to proclaim and expound upon their freedoms and rights to believe/marry/whatever but don't want to have the reversal be true. I am to be tolerant of the crap you are spewing forth, but if I express my view, you get offended and are being repressed? I don't thinks so. It works both ways, nature and the universe abhor inequalities.

Well, what started off as humor has digressed, and I apologize. I keep trying to preach the mantle of common sense, but I think I have precious few converts to that cause.

Can't wait for the next installment.


Bar Kochba

I am thinking of opening a huge synagogue for 10 000 people in Saudi Arabia. Anyone want to help?


Heidi they wont stop until were under their thumbs!..great read and thanks!!!

heidianne jackson

bk, good idea. but something tells me you won't last a day. they do not permit religious freedom in any arab country. they are using our laws and it's freedoms against us.

angel, you are so right - but i know you'll be with me fighting against them until the bitter end!


Great job as always Heidi, I'll stick a mention up for you. Heck what could I add, LOL.

heidianne jackson

welcome back goat! i hope this means your friend is nicely on the mend... thanks for your support.

this is a busy week, so i'm a bit sporatic right now...


Oh, BTW, check this out


Yes he is Heidi,a long way to go still but positive so far, thanks for the Prayers!

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