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Tuesday, 27 November 2007


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Bar Kochba

Interesting. And yes, it is a liberal lie that conservatives are cruel. Actually, conservatives give a lot more money to charity on average than libs.

heidi jackson

i'd agree with you, bk and it's interesting to also note that there are more millionaires in the democrat halls than the republicans as well. guess all that stuff dems have been saying about greedy rich guys is true after all...


Great post, so thoughtful. I agree that conservatives are the true compassionates. Dependency on government programs is no way to live.

I understand what you are saying about Rudy. I still support him, though. I'm a pro-choice Republican. I like his strength on the war on terror, which is my most important issue since 9/11. It's just how I feel.

Fred's a good man. I don't think he's Presidential, though. I just can't warm up to him. That said, I can support any of the candidates, except Paul. He is too dangerous with his isolationism. I really like Duncan Hunter, but, there's no way he'll advance far enough in the polls.


Good analysis knowing you like Fred and are so biased, Mitt is leading or close in the first five states and Fred is sinking despite very strong, very cogent policy positions coming out recently. Fred has moved up to my second choice barely over Rudy, the rest are not really in my thought pattern. Huckabee is a joke waiting to happen, the earth is 5,000 years old and evolution doesn't exist are idiotic positions to take. Fred waited to long and then wasted time once he did get in, check Dean Barnett's latest at the Weekly Standard. Fred may be right but his campaign has been very wrong in how to play the new atmosphere having been out of it for a while. We will see, I want the best man to win while rooting for Mitt.


what a great overview Heidi...well said indeed!!:)

heidianne jackson

karen, i understand your position. i think national security is extremely important, however, i don't believe it trumps the other things. what value is it to be secure at home and have no money to enjoy our freedoms...

actually, goat, i don't think i am that biased. i do think fred is the better man, but i would vote for romney before rudy... i have read dean's lastest and i respect his opinion. guess we'll just have to wait to see how it all plays out...

angel, such high praise coming from you. thank you, i am humbled and glad that you enjoyed it.


Heidi, I agree with you that conservatism is much more compassionate than liberalism but the stereotype is there and is hard to fight since there are so many ignoramus's out there. It is extremely frustrating. It is similar to the stereotypes of Republicans being the party of racists and the rich. Both are more true of Democrats but try convincing the general public of that.

I think both Karen and Goat make extremely good points all the way around about the candidates. I'm not pro-choice like Karen but I agree w/her assessment of Rudy. I think Goat is right in much of his analysis. The writing is pretty much on the wall that the contest is now between Rudy and Romney.

American Interests

An illuminating post Heidianne. Learned a little more about all the republican guys and elements of conservatism. Admittedly am tired at moment but intend to come back for a re-read. Many thanks...


I personally believe Fred is the best choice this time around. We really need to unite behind him. His performance in the polls is not nearly as rosey as I would have hoped. Rudy on the other hand, is the definitive poster boy RINO (Republican In Name Only). His anti-gun stance makes me want to run from him like nothing else. The scarey thought is what do we as Republicans do if we are faced with a choice between Hitlery and Rudy. What a nightmare!!! Either choice would be abysmal. One of the only slightly less distaseful than the other... Gads! We'd be forced to vote for something as hideous as Rudy only to spare ourselves from Hitlery. In effect we'd have voted for our own disarmament.

heidianne jackson

sounds like a long hard day, otto, but glad you took the time to stop by. i truly hope the outcome here isn't as heartbreaking as the outcome there.

g-man, you are so right. no one is taking my guns. no way, no how, i will not submit.

Paul Champagne

This is a hard post to read for a Rudy supporter. I don't think Fred can win the General Election. And his record as a lobbyist is pretty scary. Rudy is far from perfect, but his record in a time of crisis makes me feel that he is the best man for the job.

Ron Paul is a nut-job.

Your Jewish Master

"his ties to white supremacists and anti-semitics are starting to surface"

You'd think that would get more play in the MSM

heidianne jackson

i appreciate your stopping by, paul and i appreciate your comments. i don't think rudy can win the general although i do admire how he handled nyc during the 9/11 crisis. aw well, i guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

yjm, i agree. it sickens me that people are simply glossing over this and so i'm doing my part to get the word out :)


Great job, Heidianne, but no look of surprise on my face about that.

