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Tuesday, 13 November 2007


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youre right Heidi..BIG news!..but I'm still undecided!..:)

Patrick Joubert Conlon

I'm not only going to get behind Fred but I'm going to oppose Rudy.

heidianne jackson

angel, i know it's a bit overwhelming. you'll do fine when it comes time for the primary - vote your gut!

heidianne jackson

patrick, good to hear. loved you post on it in fact. and i will continue to visit your blog :)


It's about time some major groups started seeing Fred as a viable candidate. This will defintely breathe some life into his campaign.

heidianne jackson

ommag, i agree that it would be best if we could just say "i'll worry about my ideology, i just want him to worry about the government." very often they are one and the same.

if my candidate doesn't support, fully, the limitations of government i have hesitations. abortion is just a small piece of it.

rudy is pro abortion, anti-second amendment, and pro secondary taxing. plus he is an egotistical power monger.

just say no.

heidianne jackson

here, here, eric. or is it hear, hear? i can never remember. anyway, definitely should help.


I posted on this as well. I'm so glad they endorsed Fred instead of Romney or Huckabee.

heidianne jackson

so, dee, does that change your mind on who you will be supporting for the nomination?


Fred and Rudy have virtually the same position on abortion, both are opposed to a Right to Life ammendment, as far as the endorsement goes. James Bopp one of their big wheels is in the Romney camp. I like Fred but he is going to have to put far more energy into the campaign than he has so far if he wants to make a move in the polls, these endorsements ring hollow when you are absent.

heidianne jackson

not true, goat. fred is opposed to controls at the federal level, as am i. fred has voted 100% pro life in his career; the same cannot be said about rudy.


I've been pretty clear that I like both Fred and Rudy and its just going to depend on how things pan out who I will support.

I was leaning towards Rudy before Fred entered on the scene and I totally jumped on the Fred bandwagon after seeing his conservative record and his statements on a couple of things. But then he has really disappointed since declaring he was running. I started hearing that he wasn't doing well at speaking engagements and I ignored that. But then seeing his and Rudy's performance during the last debate I'm just not sure Fred can pull it off on so many different levels.

I like Fred because he is 100% conservative. I like Rudy because he is real, honest and he would be stellar on the War on Terror. The only huge issue I have with him is pro-life but I believe him when he says he would appoint strict constructionists and thats where all moral issues come into play.

So in the end I'm undecided between Fred and Rudy but its not looking good for Fred unless he shakes things up pretty soon. I refuse to support Romney, Huckabee or McCain in the primary so we shall see.


"opposed to controls at the Federal level" then Fred and Rudy have the same stance. I am not opposing Fred but we need clarity over agreement as that is the same stance Rudy takes. I am a Federalist on this issue while being prolife as well, Roe is bad law and should be overturned on those merits.


Unfortunately, FT is in the paws of the CFR. I don't think he'll do much for American sovereignty issues except give up a little slower than Bush has. I am a staunch pro-life guy, but I'm still 110% for Tancredo.

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