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Wednesday, 05 December 2007


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Gun control is NOT violence control, it's as simple as that and John Stossel has it right on that score.

What's worse is that gun control amounts to a legal restriction on violent self-defense which is an inalienable right that is innate to all humans. NONE of our rights come from government.

America was founded on the principle of individual liberty, which is self-ownership/complete personal responsibility. Every self-owning individual has a right to violent self-defense, regardless of what impact that COULD or MIGHT have on other innocent bystanders.

A great book on the topic is John Lott's More Guns, less Crime. It's a well documented book written by a Yale Research Fellow who came into the debate presuming that gun control reduced crime rates.


heidianne jackson

jmk, you're right it is a great book - he also wrote some great articles on the 2nd amendment nullification issue over at lew rockwell's place - http://www.lewrockwell.com/lott/lott-arch.html - i'm a big fan.


I heart John Stossel, he is awesome!!! He is not afraid of much, he has taken on the Teachers' Union and many other tough issues.

As for gun-control, I always quote the mobster Sammy the Bull,

"Gun control? It's the best thing you can do for crooks and gangsters. I want you to have nothing. If I'm a bad guy, I'm always gonna have a gun. Safety locks? You pull the trigger with a lock on, and I'll pull the trigger. We'll see who wins."

Does anything else need to be said??????

Great find on the video, I may need to snag it.

heidianne jackson

go for it dee. i like it better when we're in agreement on things :)


Me too :)!!


The lawful use of firearms prevents the unlawful from getting their way. Needless to say I am a big proponent of 2nd Ammendment rights. We have the basic right to defend ourselves and that cannot be denied.


Heidi, if you are going to moderate the comments eliminate the impossible to read code to post, I can't read it half the time and it takes 4-5 tries to get through it, even with my glasses on. Luv ya anyway.
Merry Christmas!

heidianne jackson

good idea goat! i hated that thing, but never realized i could change it. at your suggestion i researched it and i fixed it. yea!!! thanks for the tip!


Very well done, Heidianne... I am so glad you reposted the premium work of Mr. Stossel.

One of my pet peeves throughout my life has been the "myth of safety" and the idea that there is ever some sort of fantasy location and/or situation wherein this condition truly exists.

It does not. (I actually wrote a post about that once...)

We have, do and will continue to live in a world that is ripe with merciless predators and heinous aberrants. They believe that it is their "right" to prey upon the earnings and possessions of others, as if somehow their type of vermin is 'special' and 'entitled' to a different, simpler path through life... something other than responsibility and advancement by earning.

They don't wear identifying labels or signs and they are all around us. Where we live has absolutely NOTHING to do with the danger or the reality when we become the victim of their aggression!!! You are no less dead, even if you lived in a "safe neighborhood" where "this doesn't happen". You are no less dead if you were a victim amongst a .3% measurement of the "odds" or a 60% measurement of the "odds".

Law abiding gun owners are not the problem and they never were! They are merely responsible individuals who well may save the life of otherwise would be victim(s) someday... their own, yours or mine. They deserve public support and respect... not misrepresentation and ire.

I am having a rational and continued conversation currently with a self proclaimed "fence-sitter". She is a lovely, sensible lady and I will point her to your excellent post, trusting that even if she disagrees with something you have written here, she will be treated with the respect and courtesy that all my intellectual 2nd Amendment friends routinely display. I believe that she, like so many, simply has not discussed and experienced the realities of the issue with informed firearms owners. I also credit her highly with the will to listen carefully. What more can we ask?

Thanks for the wonderful job, Heidianne, and caring so deeply as to make the effort!

Merry Christmas to you and each of your brilliant commenters!

heidianne jackson

of course, i moderate comments in order to ensure that everyone plays nice. and the merriest of christmas wishes to you and yours, as well, di.

Your Jewish Master

I believe Dennis Prager says that liberals look for material answers to spiritual problems.
The real answer to gun crime is that the criminals have a healthy fear of armed individuals. Most home invasions in this country occur when house is unoccupied, because it is assumed their is a gun in the house.
But in the mall...that's another story...
Nebraska is a right to carry state as of 2007. Once there are a few takedowns of these dangerous, overgrown toddlers, I think we'll see a decline in this sort of crime.


