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Monday, 30 June 2008


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Gingrich is great!

I hope the petition works, but withe Dems in control of Congress that may be an uphill fight.


show the republican leadership and the u.s. congress that the enivromental wackos do NOT speak for us ..amen girl!...but how maddening that the Saudis and terrorists have us literally over a barrel now!!


I hope the petition works, literally...I keep hearing how email petitions can't work, but I'm hoping I"m wrong and I keep signing!

This should be on the cover of the NYTimes..as IF! good one again, Heidianne. But, I'm not getting your link to the windfall tax break situation...they blocked a bill that would have taxed the oil companies MORE, right? Econ is NOT my subject, so excuse my stupidity, if that is (as usual) what it is!!?

heidianne jackson

you're right, jmk, but it's not just the democrats - some republicans actually voted WITH the dems. check it out here: http://www.hillheat.com/articles/2008/06/18/republicans-filibuster-renewable-tax-credit-legislation-again

three of the rinos who voted with the dems are up for reelection - they just don't get it.

heidianne jackson

you are too right, angel. so we fight back however we can...

heidianne jackson

well, my understanding from those "in the know" is that a well run online petition is as good as a hand-signed petition. here's hoping...

heidianne jackson

z - sorry, are you saying the link doesn't work for you or that you don't quite get it?

Uncle Joe

Thanks for the link, Heidianne. The current energy crisis is the huge, bright, flashing neon sign that highlights clearly the failure of our elected officials to put the welfare of the country over the welfare of their political parties. 1973 was a wake up call that both parties ignored. Sadly, I don't hear anything from either two candidates that gives me any encouragement along these lines.

I hope that such a petition will work. However, I just don't see anything being done that will be of more value than a political sound bite.


And of course, TWO of the four unconscious RINO's that sided with the Demorats on H.R. 6049 are BOTH of my home state's embarrassments, Susan Frickin' Collins and Olympia Despicable Snowe! I am so entirely sick of being "represented" by these losers, but in a communist bastian with other "leadership" like Rep. Tom Allen and our illustrious Gov. John Baldacci, what could one really expect? Makes me want to hurl...

The most ironic part is that I can guaran-damn-tee you all that this will be a national example in six months time of people DYING due to this out of control, totally unnecessary "crisis". Winter is coming and these people are asleep!

I am a landlord. I am right now facing winter heating fuel cost increases of several THOUSAND dollars vs. last year. That is at TODAY'S prices. My oil tanks are full right now, having topped them at winter's end. (I have to plan, even if our leaders don't!) I have no place to put more oil. No one is offering any pre-season bulk oil purchase packages... NO ONE! Normally, I would have paid for this winter's oil consumption by June 30th. I can't buy my winter's oil right now... period.

Last year, I paid $2.58 per gallon. Right now, it is $4.52 per gallon for #2 fuel oil and $4.69 per gallon for K1. Israel is almost surely going to clobber Iran, justifiably so, by January. The Strait of Hormuz will be drastically affected, if not possibly closed for periods of time. I WILL make it through to Spring because I am prepared for prices perhaps doubling (or worse) ...overnight. But how many people will be?

I should add too that my tenants cannot afford to see a proportional rent increase. So, do I evict them and drain the water from all my pipes, letting the apartments sit empty? No, I still make more (or better stated, LOSE LESS) money to keep them filled... so far. So I will lose these extra THOUSANDS of dollars in heating expenses due to it coming out as a lesser loss than to close them down... but I will lose money that would otherwise pay for building maintenance, ridiculous property tax increases (48% in one year)and escalating insurance costs (60% in one year a year and a half ago).

I'll lose money, but I won't go under. I am, through planning, cash prepared. So, it is an easy decision, albeit painful.

How many elderly, retired, sick and poor people WILL NOT MAKE IT??? These people will go hungry to stay warm, go without medications and be victims of house fires as they attempt to keep from freezing by heating their homes with such things as open ovens. We see mid winter temps of -30° F. for several days almost EVERY winter! Folks are going to freeze and/or burn to death in tragic circumstances.

You think we are going to plow the copious amounts of snow we get in an electric Prius??? What happens to taxes nect year when communities run out of funds to keep state plow trucks running and clearing highways? What happens when food prices skyrocket even higher because of more fuel costs?

A transition to "alternative" energy sources will take YEARS... it doesn't happen overnight. You don't stop using heroin overnight, either. The addictions are very similar. Deaths will begin happening this year, THIS WINTER... mark my words. A Congressional vote to drill will quell the speculator interest in driving the price up the very same afternoon it is declared. Hell, if we know the supply will increase, who would bet on a supply shortage any longer resulting in a higher price? If it comes too late, these people's deaths will be on these idiot's hands!

A never before witnessed national tragedy looms us this winter. There will simply be no avoiding it on our current course.

Bar Kochba

This world has gone crazy.


I got press creditials for the Republican Party of Texas state convention held here in my city in June. So, I went to the press conference with Newt Gingrich. It was so exciting for me because I love Newt. He spoke about the petition and the movement of his group. Several of his supporters were there, t-shirts on, with the slogan, Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less. And, since my husband is an engineer in the oil drilling business, you can be assured we agree with his solution!

Al Czervic

We're doing our part here in the Catskills.

We're sitting on one of the largest deposits of natural gas in the history of the country -- the Marcellus Shale.

It's 500 trillion cubic feet of methane.

My 3 neighbors have signed 7 figure deals on their land for drilling rights, and there's drilling going on just 15 miles away.

We're holding out leasing until a well produces.

As you may have determined, we love drilling.

The whole story here:

Al "Methane is my friend" Czervic
The Catskill Commentator

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