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Friday, 11 September 2009


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Beth Neuhart

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
Thomas Jefferson

heidianne jackson

beth you are absolutely right in associating jefferson's words with this post. and as i watch us pulling away from offending our enemies, i am overwhelmed with a feeling of loss. thanks for stopping by - i hope to see you here more.


This still has every ounce of clarity and effect it had when you wrote it originally, Heidianne. Of course, for those of us who still vividly remember and care, NONE of the significance has dwindled. This is a day of deep sadness.

heidianne jackson

thanks, di, i'm still blubbering like a baby - i will never understand how anyone could forget the importance of this date. i will never understand how some are so unwilling to name our enemies and stand up to them.

i thank god, each and every morning, for allowing me to wake up in the land of the free - because of the brave. i've had people i love killed by terrorists (as has beth, above) and i am awed by those who have dedicated their lives to combating that evil.

as g-man said, we're all waking up at the same time and it's an awesome feeling. we cannot be quiet - for too long you and i didn't write because we were disgusted and overwhelmed. no more. i realize now that we can't NOT write.

if we don't join in our voices, the leftists will win and this day will be nothing but a day of service. this day will be nothing more than a rallying cry for our enemies because we here at home will have forgotten the great horrors perpetrated that day and before.


We lost so much on that one day, Heidianne. Watching the "special report" on Fox last night, brought back every moment of the fear, the shock, the pain, the sorrow, the worry, the horror and the grief that I was feeling as this tragedy was unfolding eight years ago. Those emotions will never leave me. May this nation never forget the lives lost - and may we NEVER allow the memory of September 11th to become known as just another "day of service" - soon to be forgotten.


Thank you for the wonderful post. ALWAYS REMEMBER.

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