I want Tancredo or Hunter as they reflect nearly all of my true Conservative views. But they have the same chance of making it as would steam.

Fred would be acceptable, despite tardy entry, Spencer Abraham debacle and the hollow attack on Fox News Sunday... among others. But he ain't gonna' make it, either.

Romney is mega-weak on 2nd history (and anyone that knows of my marriage to the 2nd and the remainder of the Constitution that it guarantees knows that rules him out). Worse yet, and most importantly, he won't beat the Hildebeast.

And therein lies the only real game.

That's critical because there is no Obamawama nor other members of the mod squad... only the Wicked Witch.

G-Man is in the X ring. Real Conservatives are going to be forced to hold their noses and vote Judy.

This is where we are after a slow but steady, 30+ year lefty erosion of all our real principles. Shameful that we have let our house get so disgustingly filthy.

Your Jewish Master

"steadfast in his effort to appoint conservative judges"
I do have to question the Harriet Miers choice. Although the right thing was done. I also don't he has supported his judicial nominees enough (at least to my satisfaction).
On Romney, is it the religion issue? I think he has two strikes against him: He's Mormon, and a Northeasterner. I just don't see him or Giuliani (RINO) winning. It really seems like it should be Thompson, but he seems a bit lackluster, and he's a senator. And senators don't win presidencies(these days). So I guess that leaves us with...Huckabee?? I think so at this point.


First, hello Heidianne! Thanks for the kind words you had for me and my post on Robert's Tired of All Liberal Rhetoric Out There blog. I'm adding your blog to my link field.

Second, this is a very informative post. I learned a lot about Rudy I'd never heard before. He really is a Dem in Republican clothing. Unfortunately, I believe 2008 will come down to Hillary vs. Rudy, and if that's the case I have to go with Rudy, holding my nose all the way. How I wish a real conservative could catch Americans' imagination and attention!


What you are battling is the successful campaign of leftist liberals to redefine what conservative means in the minds of Americans and the world.

Conservative has become a label of derision and scorn used by self important and usually completely ignorant fools who feel that they have been given the moral high ground in any social debate. To them reason and truth are things they only perceive when circumstances favor their own views and when they do not have to work for the answer.
To the liberal left it's become the default response to challenges they cannot defend themselves from. They hurl the name Conservative or neo-con as if it will protect them from the harsh reality they do not wish to face. It reminds me of a medieval scene of peasants screaming 'witch' or 'heretic' or 'demon' at strangers or people they feared.

So what politician in a modern democracy can afford to offend the ignorant and intolerant masses by proudly wearing the mantel of "Conservative"??

This the battle fought by the likes of Michelle Malkin and Bob Parks and my favorite Rush!

This is also why the leftwing liberal politicians in the Democrats ranks want to silence conservative talk radio.
Make no mistake about it They Are Afraid of Americans hearing viewpoints that dispute their socialist dogma. The are afraid of strong voices that show them for the frauds that they are. They are afraid of losing the dominance in shaping public opinion.

They are afraid because they know that they are in the wrong.


I was a lib once, I guess I outgrew it. I dont know what I am now, but it's Right.

Compassion-ate? It's always ben up to the individual.


I agree with your summation of the situation. Fred is the only one who meets all requirements. I vote Fred.


i'm a tancredo/hunter person - if faux news and others would give them more press, i'd be happier.

it seems everyone is talking a giuliani/huckabee ticket which would be the best and worst of all scenarios. they balance each other out.

whatever it comes down to, i'll go with the most conservative, which will be a republican.

hopefully, there's no throwdown guy in there to ruin it.

i've been trying to post on this article of yours for three days - p.c. spyware and antivirus problems - i always have those with the typepad blogs!

heidianne jackson

apologies all around. my laptop shot craps when the harddrive crashed a few days ago and i've been scattered ever since. i'm borrowing my kids' computer right now and it's driving me crazy!

