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Saturday, 03 November 2007


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Perhaps this is only phase one. I mean, think about it - we give back our maritime soverignty, then the next step is to give back the land we purchsed - er, stole, - ummmm, acquired? from Mexico. I mean, since the P.R.K. (Peoples Republik of Kaliforneeah) wants to give driver's licenses and not deport illegals, sorry, migrant labor, sorry - (I need an updated P.C. guide to what we call things) undocumented workers, perhaps this is just softening the blow when we give back actual real estate that is not covered by water.

I bet next is the refund of the Louisiana purchase.

Perhaps I'll just buy a house to give back to the developer to see how this benefits me in a microcosm setting.

I'll let you know how it works out.


great post Heidi...Erics comments are priceless..I echo them!:)

American Interests

How long before it goes before a full Senate.

Beats me as to why some would want to water down national sovereignty?

All the best with this and keep up the good fight!

American Interests

See also: The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth's take on this at:

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