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Wednesday, 17 October 2007


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Great post Heidi, I just don't understand how an American pol could support this loss of soveriegnity, its a travesty and probably unconstitutional.

heidianne jackson

thanks, goat!

i would have to agree that it's unconstitutional - as i recall from my history classes, in order to change any of the provisions set forth in the constitution an amendment would be required. not that our congress adheres to any of THOSE rules!!!



I will be back later to read your post. I just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog..."Love for Home". Yesterday was the first time I had heard Kenny Chesney's song "Don't Blink". I fell in love with it. And, I'm at the age now where I don't dare blink...time is passing faster than ever.

Come back to visit me sometime. It's a pretty laid back place at my blogging home. I try to stay away from a lot that is stressful. But there is a link to Burning Zeal where I have a blogging partner, crabby...that's where you'll find all the whining, complaining, and political stuff.

heidianne jackson

thanks for visiting - i added you to my favorites and will visit as often as time permits. i'm probably more into the stress stuff than i should be, but i just can't help myself...


A Law of the Sea Treaty would be a disaster. There was a great article on this last week in the WSJ:


heidianne jackson

thanks for the link don! this is a great article and ties nicely in. i'm going to paste the link in the body to make certain everyone sees it.

the tapper

:Excellent read. I venture to say most of our elected officials are not looking out for the best interest of the United States. Look at their approval ratings that proves something. They cannot be trusted with the business of runniing this country. They are looking toward a North American Union. That is the big plan. If that doesn't push us into a more international law arena, I don't know what it is. That naturally include Maritime law, does it not......Nough said. stay well....


hiya Heidi!...this is pathetic..you are spot on!
"america will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our country." ..have we no right to defend our very nation!
p.s. added ya to my blogroll..email anytime!:)

heidianne jackson

excellent points, tapper and thanks for stopping by. i can't believe we are working so hard to give up our sovereignty. we need to kick the whole lot of them out with very few exceptions.

heidianne jackson

we don't if the dems and the world body get their way...

thanks for the honor of adding me to your blogroll!!


Don't you love Ollie North. He is so quiet, thoughtful, strong, and when he writes or says something, I always try to listen. He's logical.

This LOST is the craziest thing I've heard of and why anyone would be for it is beyond me.

I think you are right about the driving force in and behind the DNC. Their actions make them appear anti-American. What other explanation is there?

heidianne jackson

thanks for the visit, deb. i do love ollie, he's all of those things you've described and more!

we all need to call our senators and make it known that we do NOT support this abdication of our sovereignty!


It's good policy to be very careful in the area of international agreements.

No nation should ever submit to having their own territories put under the control of other states.
If the LOST agreements are so flawed it makes me wonder whether they are good for any nation. Perhaps too much muddying of the waters .... but is that not how the UN likes to do things!

That being said .... the US does have a responsibility to undertake mutually defensible treaties and agreements with other nations .... and to stick to them.
Let's get the stinking socialists at the UN out of the picture and get back to having responsible nations setting the agenda...

heidianne jackson

so true, patrick. but first we have to have responsible people in leadership positions who are responsible and not willing (or in a hurry) to give up our country to everyone else in the world...


Heidi, you asked if we are just blind, deaf & stupid.

Sadly, the answer may be yes for a large portion of our House and Senate.

President Bush is beginning to worry me with some of his decisions lately. I did not like the way he backed the amnesty bill and don't like his seeming to support of this treaty.

heidianne jackson

thanks for visiting and posting, sandy.

i am worried about bush. he throws to the democrat side way to often for my tastes. i'm thankful he vetoed the schip expansion, but he is fully opposed to closing the borders and fully in support of lost. not good at all.

Paul Champagne

Does the the term soveriegn seas mean something different now than it did when I was in school. There are already International Maritime laws that we have signed onto and enforce. This treaty should just get L.O.S.T.

heidianne jackson

ah, yes, paul - valid point. but this isn't about enforcing what's there, it's about the global world order. it's about taking america down a peg or two and making us have only one vote against the many who are against us.


Executive ability is deciding quickly and getting somebody else to do
the work.
-- John G. Pollard


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