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Monday, 22 October 2007


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Excellent summary!! While I didn't think Fred did very well last night I'm glad some still think so. I would LOVE a Thompson/Hunter ticket. I hate to be so partial to Rudy when he has social issue problems but his passion, realness and honesty inspire me.

I'm sooooooooo glad that you don't like Huckabee either. I'm starting to think I'm all alone on that. Like you there is just something about him that makes my skin crawl. I'm really starting to think that there is something creepy about him that will eventually come out to prove us right. Again, just a gut feeling.

I will get you linked up with this great post.


I like Fred too. Others agree that he did well in the debates. I'll vote for Rudy or Mitt if they win the party's nomination.

I took a survey once that would determine who I agree with most and it turned out to be Duncan Hunter. That was before Fred got into the race.

A Thompson/Hunter ticket would suit me just fine.


I agree with you on Fred Thompson. People are judging the candidates on their 'performance' rather than the content of their answers. Rudy is the best 'performer', he works the crowd, entertains, ... but does that make him the best candidate?


I'm still confused!..:)


Wow! I am flattered to be listed with MM and her team at Hot Air, like I said at my site I thought the GOP was the biggest winner as all our big boys put on a good natured show. If it wasn't for Spencer Abraham and his Clinton era sqishiness I could like Fred more, he can't have an open border La Raza and islamist sympathizer as a campaign manager and get much respect from me. It was by far the best debate and they will get better as the field narrows a bit more. I love Duncan and Tom but they should follow Sam's lead and step down. I am biased though as a long time Mitt Romney fan, the guy's optimism is infectious and very real. I think MM is a Mitt fan as well and she is leery of Fred for the same reason's I am.
The folks at NRO and AmSpec seem to have the same take as I do and I posted before I read their take. I can say this, that was not a depressed downbeat crowd last night at all, we have many reasons to lift our heads up and put our eyes squarely on the prize.

heidianne jackson

dee - i can't imagine that we are alone. gosh, i hope not anyhow. i just can't get by that feeling in the pit of my stomach everytime huckabee speaks. heck, i know ron paul is looney toons, but mike is craftier or something...

sandy - i must have taken that same quiz ;)

debbie - i don't think that makes him the best candidate, i don't even think that makes him the "most electable". i especially liked fred's response to the charges that he's lazy...

angel - i think we're all confused and all we can do is to continue to research and talk amongst ourselves.

goat - the honor is all mine. i too am no fan of spencer's, but i'm a huge fan of fred's. i don't believe that spencer has anything to do with upcoming policy. i don't think mitt is anything more than optimistic; all cheer, little substance...

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