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Thursday, 27 December 2007


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Farmer John

Have fun!

heidianne jackson

thanks, farmer - we will!


Good for you, Heidi! Involvement in a political campaign is a rush. Hope is works out for you.

I don't think much of the voters of Iowa, though. They are continuing to hold on to Huckabee even though all of his record is coming out and he's more non-conservative than Bush, who they didn't feel so favorably about in that poll. Plus, more supporting ALL troops out of Iraq in 6 months? No one is claiming the ability to do that.

They mostly seem to be interested in a Pastor in Chief.

heidianne jackson

you may be right, karen, but i'm convinced. at this time in the last presidential election cycle, for the dems, nearly every poll coming out of iowa - and nationally for that matter - showed howard dean as THE guy. and we all remember what happened with that...


wow Heidi youre really putting your money where your mouth is girl!..good luck to ya!.Have a super weekend!:)

heidianne jackson

we sure are, angel - it's the right thing to do, imho...



Well as a Romneyite, I would like to see Fred Upset the aw sHuckster. Despite my earlier opposition Fred is now my second choice but won't change my vote. I am afraid he is a little to stoic to capture the fire he will need to win, even if he is right. Have fun and I look forward to reading your report back. I would get more involved in Mitt's campaign if I had the time. We are part of Super Tuesday so I will put some signs up.

American Interests

Very interesting Heidi...At the end of the day I an hoping for a Republican in the White House full stop. At this stage I see Huckerbee as a bit of a fad and the least likely to succeed in Nov 2008 if he were to win the GOP. There are forces at work (within the senseless Marxist media) intent of producing such a result as you have correctly alluded to....

heidianne jackson

sort of the same thing people were saying about reagan - both times. but i think you're wrong, there, goat. he has the fire he needs it's just that he refuses to say something, anything to get elected. the msm is trying hard to ignore him but it won't last if he finishes in the top 3 in iowa. on thing, welcome to the wonderful world of owning your own business :)

otto, thanks for stopping by. glad to see i'm not the only one who sees it and that even outside of this country it's apparent. we'll see what happens in iowa.

go fred go!


Good luck with the Thompson support, Heidi!

He's a good man!


I absolutely agree, Heidianne, and I hail your efforts. I am very pessimistic about his chances for redemption on a popular scale of acceptance, however. I am, sadly, nearly convinced that the Left Stream Media's efforts will be proven triumphant regarding Fred. I have seen him speak with emphatic substance in days past, long before he actually announced his candidacy. Regrettably, I have not seen him speak with the declarative passion that is needed to grab attention and allow people to recognize his vision and sincerety. These other clowns, one of which I fear will be our party's selection, should be nothing more than "also rans".

YOUR passion and committment is inspiring to me. You yet again garner my respect and appreciation. Unfortunately, it is Fred that should be displaying your conviction publicly, loudly, movingly at every opportunity. I don't understand why he cannot seem to recognize the imperative need to rally, to move and to capture the public's eye with heartfelt emphasis. He has my vote, but he needs a lot more than that.

Thank you for your optimism and effort. I sure hope you see something that I do not.


Looks like Fred is moving up in the polls. Great. I have a feeling that there are many folks who plan to vote for Fred, who somehow have not been polled thus far. At least that's what I'm hoping.

It seems wrong to me that Iowa can make or break a candidate.

Thanks for all those links and information on Fred you left me at Right Truth. Much appreciated.


Thanks for the link, HeidiAnne, I appreciate it! As for me, I would love to see Giuliani in the White House. He was my mayor and he cleaned up this city like a vacuum. It wasn't just dirt I'm talking about, it was the crime in our neighborhoods, it was the squeegee vultures who would surround your cars at a red light and swathed them in lather soap until you couldn't see and you'd have to open up your window to pay them to wipe off the soap; that lasted for years while we lived under the racist mayorship of David Dinkins. Giuliani cleaned up corruption in the Dept of Sanitation, he cleaned up the corruption of the mob on the Lower East Side. On the eve of New Years, 1999 going into 2000, he made this city safe for all of us and this was before 9/11 when Muslim threats were emanating from Canada and when the worry was that Muslims were going to enter the US from the North. I wrote to him in 2000 to thank him then for making our city safe. He believes in pre-emption so that we go over there and get the enemy before they cut our heads off over here. No, I don't believe in abortion myself, and he is perhaps more lenient in that area, but those aren't my issues. Giuliani turned down that $10million check right after 9/11 from the same filthy rich Saudi prince who just bought up those shares in Fox News because the prince had said anti-American statements. I mean, Giuliani has guts. He believes in defending this country and he said, if it means being offensive to be defensive, then let's do it. Whatever, those are my two cents - I can go on and on so sorry if this was long - thanks again.

heidianne jackson

thanks dd, i agree that fred is a great man.

heidianne jackson

di, you of all people should know better than to believe that which you see/hear from the msm. just last night gary bauer, a political analyst for fox news, predicted that fred will get the party's nomination. i'm holding on tight to that!

heidianne jackson

debbie, the day i can give you information that you don't have is the day i'll fall over dead :) you do such a great job over at your place and i always honored when you stop by my humble little shop... thanks!

heidianne jackson

smooth, thanks for stopping by. i appreciate the reasons you are pro-rudy, but i don't agree that he is potus material. too many skeletons in the closet and he reminds me way to much of mr. clinton... but he is better than some others who are running for the gop nomination.


Yes, you are right about the LSM, and I surely hope you are correct that I am being snookered. I would so welcome that to be my misconception.

But I am influenced considerably less by the LSM portrayals vs. my opinion of his ability to motivate voters. I'm not a politician, nor will I ever think like one. But I do recognize the need to move the masses and I just haven't seen what I was literally praying for.

I can't explain the reasoning of the people who seem not to rise to his values. But I also cannot explain so many other things of late that would seem to me also to be basic common sense. We keep making collective poor decisions and ignoring the most well documented, plain as day threats. It is frustrating, dangerous and angering.

My hat is off to you, Heidianne... prove me a naysayer and make me thrilled. I am on your side... and Fred's. I just don't feel the winning spirit.

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