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Tuesday, 06 November 2007


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I know him too, met him several times... but am still sooooooo undecided!..great overview Heidi..thanks.

heidianne jackson

thanks for stopping by angel - your comments are always welcome...

Paul Champagne

I too have met the mayor on several occasions. I can only say what I have seen happen in NYC. The city went from a cesspool under Koch and Dinkens into a place where you could actually enjoy a day walking around outside with your family. New Yorkers no longer have to hide behind eight dead bolts when the sun goes down. If his brilliant management of a city will translate into being a great president, who knows?

I really couldn't care less about gay rights ... as long as it doesn't infringe upon me. As for gun control, you can own a gun in NYC ... do you have to jump through hoops to do so? ... absolutely ... but with 8 million people (some of them unstable), don't you think being careful is wise?

heidianne jackson

paul, i agree that he did some great things for nyc. i just don't believe that a republican in nyc is the same as a republican in the heartland. his values don't line up very well with my values and/or the values of others i know in the south or the mid-west. i'm just not going to say he's the right man for the job, because i don't believe he is. i will vote for him in the general if it comes to that because he's better than the alternative, but not before...

American Interests

You have expressed your views strongly. When it comes to the GOP thing republicans have yet to coalesce around a single candidate so I’m not convinced that RG is inevitable. I do agree on one thing however, his great job in NYC is far removed from a similar performance in the heartland.

The Daily Telegraph's Washington correspondents compiled a list of the 100 most influential liberals and conservatives in America and guess who was voted the number one conservative?



Good post!

heidianne jackson

thanks, otto, that's high praise coming from one such as you...

i saw that list earlier last week, but they are positing that rudy is a conservative and inevitable. but i say "not at all" to both of those things. i'm reminded of what an exchange student from holland said a few years ago "my parents always say that in america there are conservatives and radical conservatives and there are no liberals." they were wrong, but i think that's how the world sees things...


i'm hoping for a tancredo upswing.

it is the concensus in some circles i hang in that "rudy's the man", but i cannot get behind him one iota.

the only way i'll vote for him is if i see this on the ballot:



then, i'll go home and drive the porcelain bus...

btw - thankx for adding me to your links and i'm adding you to mine and introducing you in my next post which i hope to make before retiring this evening. check in later if you'd like.



Well I cant go w/ rudy. A terrible social life(cant even handle his own kids, divorce blah blah..) and a real ?drag in the WhiteHouse? C`mon, whats next,twink teas? I saw him do his good deeds but he seems to think that good deeds absolve him of stuff thats naughty. Let alone disgusting.

Thx for letting me stare...


Now you know why I support Mitt. I like Rudy more than Pat B., Rudy has his problems but corruption and ethics aren't among them. He is the mob busting crime fighter and 9/11 leader, America's Mayor, to many folks. Dang but he makes one ugly woman, lol. I appreciate his honest approach, not waffling, this is who I am , take it or leave it. I will vote for and support Rudy should he win the primaries but I am rooting for Mitt untill then. Fred needs to get really, really busy if he doesn't want to get embaressed by Dr.Paul.

heidianne jackson

nanc, i'd have to vote for giuliani no matter who's name was on the dem side of that ticket. with three supremes, realistically, being replaced in the next term or two, it's just two dangerous to let any dem into office at this point.

thanks for the link and intro -it is much appreciated!

heidianne jackson

welcome ben! you are absolutely right - when will people learn that one "ah shoot!" cancels out a whole cartload of "atta boy!"'s

come back again soon!

heidianne jackson

goat, i agree with you that mitt is better than rudy. i never like pat b as a presidential contender, but he is also a "this is me" type guy... i don't see rudy as being honest - he's being what he needs to be to get people to trust. to me he's sort of a billy jeff - lite....


Rudy is no Bill Clinton by any means and I understand the suspicion as I hold it as well. Rudy is a strong leader and problem solver and would serve America well should he be elected, as I believe Fred, John or Mike would do as well. Rudy is Rudy and he doesn't back off that, a good thing. Mitt should take a little bit from that. I know you like Fred and he is very likable but where is he, he is not beating the proverbial bush for votes. I am a Mitt Romney guy so take me as you will


if mitt will keep his "faith" out of the photo, i could vote for him.

have you seen that pat robertson has endorsed giuliani today? that may draw a line in the sand with evangelicals.

Lord, help u.s.


I don't like Rudy only because he can beat Hillary, I find him very inspirational and I really like him. I have tried to like other candidates more because of Rudy's stance on abortion but I keep being drawn back to Rudy.

