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Monday, 01 October 2007


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Thank you Heidianne!! The more people who participate, the better. You know they have their eyes on the bloggers of the world.


I loooooooove the name of your blog. It is funny because my friends and I often joke about putting on our big girl pants when we have to deal with a difficult situation.

It is so wonderful to meet fellow conservatives from KC. Most of my contacts in KC are liberal. I am the KC Star's token conservative blog that they link to and liberal Tony from Tony's Kansas City often links to me and I get harassed by his liberal readership ;-).

I've added you to the blogroll and I'm so glad you did this post on Burma. I have been following the events unfolding there and was getting ready to post on it sometime this week.

American Interests

Well done guys, I'll act on this!

American Interests

Hey Heidianne, off topic wondering of you heard about the controversy surrounding the Flight 93 (9/11) memorial.

See: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/Commentary/blog_9_8_05_1045.html

I thought this was bizarre!


I see pressure is on to boycott the China Olympics now if they don't act. The news getting out is awfully gruesome.

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