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Thursday, 25 October 2007


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Robert (ConservativeCommentary)

This is hilarious! Talk about brainwashing at an early age!

There is nothing tolerant about the dem party unless you are a left wing cause. Their anti-Bush hatred is beginning to define their party as nothing more than toddlers who throw a temper tantrum because they don't get what they want.

I think they should stick with the donkey. Representing themselves with a jackass is the single honest thing they say about themselves.

heidianne jackson

of course the donkey is an honest representation - exactly why they MUST WISH it weren't that. the mouse would be the obvious choice for their self-aggrandizing group because everyone knows that an elephant is AFRAID of a mouse...

American Interests

I once read that they (you know who) don't even get out of bed in the morning unless it is somehow to their political advantage to do so.

With a over the top degree of self-congratulatory rhetoric they, love to call themselves the tolerant party, but tolerance for whom. The enemy?


I have this book. I also have its anti-thesis: "Help! Mom! There are Liberals Under My Bed!"


Heidi, I was in a huge argument with a vegan on a Bill O'Reilly message board a few years ago over factory farms,which I dislike, as soon as I brought the abortion angle in and she disintegrated, food vs humanity. She was a big mouth and never faced Goat Gruff again. Thinking back, I woulld bet a shiny new dollar she is probably with out a candidate now, viruntly anti illegal immigration pro PETA and pro abortion. She didn't like me very much.

heidianne jackson

otto, welcome back and i agree. the enemy always deserves our respect, compassion, understanding, ad nauseum; those protecting our country, our freedom and indeed our very way of life are not worth thanking. yeah, that about sums it up.

wordsmith, thanks for the link. i have not read either book, but i have ordered both. i'll try to update the post after having done so. what is your take, if i might ask?

goat, i love the reference. as if somehow murdering a baby is an act of kindness for humanity. i too have heard this argument and have actually tried to debate the point. all i've gotten for that is to be screamed at. oh well, not like i was expecting something different.


i'm at an absolute loss for words - i just don't know how to comment on this..i'm i'm i'm...lost, i guess....................

heidianne jackson

i know the feeling, don. it does boggle the mind of those paying attention, does it not? thanks for stopping by - i hope to see you again!


You should some of the textbook shenanagins the Democrats are up to out here. Textbooks now can't reference mom or dad, husband and wife are nixed, now a family can be any combination of self rightious narcissists and gender confused deviants and they are starting young.


If you want a truly entertaining children's book with whimsical pictures... Here's a really good one with the added benefit that it's free, useful and true; none of which applies to the "why my mommy is a dimwitocrat" book.

heidianne jackson

goat, you are so "right" - who can say what makes a family? after all, it takes a village, right?

g-man, thanks! i love it and highly recommend it!!!


Gag me with a spoon!!! How's that for a response ;)? This is all a bunch of hogwash but is what passes for liberal indocrination these days.

I was behind some lady in a car tonight that had the most ridiculous bumper stickers on her car. Besides annoying me by driving too slow the bumper stickers made me want to gag. They were the same type of stuff that this book talks about, can't we all just get along??? Yah, that always works well with people who want to behead you!

Great post Heidi!!!

heidianne jackson

yeah, exactly right dee. we'll just nice our way to peace because that's been working so well for us so far...



There you go again. I've warned you time after time, but apparently you have yet to take my teachings to heart. Here you go, expecting, of all things, consistency, from the dems. Why, Heidi, why do you insist that they be imbued with reason? What makes you beleive that anyone with an iota of logical cognitive thought processes would believe the things that they spout forth? You are trying to pursuade people that believe the ultimate retort is 'because I said so'. I admire your persistance, I really do. And I thank you profusely for pointing out the absurdities and transgressions against logic that the dems keep spewing forth.

Well, keep trying to show them that they are wrong. But be careful, for using logic on them is almost akin to tilting at windmills.

Love you.


Methinks, Don Quixote, that the windmills are many, and may be your undoing.

heidianne jackson

um, eric, i wonder if you have forgotten that the blond is natural?

besides, hope springs eternal...


What a coincidence! I ran across this book just yesterday! Didn't know it existed. Laughed my head off! What will our kids be reading next? (That's a silly question...they're 'already' reading about gay parents)

heidianne jackson

too true, inspired. right is wrong; left is right; up is down. sheesh.


I make a point of teaching my kids to think critically in the first place... if that leads to conflict with hive mentality leftards ... then I've done my job!


there's a counter to this book entitled, "help, there are liberals under my bed" - i remember the book you mention - stevie wonder could have seen the marxism in the "why mommy is a liberal".

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