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Thursday, 26 June 2008


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When black seemed it could get no blacker... light! It seems Mr. Obama's "hope" has appeared in a most unlikely place (in his mind, that is...)

HA! ...and CHEERS! It still is America!

heidianne jackson

when i saw the alert come across my email, i had this incredible urge to start singing "let the sunshine in" and i did. along with an assortment of other songs of the same vein. it is indeed a glorious day! thanks so much for sharing it with me di.


Defiant! I just emailed Heidianne that exact sentiment just now!! I wrote "with all the news as it's been, I'm hoping there isn't some mistake and BREAKING NEWS announces it was a mistake"

It's America, allright.....would that we could get the REST of it back!!

Heidianne, what a great post in such little time...great cartoon!

Uncle Joe

Now, people in D.C. can have guns to protect their children from child molesters who have nothing to fear from the previous Supreme Court ruling.

Ralph E.

Snake Hunters Sez,

Treachery is Evident in the halls of Congress, but the U.S. Supreme Court held firm on on 2nd Amendment fundamental right to bear arms. So, All Is Not Lost. Slowly, Obama-Mania is being Exposed.

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Four More Months of Verbal Combat! reb


I had the pleasure of watching the liberal attorney Jonathan Turley on Fox News after the ruling was announced. It pained him to admit it was the correct ruling - which about made me faint right there - and that now there is clear law from the highest court.

A really good day. Wayne LaPierre has already announced the NRA is suing the City of Chicago (Obama land!!!) and other cities with the gun ban in place.


The Second Amendment is about eh God Given RIGHT to self-defense. Those last fourteen words make that clear; "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

It should be appaling that FOUR Justices felt that THEY had the right to override that!

heidianne jackson

i love that cartoon, too, z - i've just been waiting for a poste to use it.

heidianne jackson

ralph, thanks for stopping by - i'll be over to your place shortly.

heidianne jackson

oh, karen, i wish i could have seen that! do you ever wish your eye was a camera/recording device that you could then share with the rest of the world?!?

i can't wait to see the outcome of the lawsuits against the other bastions of gun grabbing. today is a great day :)

heidianne jackson

you're right, jmk, it should be appalling - but for many it's not...


Timely posting, Heidi!

It was a closely divided case, but the Court did the right thing. I'm already seeing some liberal commentary suggesting the decision favored the "thugs" (Colbert King at WaPo).

More later...


"...the NRA is suing the City of Chicago (Obama land!!!) and other cities with the gun ban in place."

About bloody time someone started making them pay for their policies that get people killed. Just wish the rest of the world has the foresight and wisdom of your founding fathers.

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