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Thursday, 19 June 2008


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Yes it is pathetic that to justify their own sense of importance and entitlement these people need to abuse the things that are truly worthwhile.

It's a sickness that feeds upon itself and poisons the rest of society.

The worst enemies are the ones in your own house.

heidianne jackson

you are so right ommag - thanks for the insight!


To me it sounds like a piece of fiction posited as a true story, too many things don't line up. How did the writer know so much about the words said? It is despicable for sure but I doubt its veracity. We all know moonbats are capable of believing the hallucinations of their fevered drug addled imaginations.

heidianne jackson

it's not a true story, goat, and not presented as one. if you go to the website it's written as a children's story - it's all about brainwashing the children to have no respect for our country or our flag...


Heidianne, I agree with you completely and like you, I was enraged by the “children’s story.” The last comment left at this site was in 2007, but I could not resist leaving one of my own, which was:

“I do agree no one should be forced to recite a pledge of allegiance, for the same reason I am opposed to forced or arranged marriages. At the same time, I must say that the story is appalling to me from this perspective: such a self-absorbed concept denigrates who we are within the context of family, community, and nationhood. I believe that we, individually and collectively, have a responsibility to others as much as we do to ourselves and that often, our responsibility to others may exceed that of self.

“If we are married, we are responsible to our spouse through an oath voluntarily given, and voluntarily enforced. If we are parents, we must nurture, protect, and teach our children in such a manner as to provide them a clear path to fulfillment as adults. What husband would not protect his wife? What parent would not protect their child, even at personal risk to themselves?

“Sadly, the answer is: too many – as evidenced by divorce rates, single parents, neglected children, and a ream of social statistics that suggests some where, some how, we’ve made the wrong turn. Civic virtue suggests a society in which we are all obligated to one another – and it is a concept that unsustainable through stories such as these. A refusal to join hands with loved ones, and people whom we do not even know, is as dangerous to a healthy society as some biological pandemic. No, we should not force anyone to pledge allegiance – but we should raise our children to want to take on that responsibility.

“I will admit the author is quite creative – but he is also the antithesis of our American heritage. Truly, is this what the future holds for our children? If the answer is “yes,” then this land is no longer the land of my fathers – every one of whom placed himself in harms way for an ideal greater than himself.”

Now let’s see if they actually publish my comments . . . but you know, if we wonder what has happened to our country -- this is it.

Semper Fi


The "story" completely, conveniently ignores all the benefits of freedom that ALL people in this country enjoy, regardless of their Class Warfare category. It leaves out the chains of slavery elsewhere that socialism and communism demand. It reduces the whole picture to a country trying to extract and remove a person's "individualism".

But, of course it does... There is an agenda to fulfill here. The author seeks to create a wonderful little nest in which the budding liberal can snuggle into for a lifetime. It is a nest with all the pleasures, potential and opportunities given by others' blood before them, but free of the nagging chore of commitment to sustaining that which is experienced.

Liberals would be much happier with a pledge of allegiance to "The Free Ride".


The the story reproduced above is comically ridiculous for its awkward extremism and it's terrible writing, but I think the larger point of teaching kids to at least question the idea of allegiance to a flag or to a country is important. You speak of "civic duty," heidianne, but civic duty is vastly different than the sort of nationalism precipitated by pledges to flags. Personally I hope my children fully take on a commitment of civic duty and responsibility, but do so not for one country, rather pledging to uphold humanity and justice world wide. At times this may even run counter to allegiance pledged to America. Mustang mentioned the "chains of slavery" of socialism and communism, but one must not forget that America had much more substantial chains, prejudices, and legal oppression until the past few decades. And while it seems hip to slam liberals on this blog, I think it's important to remember that it was largely the work of the "Liberals" that brought the American ideals of equality for all into fruition. I regret that my white grandparents 70 years ago would have pledged allegiance in school to a country that systematically oppressed an entire portion of its citizenry. We have come far because of the work of Liberals, but there are undoubtedly still times when America does not live up to its ideals. Sometimes we should pledge a grievance to the flag. Undoubtedly at other times the U.S. does live up to its claims, but I would want my children to learn to analyze when it's country is right and when it is wrong rather than just always pledging their allegiance to a symbol.