I don't like McCain for a 1,000 reasons, but he guaranteed he wouldn't get my primary vote back when he did the backstabbing gang of 14. I was so livid about that.

I don't like Romney because I know someone who he asked numerous times to come work for him to help persuade Evangelicals to view him as a conservative. She refused to do it because she felt like she would be deceiving people. I also don't feel comfortable with someone who says he's more liberal than Ted Kennedy on gay marriage and abortion just a couple of years ago and now has suddenly seen the light because he's running for president. I also know for a fact he had to be pushed into supporting the gay marriage ban that Massachusetts was trying to get passed. After all of that I just don't see him as genuine or real.

I was really hoping that Fred would be our best option but he has not been impressing or convincing people at all. I went into that last debate being a Fred supporter and found myself gravitating back to Rudy.

Rudy is a flawed candidate, there is no doubt about it. But he is real and honest and I believe him when he says that he would appoint strict constructionist judges which is where most moral issues come into play. He is stellar on the war on terror and by far I trust him the most on the WOT to protect this country. He also has a proven record of reducing crime and dealing with moral issues and cutting taxes. When Bill Kristol says he ran the most conservative government since Ronald Reagan I would have to agree.

For awhile I thought that I wouldn't vote for him in the primary unless it came down to Romney and Rudy. I would pick Rudy over Romney in a heartbeat. But if Fred doesn't do something to convince me he is up for the job I may even go with Rudy in the primaries.

I hate to admit it but a Romney, McCain or Huckabee nominee makes me ill. If any of them becomes the nominee I will vote for them but I won't be doing a whole lot of campaigning for them. I have to be excited and passionate about someone to spend time campaigning. At this stage I'm hoping that Fred or Rudy get the nomination.


It is amazing how everyone views all the candidates so differently. Just look at our state of Missouri. We have 3 different nominees being endorsed, all by top Republicans. It will be amazing to see how this all pans out.

Patrick Joubert Conlon

Heidianne you said: "i just don't believe that a republican in nyc is the same as a republican in the heartland." That applies to Mitt too - he's a liberal from Mass. I don't believe that Rudy is more electable than Fred.

heidianne jackson

hi dee, thanks for visiting. it is truly a sad commentary if rudy giuliani is the author of the most conservative government since reagan. shows how far down we've sunk... i also am not a fan of romney, for the reasons you've stated and more. his stance on health care is also troubling to me, at least i agree with rudy's stated position on that one... however, that said, i don't think rudy is the guy i want running the country. if 9/11 hadn't happened, he wouldn't even be on the ballot.

heidianne jackson

patrick, i'm with you 100% on your comment. i just wish fred would get more aggressive so that people realize there is a viable alternative. i know soft-spoken is more his style, but somehow we have to get him in the front.


I think you are all missing the point.

Think of how great Rudy will look in his inaugeral gown. The only other way to have a presidential inaugeral gown is to have Hilary win it. So, think about it.

My, but it gets hard to be this sarcastic in type. Perhaps it is just time for a revolution and re-vamp of the government in toto. It has obviouly become too largesse and detached from reality to function anymore. I'd nominate myself, but I know that my views would have me assassinated in my first year.

I hope that Fred can pull it off, but to do so he will have to step up his game. Wait until it gets close, then I'm sure Rudy will pull the 9-11 sympathy rhetoric out and try to ride that in. (Note: I am not minimizing the events of 9/11, but to use that as a political booster rocket is wrong to me).

I need to break out my old "Ozzy Osbourne for Pres" shirt. He makes more sense than some of them. I can't wait until the state dinner: "Sharon! 'oo invited these f***ers over?". Best of all, the political coverage would be all over mTV.

This is becoming less like a political race and more like the Special Olympics.

Donald Douglas

Hi Hiedi: I like McCain. He doesn't cross-dress, but I'm sure he's vulnerable to the not-a-true-conservative attack. So, I guess I'm out of favor over here!

heidianne jackson

well, it is true that i'm no great fan of mc cain, don. but you are always in favor over here!!! thanks for stopping by.


Hey, this is a healthy conversation and good for the GOP, we will nominate our best man and unite to smash Hillary. Let me clarify on Rudy a bit, he is not pro abortion, or pro gay marriage, he has the same position as Fred,he does not support Fed. Constitutional ammendments banning them. I don't think abortion should be illegal though Roe should be overturned because it is bad law. How do you Fred heads square their identical position on those issues? Mitt ran as personally prolife but vowed not to work to overturn Mass. liberal laws while vetoing new abortion legislation and embryonic stem cell research. He also fought to the end against the Mass. courts on gay marriage. I don't think gays should be discriminated against just that marriage is an institution for the procreation and rearing of children and should be protected as such. Mitt is from Michigan not Massachusetts having moved there as part of his career. I also consider his move to the right on abortion as genuine and welcome.

