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Friday, 21 December 2007


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perfect post Heidi!..I love the attitude of gratitude girl!..Fa la la la to u my friend!:) and keep countin those blessings !:)


Great post my friend, sometimes just slowing down and giving thanks can change your attitude. Be positive and beat the Winter doldrums.


You are indeed a blessed woman! Merry Christmas, Heidi. You have captured the true spirit of Christmas.

Bar Kochba

Every day, we are faced with many, many choices and the #1 choice is simply to be happy. No matter what, accept it with love that it is for you own good. If nothing else, be happy that you're alive. Merry Christmas Hedidi!


We have a lot to be grateful for, all of us, American families and the American nation.

Have a blessedly wonderful Christmas, Heidi!

American Interests

We, (I at least) are so very VERY busy this time of year that posts such as these are much like good medicine. Gratitude, regardless of circumstances; a great message! Merry Xmas...

heidianne jackson

internet issues prevented me from approving your comments until just now. i'm sorry for that, but so grateful for all ofyour comments. thank you each of you and the merriest of christmasses!

in the words of tiny tim "god bless us, every one."


Great post because so many people get "blue" during the holiday seasons. More killings, more suicides, more fights.

We all have problems in our families. (Boy could I tell you a woe-some tale, ha) We have to pull ourselves up and out of that abyss. It isn't good for us.

Our worry and blues only hurt ourselves, they don't solve any problems.

This is a great post for all of us.

Many folks have lost parents and other loved ones at Christmas. That really puts a damper on things. We have to dwell on the good things.

Merry Christmas and chin up my friend.

God bless and Happy healthy New Year


What a wonderful, heartwarming post, Heidianne! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

Webb Sloane's Grandma

This is a nice reminder to us all. Merry Christmas!

Webb Sloane's Grandma

This is a nice reminder. Merry Christmas!


oh heidianne - i am thankful for every thing in my life, from the sublime to the extreme!

i'm reminded of a time here a few years ago - on my way to pick up the children at the busstop a couple three miles away - right at our gate approximately one-tenth of a mile from the cabin, the van just died in its tracks - all it would do was whine as i tried to turn the engine over.

i whistled up the hill to my husband who was home for a short stay between jobs - he was busy with something else as i waved him down. as he approached me in one of our other vehicles, wondering what was up, i said, "i think the fuel pump is out!"

he cursed the day, and i said, "aren't you thankful i wasn't 35 miles away shopping or something else when this happened?" he was still grumbling when i reiterated, "surely, you must be glad we have many good working vehicles to get to the busstop today to pick the children up?"

once he realized what i was getting at, his entire attitude changed and when we got on the backside of it, he told me, "you know, i never looked at things the way you do, but i'm going to change my attitude and thank GOD for what i have rather than curse Him for i haven't."

in all things, give thanks. not some, but ALL!



Merry Christmas to you and yours my friend. I am grateful our cyber-paths crossed.


Hope your holiday was full of light and love!:)


*in my whiniest voice...*

"Uggghhh... I gotta' make another list??!"

I've been so busy chasing season's duties that I haven't blogged or commented hardly at all... so I'm late to your great point. But that doesn't diminish it one little bit...

Every, single day is a gift!! There really are few truly "bad" days... even those are still doors to good ones that follow. Each of our clocks are ticking and we constantly get closer to that last, unknown moment. If we could retain that mindset, realize and keep close all that we have been blessed with and use it to more appreciate all we still may enjoy... wouldn't we waste so much less?

Merry Christmas, Heidianne!

heidianne jackson

merry christmas all - it was a blessed day with my family and friends and i will cherish it always. thank you for all the well wishes.


WoW. Great work Heidianne. Thank you for sharing this. Rest up, recharge, relax and get ready there wild woman - it's going to be a wild year in '08!

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