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Monday, 31 December 2007


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I'm pulling for you, although Thompson's not my first pick (I want everyone to be happy)!

Farmer John

I see the Thompson Campaign is beginning to stand up. Happy New Year!

heidianne jackson

donald, i know, i know. we'll just have to work for our "guy" and see what pans out...

it sure looks promising at this point. i'll update from iowa on wednesday.

happy new year to you, too, farmer.


strange thing - arkansas is basically a blue state, but everywhere i looked in our travels this past week, all i saw were "paul" bumper stickers and yard signs - it's going to be a mess.



heidianne jackson

yeah, i know nanc - mr. toad's wild ride has nothing on what's gonna go down in the next two months. dr. paul is attracting a number from the left because he's the only one saying that come hell or high water we're leaving the middle east. the leftards will live with darn-near anything else he has to offer if he'll give them just that one thing...

happy happy right back at you and nancpop!


No comment on Fred, just wishing you and your family a blessed and prosperous New Year!


I like what Fred has to say but he should have been on the trail and riding hard alot earlier. I have been a Romneyite for years so my vote is not going to change before Super Tuesday but I would be happier to support Fred should he get the nomination over Mitt than the other guys. I like Rudy alot and my best friend is a big fan but I think he is wrong for the GOP as a party though he would be easy to support over BO or Madame Hillary. Fred has a great message here and I hope it derails the sHucksterbee and McCain along the way.


hey Heidi!..youre doing great work and what u believe in hun and thats what matters most!.G'mornin and hey Happy New Year!!! :)

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