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Monday, 10 March 2008


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wowza Heidi..a proud American!..what a find! :)

heidianne jackson

it really is a gem, angel - sort of like you :)


Thanks Heidi! A minor correction, it was a friend of a reader that wrote it and even this grizzley ole goat needed a hanky.


BTW, I forwarded your kind words to her.


Quite impressive

Scout's Honor

So, we had the pleasure, when we moved to Washington from California, to see Veteran's Day finally celebrated in public schools. Our children's elementary school puts on full school, one hour musical presentation. They ask all veteran parents and family members to sit on stage during the whole thing.

My husband and I, being veterans, have gone twice now and sat on that stage. There are usually 5-10 parents and grandparents.

I'm usually okay, when they ask our children to stand and their friends' eyes widen that their family was in the military. Lots of kids have come up to my children afterward and told them to thank us for serving our country and being "heroes." It just makes my heart melt to hear the stories that come home.

I'm okay through all the usual traditional songs.

I'm good through all the essays written and read by each grade on why they love America or what it means to be American to them. The sheer honesty and truth always astounds me.

In fact, I hold it together until they sing that very song above. They have song it both years.

Then I embarrass the hell out of my kids and my husband by crying like a baby--at attention no less--with every friend, teacher, and member of staff's eyes on the stage.

Yep, sometimes the love of my country is too big to hold within.

I wish I had a videotape of their performances, but again, always on stage, teary, but proud.

I wish all schools revered their military members and their love of country like they do here in Sammamish, Washington.

Have I mentioned we are so glad to be out of the activist, liberal Bay Area that would rather spit on a flag than celebrate a veteran?


that was powerful!

if we can only keep these children believing in this manner.


Wow! If somebody steps through my business door right now I am going to look like such a damn fool... and I couldn't care less. Tremendous, absolutely tremendous. The sincerety in those children's eyes and voices instantly drop the flood gates... and if it didn't, I don't know what kind of human being you could call yourself.

A deep bow to Goat for sharing it and to Heidianne for spreading it. Thank you seems very inadequate.


Heidi, great posting. Unfortunately, it seems to often that adults need these moments expressed by children to remind us of the things we should be proud of everyday. I look forward to dropping by for future posts.


DI, many thanks just show it to them.


"one of his readers wrote this song and taught it to her church's childrens' choir"

Just a quick correction...the song was written by Teresa Jennings. She writes children's music and her music is featured in a bi-monthly magazine called Music K-8 by Plank Road Publishing.

Otto - American Interests

Round of applause please! Thank you Teresa Jennings, thank you Heidianne, that was truly beautiful...Connie made a good point...


Wow.....awesome!! Thanks for posting this, I have never seen it before!


YoWzA! This is fanttastique! Thanks for sharing. We had a Patriotic Sunday at our Church last night in responce to a certain Preacher that stood in the pulpit and said "Dog Gone America" (only he didn't say 'dog gone') and went off about all of 'Merica's sins - real and imagined.

I wish I'd had this here on hand.

Thanks for sharing!

Uncle Joe

Bravo! Very moving. Thanks for sharing.


A truly GREAT video and it should be disemminated as widely as possible.

A great find.

Otto - American Interests

Having driven by, I thought to say hi!


I'm thinking about you, Heidi.

I hope all is well and that you and yours have a Happy Easter!


When I googled the song I too found that the music and lyrics was written by Teresa Jennings. It is a gorgeous song. I looked up another version on You Tube. A LOT of schools have used it for patriotic plays, etc... Awesome find!!

Bar Kochba

Amazing. G-d bless America.


Wonderful posts Heidi..... been a few weeks since I dropped by to see what you were up to .
I'll have to make it more frequent!
Cheers now...


Good posts Heidi... wonderful in fact.
I'll have to drop by more often....

Cheers Now.......


American Spirit, a friend of a reader that sent it to me, she did not give me her name so thanks for the info.
New look to the site Heidi, I like it.


American Spirit my reader friend did mention Plank Road and sent a couple more versions to me. Are you implying my friend does not know the auther?

Otto - American Interests

Loved it thanks Heidi


I was simply referring to this statement,

"one of his readers wrote this song and taught it to her church's childrens' choir." That is all. I know for a fact that the author and this choir director are two different people. I just wanted to make sure there where no misunderstandings. That is all. I have no idea if your friend knows the author or not.


Hello! Love your blog. Came here via Bar Kochba's blog. I'm a fellow American, conservative, and Christian.
Nice to meet you!


you keep changing things over here and i'm not going to recognize the place!


I love the new look!!

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