di, thanks for your kind words. i like duncan and tom better also, but i know they're not heading anywhere. i'm hopeful that one (or both) of them will pull out ahead of the first primary (or at the very least super tuesday) and endorse fred; i believe that will put his campaign over the top. i just cannot believe that anyone who has been supporting duncan or tom could bring themself to support anyone out there besides fred. i understand giving rudy the nod IF he gets the nomination, but not before. i will only give the candidate i want my vote in the primaries; i will not vote for judy in the primaries because i THINK everyone else will. besides, i am not at all convinced he can beat the hildebeast.

heidianne jackson

yjm, we ALL question the hm appointment. but it was withdrawn and so i choose to ignore it. as for romney, my issue is that he isn't a conservative; i don't know much about mormons, but i believe they're probably ok - i can't find anything where they malign israel and side with islamists for instance. he is stronger on the 2nd amendment than rudy, but heck i think hillary may be stronger on the 2nd amendment than rudy. i just don't like him. i don't like that he raised the cost of doing business in the state and has made it [essentially] criminal to not have health insurance. and huckabee is just BAD.

heidianne jackson

dee, i hear what you're saying, but neither of them will be capable of beating hillary. also, unless something BIG happens pretty quickly mitt will have no money left as he's already spending mostly his own money on the campaign...

heidianne jackson

dwana, thanks for stopping by - i have added you to my blog list as well as i really like your site and the insight i gain there. as for rudy v hillary - are you supporting rudy in the primaries based on that air of inevitability?

heidianne jackson

ommag, you are spot on - even if you are a canadian :) heading over to your place shortly to see what's on the beer menu for the weekend; one of my favorite friday jaunts!

fred is calling himself a conservative and rush (!) is also. it makes my heart go pitter-patt to hear it, too.

heidianne jackson

bens, glad you stopped by. i agree that it is up to the individual to do.

heidianne jackson

nanc, see my comments above to di. we all know at this point - based on money and showing in the polls - that neither of them will get the nomination. i just wish they would both back fred and then no one would be talking about rudy or huckabee, let alone BOTH!!! i can't imagine that rudy will partner up with anyone currently in the field.


What an excellent post! You have a really good points for all of them. I like Fred too. He is the most Conservative and stands for everything I feel is important. Can he win? I don't know, but certainly hope so. I must say though, none of the canidates really scare me except Ron Paul....I won't even go there! Rudy is okay, but there are quite a few points I disagree with him on. I think for most of us Conservatives/Republicans will vote for whoever gets nominated rather than seeing Hillary as president.


Great post, Heidi: Very detailed and wise. I do think McCain has a bit more of a chance than you let on, at least in New Hampshire:



hey Heidi!,,ty for the amazing comments at my site..wanted to email ya but couldnt find an address on this site!..have a great day my friend!:)


Great analysis Heidianne!

I do agree about Ron Paul, on the plus side, he has long been a lone Libertarian voice in Congress pushing for a return to the Gold Standard and voting NO on nearly every spending Bill that he came across, BUT recently, he's taken up with the 9/11 Truthers and has become the Dennis Kucinich of the GOP.

What I believe the Republican hierarchy wants is someone who can swing independents and moderates over in the general election and both Guiliani's and Romney's Blue State creds help them out on that score.

Rudy suffers the same problem that Hillary does, the CLOSER you look the LESS you like either of them. neither is particularly nice and neither is endowed with great judgment - HRC's lapses in judgment are too many to mention, Rudy's are Kerik and von Essen to name but two.

Personally, I think Romney is slicker, better packaged, more accomplished (he's the ONLY candidate from either Party who's actually run a business, and he did that well) and Romney has forgotten more ways to raise cash than Giuliani will ever know.

As for Thompson, I can't take him seriously - he's no second coming of Ronald Reagan, that's for sure.

At any rate, the election is ELEVEN long months away and a lot can and probably will happen during that time.

I think it'll come down to Hillary versus either Rudy or Romney, and I'm hoping for Romney because I think there's les of chance of his melting down and his judgment seems more sound.

Saying that, I'd almost certainly support almost ANYone over HRC, Obama or Edwards.

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