Great post and right on the money. I have always had guns and raised four children with the guns in the house and not locked up.

One son has several guns and two sons have none. That is their choice. I know I said four children and only mentioned the men.

My daughter does not own a gun, but is familiar with them. I taught all my kids about the guns and never had any problems.

They are all well adjusted, law abiding citizens.

I, personally have had to show a weapon twice to deter possible violence to me or my family. I knew I could pull the trigger if I had to and also knew I would not want to.


A gun that's locked up in a safe or drawer does no one any good. I carry all the time everywhere I go. I don't tell people, I don't make it obvious to anyone. In fact, no one would have any idea that I am carrying a gun. I have taken courses, I was raised shooting guns of all sorts, I have my carry permit. Everything legal.

I would also never pull my gun unless I intended to use it. I also have guns in the house. No one would know and children can't get to them even if they knew they were there. But "I" can get to them in a split second. I'm no cowboy, I'm just a woman who knows how to take care of herself.

I've also had self defense and karate. The main thing that teaches a person is to be AWARE of your surroundings, don't get caught off guard.

Nice post


I remember reading that Mark Steyn bit a while back, I love his style of blasting liberals.


I'm one of the few lefties I know of who veers to the right when it comes to guns and second Amendment issues...I just wish there was as much of an outcry from those on the Right about the equally dangerous erosion of the fourth amendment.

heidianne jackson

frederick, welcome! to my humble abode. what assaults are you speaking of - the patriot act?


hiya Heidi..bravo girl!..I believe Dennis Prager says that liberals look for material answers to spiritual problems.
The real answer to gun crime is that the criminals have a healthy fear of armed individuals....I couldnt agree more!!:)


Nice post!

American Interests

Let us not forget the grounds on which America was founded of which one rings loud; personal responsibility. That is it final. The fear of a possibly armed and responsible individual is a great deterrent.

In my part of the world, just like the U.K. they have they have, disarmed us, not good…

Great post and love some of the images…


forgive my impertinence and seemingly devious suggestion, but about ten years ago, we bought a gun privately from a man who stated emphatically to us, "file that number off that gun and report it stolen - there's coming a day you won't be able to have it."

how prophetic.

remember what they say about "unarmed" people.

o.t. - people were touched by your recollection of the best gift at curtains - thank you for your contribution.


Being right up the street from Kennesaw may I say that after the horrible VA Tech incident - gun control cats have been relentlessly hooted down by nearly everyone. Here in Hillbillyland, folks tend to believe that Gun free zones are like magnets for murderous chicanery and psycho's looking for easy kills.

Gun control is dead. It died at VA Tech. The GC Gang may not know it yet - but the mere mention of VT blunts any points they try to make.

Great article - thank you for sharing.

heidianne jackson

otto, thanks for stopping by. it saddens me that so much of the world has had their right to defend themselves revoked. it's a real testament to how much traction the liberal lie has gotten over the years.

nanc, i'm with you. my mom worked as a dispatcher for the county police where i grew up when she learned that none of those officers owned guns, outside of their service units, that could be traced back to them. told my mother to never by a firearm legally if she could help it and to do as your guy recommended for any already owned... advice i've continued to follow... uh oh, are we in trouble now???

courtney, glad to have your visit, thanks. i think that any one with 1/4 a brain must agree with what you've said!


"A gun that's locked up in a safe or drawer does no one any good. I carry all the time everywhere I go. I don't tell people, I don't make it obvious to anyone. In fact, no one would have any idea that I am carrying a gun. I have taken courses, I was raised shooting guns of all sorts, I have my carry permit. Everything legal."

Great friends to have!

Paul Champagne

As a current resident of Texas ... I can't see how they could possibly curtail my right to my guns. I was however born and raised in New York City, and getting a carry permit there was almost impossible. Personally, I feel a lot safer walking the streets at night now.

heidianne jackson

gosh i miss texas! but it was possible to get a ccw here in missouri - just not nearly so easy... thanks for stopping by, paul!

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