I would also like to add that I appreciate discussions like this be raised in a respectful way. There is, however, no place for the inclusion of Obama's picture where it is juxtaposed. Whatever your opinions are on the candidate that's a cheap and blatantly innacurate inclusion promulgating the myth that Obama refuses to say the pledge. Go to factcheck.org or any credible news source if you care enough about your country to find out the facts rather than the stupid, slanderous myths being promoted by extremists on both sides.

heidianne jackson

decline, please note that i made no comment regarding obama and his supposed refusal to pledge allegience or sing the national athem. i simply put the picture in as it is an example of a presidential candidate acting in opposition - even if ONLY on that day which may or may not be the case - to the u.s. code regarding the u.s. flag. in my opinion, anyone seeking to be president of these united states should, at the very least, know and respect (at all times) the code pertaining to and the flag itself.

as for your other comments, i know of no country where reparations have been so extensive and so publicized as here in the u.s. you may do well to remember that america was neither the first country to have slavery nor did we have slavery the longest.

also, legal slavery is still being practiced in other countries - against christians and non-muslims by muslims. where is the outrage?!?!

pledging allegiance to the flag is a pledge of loyalty and honor to our country. making the pledge does not mean that you will always agree with the decisions made by the leaders of the country, but that you will be loyal to the country nonetheless.

i'm proud that my grandparents stood up and said the pledge 70+ years ago. my granddad was born on flag day (june 14) in 1904. it was one of the things that he was most proud of - silly or not.

i put my hand over my heart whenever the flag is raised - and i have made certain my children do so as well. additionally, i say the pledge every time too. and btw, i know every verse of our national athem and i never miss the opportunity to sing it - no matter how terrible my voice. and it never fails to bring tears to my eyes.


Boy, where to start... I suppose with the story. Yes, it is obviously fiction. However, artists often have to contrive stories to make a point. We should all be thankful of this fact, as it allows us to better see the point of view of others. Which are no more or less valid than our own. This brings me to the "pot & kettle". Many of the comments here are categorizing this as a "liberal" mindset. What is a liberal? Or for that matter a conservative? I am a human. As a human I am both of these, or perhaps neither, depends on the issue really. Is it okay for you speak out against others because they speak against you? Even if your content differs, your methods of behavior are the same. This is the definition of hypocritical, is it not. Finally, this argument about a soldiers duty is often just a misunderstanding of the other side.
The two most common views are such:
1) These are the men and women that defend us and our rights. Treat them with the respect they deserve.
2) The soldiers are carrying out the will of the wealthy at the cost of the lives of the lower classes.
As a U.S. history "buff", I can see both sides as being the truth. While the reason for most of our wars haven't exactly been "noble". The soldiers that fight them are. It is the same exact people that would stand up in a HEARTBEAT to fight for us if a righteous reason ever arose.
The simple fact that the "owner" class exploits a decent persons desire to be apart of something "bigger" than themselves, should never be held against the exploited individuals. But this holds true with those that see things differently than you. Just because their experience and observation has led them to a different conclusion than your own, does not make them "evil" or even wrong for that matter. It simply means they have had a different life.
Why shun them for something outside of their control.


by the way, here are the lyrics to the Decline by NOFX

Where are all the stupid people from?
And how'd they get to be so dumb?
Bred on purple mountain range
Feed amber waves of grains
To lesser human beings, zero feelings

Blame it on
Human nature, mans destiny (mans destiny)
Blame it on the greediocracy (greediocracy)
Fear of God
The fear of change
The fear of truth

Add the Bill of Rights, subtract the wrongs
There's no answers
Memorize and sing star spangled songs
When the questions
Aren't ever asked
Is anybody learning from the past?
We're living in united stagnation

Father what have I done?
I took that .22
A gift to me from you
To bed with me each night
Kept it clean
Polished it well
Cherished every cartridge, every shell

Down, by the creek, under brush, under dirt
There's a carcass of my second kill
Down, by the park, under stone, under pine
There's a carcass of my brother William
Brother where, have you gone to?
I swear, I never thought I could
I see so many times
They told me to shoot straight
Don't pull the trigger, squeeze
That will insure a kill
A kill is what you want
A kill is why we breed

The Christians love their guns
The church and NRA
Pray for their salvations
Prey on the lower faiths

The story book's been read
And every line believed
Curriculum's been set
Logic is a threat
Reason searched and seized

Jerry spent some time in Michigan
A twenty year vacation, after all he had a dime
A dime is worth a lot more in Detroit
A dime in California, a twenty dollar fine