Bar Kochba

Interesting post. All of Giuliani's potential successes against Islamofascism will all be meaningless if he allows the cultural Left to destroy US society.

PS Great blog here. I'm going to blogroll you. How about reciprocating?

heidianne jackson

bk, welcome to my humble abode. favore returned, quite gladly. i agree on rudy, but 9/11 is his mainstay; i wonder what will happen now the police chief has been indicted.


Bernie was nailed for IRS problems something Rudy would have had no knowledge of, it won't hurt him. Hmm, no answer on Fred and Rudy having the same positions on gay marriage and abortion, isn't Fred the 'only' conservative in the race? Sorry, just being the good Mitt supporter that I am.

heidianne jackson

goat, my apologies - i could have SWORN i answered it!

it's not quite the same position, but it is similiar. fred supports leaving the gay marriage thing up to the states, as do i. i believe that if left up to the states, the notion will be defeated...

as for abortion, i'm not happy about fred's statement that he believes making abortions illegal, however, he doesn't believe in partial birth abortion. i believe that roe v. wade should be overturned because it is truly a states' rights issue unless a constitutional amendment is made to put it into the provence of the feds...

fred hasn't changed his views or his sentiments. rudy has. i like mitt better than him.


Giuliani's first term, and his first appointments (especially Bill Bratton with the NYPD, but also Charlie Rivera with the FDNY) were great.

It was Bill Bratton's blueprint that dropped crime so dramatically in NYC. The murder rate, which rose to over 2,000/year under the inept David Dinkins, was reduced to about a quarter of that under Bratton/Giuliani.

Rudy also brought in Disney and cleaned up Times Square, held city spending in check and lowered taxes to attract more businesses.

Rudy's first term saw the beginning of a major "gentrification" of large swaths of NYC.

BUT, Giuliani's also very autocratic, occasionally arrogant and often prone to putting his foot in his mouth.

His post-Bratton NYPD Commissioner appointments were very poor - Safir (mediocre, at best) and Kerick (an incredibly bad choice). Kerick is currently under federal indictment for tax evasion and other charges.

I've been perplexed that Giuliani has beaten Romney saw convincingly, in polls so far. Romney isn't only more polished, a better manager and ALSO someone who "can appeal to moderates," after winning in a very "Blue" place (MA), but he has none of the obvious negatives that Rudy has.

Right now, it certainly looks like it may well be Hillary vs Rudy in 2008 and that, in my view, would leave us all with two very flawed choices - two very flawed characters, both with high negatives and two candidates whom supporters will have to hope that their candidate doesn't melt down.

I'm pretty much down on Thompson, out on McCain (his pro-illegal alien remarks a year ago did that for me) and though I really like Huckabee, I don't think he could pull off a head-to-head win with any of the three major Dems (OK, he could probably beat Edwards like a drum, but I'd worry about his "electability").

Betwen Rudy & Giuliani, I favor Romney big time.

I think Rudy has a downside nearly as large as Hillary's.

heidianne jackson

i agree with what you're saying, jmk, except about huck. i'll take romney, any day, over rudy. but i still like fred, best ;)


Hi Heidi! I came here from "Right Truth."

You wrote a wonderful post. I linked to it from my blog.

What do you think of Pat Robertson's endorsement of Rudy?

heidianne jackson

welcome ortho!! i can't imagine why pat robertson has endorsed rudy. makes no sense - in a recent column (pre endorsement) pat said worlds to the effect of rudy would kill the soul of the republican party if he were to get elected. i agree with his initial analysis...

thanks for stopping by!

Jim Fryar

Great post, while I feel he possibly represents the best chance of a Republican win at present I hope one of the others can catch Americas imagination, as I am not certain that he will be much better than Hillary.

heidianne jackson

welome jim! i agree wholeheartedly with you!


donald, I'm leaning towards mcCain too. That makes two of us out of step.(;


I suppose it comes down to whether you choose a candidate or leader as an ideologue or as a manager.

Personally I go for the management skills.

I can defend my ideology for myself ... although it is nice to have some affirmation from leaders once in a while. But that's the whole reason I support conservative candidates as opposed to liberals .... the liberals are only interested in their own peculiar ideology.... you know the one that says if you're not one of PeeCee crowd you are irrelevant!

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