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Saturday, 27 October 2007


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Thanks for the link Heidi, AmSpec, NRO and OPJ hitting him at the same time says something. I think we are better boiling it down to Fred, Mitt and Rudy at this point. Plus we have a huge raft of great VEEPS to choose from.

Patrick Joubert Conlon

Well, I completely fell for his act and thought he was this sweet innocent preacher from the boonies.

heidianne jackson

goat, precisely what i'm thinking. i know some are callings things "hit pieces" but i don't believe it to be.

patrick, i'm so sorry, but at least with the information sources available to us we're finding out these things before it's too late...


"i almost felt guilty because i thought i was judging that book merely by it's cover."

That was exactly how I felt too, until now. I also updated the post with 2 more DEVASTATING articles about him. Apparently he pardoned a rapist who when released sexually assaulted and murdered a woman right here in Missouri. Yikes!! No way to Huckabee, Pat Toomey's article says he's not even good enough for VP and I would agree. The articles also talk about how the liberal media loves him because in many ways he is a big government lib. I was wondering why the liberal KY3 Missouri blog was always touting him, now I know why.

Here are the articles:



I'm still overwhelmed Heidi and confused bout all the Presidential candidates..help!lol

heidianne jackson

dee, thanks for the update - i'll be updating this momentarily to put it in the post. he truly is scary!

angel - it's ok girl. we just need to remember that there is no perfect candidate and that we need to be dilligent in our research and dissemination of information. we'll all get through this together and the country will be that much stronger for it!


Great post! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Come back soon!


I expect the big three to hammer on Hillary and the moonbats and leave each other largely alone, spats over small policy issues is nothing. Our internal debate has been very good for the GOP and is helping us grow again. I would love to see our top six running the Nation in various Cabinet posts with Mitt in the lead, I am biased though. I think running mate will be key and unique to the candidate.


a great site for the candidates on all issues.

having lived in arkansas for nearly eight years i can tell you, since huckabee lost all that weight - he then wanted to impose all his "knowledge" on the rest of us - kind of like former smokers - they're always the "best" at getting the rest of u.s. to QUIT!

he's dyed in the wool something - i just haven't figured it out yet.

personally, i don't want the government nosing in on what i do in the privacy of my home - i'll eat as much chocolate as it takes to keep from harming another individual at least four days out of every single month...

heidianne jackson

goat, i agree. and we're all biased towards someone, but i think we are also all in agreement that no matter who wins, we're behind him.

nanc, chocolate is just a dressed up vegetable - it is a bean, after all :) but heck, under huck (and other libs) they'll probably outlaw anything fattening even if it's a legitimate fruit or vegetable. what's the point of life if you don't get to enjoy it?!?!

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