Jerry only stayed a couple months
It's hard to enjoy yourself while bleeding out the ass
Asphyxiation is simple and fast
It beats seventeen fun years of being someone's bitch

Don't think (Stay)
Drink your wine (Home)
Watch the fire burn (Be)
His problems not mine (Safe)
Just be that model citizen

I wish I had a schilling
(For each senseless killing)
For every senseless killing
I'd buy a government
America's for sale
And you can get a good deal on it
(A good deal on it)
And make a healthy profit
Or maybe, tear it apart
Start with assumption
That a million people are smart
Smarter than one

Serotonin's gone
She gave up, drifted away
Sara fled, thought process gone
She left her answering machine on
The greeting left spoken sincere
Messages no one will ever hear

Ten thousand messages a day
A million more transmissions lay
Victims of the laissez faire
Ten thousand voices, a hundred guns
A hundred decibels turns to one
One bullet, one empty head
Now with Serotonin gone

The man who used to speak
Performs a cute routine
Feel a little patronized
Don't feel bad
They found a way inside your head
And you feel a bit misled
It's not that they don't care, yeah

The television's put a thought inside your head
Like a Barry Manilow, jingle
I'd like, to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
A symphonic blank stare, yeah
It doesn't make you care (make you care)
Not designed to make you care (make you care)
They're betting you won't care (you won't...)

Place a wager on your greed
A wager on your pride
Why try to beat them when, a million others tried?

We are the whore
Intellectually spayed
We are the queer
Dysfunctionally raised

One more pill to kill the pain
One more pill to kill the pain
One more pill to kill the pain
Living through conformity

One more prayer to keep me safe
One more prayer to keep us warm
One more prayer to keep us safe
There's gonna be a better place

Lost the battle, lost the war
Lost the things worth living for
Lost the will to win the fight
One more pill to kill the pain

Na na na na na
La na na na na
Na na na na na
Na na na na na

The going get tough, the tough get debt
Don't pay attention, pay the rent
Next of kins pay for your sins
A little faith should keep us safe

Save us
The human, existence
Is failing, resistance
Essential, the future
Written off, the odds are
Astronomically against us
Only moron and genius
Would fight a losing battle
Against the super ego
When giving in is so damn comforting

And so we go, on with our lives
We know the truth, but prefer lies
Lies are simple, simple is bliss
Why go against tradition when we can
Admit defeat, live in decline
Be the victim of our own design
The status quo, built on suspect
Why would anyone stick out their neck?

Fellow members of
Club "We've Got Ours"
I'd like to introduce you to our host
He's got his, and I've got mine
Meet the decline

We are the queer
We are the whore
In the class war
We are worker
We love our queen
We sacrifice
We're soilent green

We are the queer
We are the whore
In the class war


Another NOFX entry to better understand their POV.

it's not the right time to be sober
now the idiots have taken over
spreading like a social cancer, is there an answer?

Mensa membership conceding
tell me why and how are all the stupid people breeding
Watson, it's really elementary
the industrial revolution
has flipped the bitch on evolution
the benevolent and wise are being thwarted, ostracized, what a bummer
the world keeps getting dumber
insensitivity is standard and faith is being fancied over reason

darwin's rollin over in his coffin
the fittest are surviving much less often
now everything seems to be reversing, and it's worsening
someone flopped a steamer in the gene pool
now angry mob mentality's no longer the exception, it's the rule
and im startin to feel a lot like charlton heston
stranded on a primate planet
apes and orangutans that ran it to the ground
with generals and the armies that obeyed them
followers following fables
philosophies that enable them to rule without regard

there's no point for democracy when ignorance is celebrated
political scientists get the same one vote as some Arkansas inbred
majority rule, don't work in mental institutions
sometimes the smallest softest voice carries the grand biggest solutions

what are we left with?
a nation of god-fearing pregnant nationalists
who feel it's their duty to populate the homeland
pass on traditions
how to get ahead religions
And prosperity via simpleton culture

the idiots are takin over [x8]

heidianne jackson

i'm familiar with these songs, tnaite, but so what? is your premise that liberals are smarter than conservatives? if so, on what do you base this premise?

scott carlson


coach suitcase

The new needs friends. Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere. Do you think so?


LOL @ the programmed people saying that refusing to be programmed is the brainwashing liberal agenda. rofl. stop listening to talk radio. everyone wants you to be against everyone else. we are all humans, not territorial identities manufactured for us to not ever have the capacity to get along.

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