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Monday, 11 August 2008


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That's a very nice commemoration, Heidi.

I still get the tingles when I hear "Shaft" on the radio. That song used to a stop-what-your-doing tune when I was little.


That is a touching commentary.

Hayes was an innovative musician and a pretty fair actor himself.

I felt bad that his contractual dispute with the folks with South Park resulted in their sliming his character (Chef), turning that character into a child molester when he left, using snippets of his won voice from earlier shows.

He deserved better.

heidianne jackson

for me it still is, donald. strange with he and bernie mac in the same movie (soul men) due out soon that they both should pass away on the same day...

heidianne jackson

i don't agree with where they went with all of it, but the dispute started with hayes being angry that the boys made fun of scientology in one episode saying something like "satire at the expense of religion was going to far" - the writers of the show properly pointed out that he had not felt the same way during the several episodes when the show made fun of christianity.

that was probably the only time in my life where i was disappointed in isaac hayes. guess i'm glad i didn't know him because people always have the potential to let you down...

Otto -  American Interests

Great tribute Heidi, there was something about the Shaft number that commanded attention...and that voice! Issac Hayes passing was covered extensively in the Australian media as well.


Thanks for sharing with us Heidi..seems like this one came straight from your heart girl!:)


This is a real loss...what a musician! Thanks, Heidianne!


Well done, Heidianne. I have never been very aware nor informed of blues, but I have generally liked what I have heard. "Shaft" takes me back in time to my kid days and the circumstances of the moment. That will always be golden. Your mentioning of the transistor radios on the handlebars of bicycles sure created an instant visual, too. Good stuff! I suspect Mr. Hayes would be pleased that his time stamps take us each to our very own little places in memory. God rest him.


yes, his voice was like melting butter, but did you know he was a scientologist? yup, beam him up scotty!

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