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Friday, 14 December 2007


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Francis W. Porretto

This is an impassioned and informative piece of work. Congratulations. You've just made the Eternity Road blogroll!


great recitation of history! you keyed in on one of my favorite periods of history so i must admit to reading each and every word. as i read, my curiousity was great as to where exactly you were heading - i almost skipped to the end - i'm glad i didn't.

i suppose one answer to your question is that most every nation in this world of ours writes their own interpretation of history in their history books. the u.s. of a. is no different - in fact we're worse in some ways in that various parts of the country have gone so far as to write their own versions of history for their textbooks. in the scholastic textbook arena there is no requirement for the "correctness" of a textbook. in a college/university setting all that's required is for the teacher to decide that he/she wants to use a particular book for their class - it's seldom questioned. in high schools and elementary schools in most states there are actually textbook review groups who review textbooks from publishers and recommend use in public schools. i've actually been a part of these groups when we lived in florida. in most states the suitability of textbook recommendations of these groups (state education board sponsored) do not have to be followed, they are merely suggested recommendations.

so you can see that most anything can be passed off as "history"! i enjoyed your post! good research and good points made...


This is a great post, Heidianne! Lots of good historical review. Unfortunately in today's schools, the liberal white guilt is in full bloom and nothing but America bashing will do. My son is in AP courses in high school and last year in his AP US History class the reading list included Howard Zinn's revisionist American history book. I could have exploded.

Paul Champagne

I believe that the tag of racism is just an attempt to keep "white America" from criticizing anything coming out of the left. And when a Black man like Bill Cosby criticizes his own kind ... then he is an "Uncle Tom". Till Blacks and Hispanics start taking responsibility for their situations and put some of their efforts into education ... they will never have the success they are so jealous of. I would like to point out our smallest ethnic group, the asians. As a group, they are more industrious and place more emphasis on education than any other segment of the population ... where has it gotten them? They now earn on average the same amount as the White majority.


This is really key, Heidi:

"the dems know that welfare and other such entitlement programs don't do anything for the plight of the poor - black or otherwise."

I really like the post.

To complete the picture we might add that, sure, a culture of white supremacy did emerge in the South in the ante-bellum period. But this country's history since that time has been that of steady progress on guaranteeing rights to all Americans. We had a rough history, and all the warts should be exposed as you do here. Hats off to you.

What the left will not do, of course, is provide an even-handed examination of this past. It's all genocide and racism. America to the multiculturalists, frankly, is an unmitigated evil.

Racial victimology is a disaster for the future progress of the race. I wrote a nice little post yesterday about black responsibility for moving up and out of the inner cities, where the failure of the black community to take hold of their own lives - in a period of unprecedente prosperity in our nation - constitutes the true bonds of slavery today.

Good work!!

heidianne jackson

francis, thank you for the honor and welcome!

don - thanks for stopping by! i did know that about the textbooks, but it doesn't make it right. it simply makes america worse on history than many other nations. could this be one tie-in to why our children do worse on these things than others in the world? hmmm..

heidianne jackson

nice of you to visit, karen. i agree that it's amazing that howard zinn's book would be used, but it shouldn't be. as donald has pointed out, the left is overwhelmingly in charge of the education of this country. they realize that it's not meant to be an education so much as an indoctrination - hoping that they can keep anyone from thinking so they can remain in, and even gain more, control...

heidianne jackson

paul, hi again! you are quite right in your assessment that it is an attempt to keep the right silent. but the longer we acquiesce the deeper in the whole we'll be. i found it telling that condi got no kudos from anyone in the media for being the first black female to be secretary of state, and can only attribute that to the fact that she is not a liberal.

well, i for one, refuse to be silent. i hope others will join me.


Wow, encyclopedic! There are a few other misrepresented facts you've missed pointing out. Predominantly, it was Republicans that fought for passage of the equal rights amendment and predominantly it was democrats who campaigned against it. Southern white slaveholders were by and large democrats. Lincoln who declared the slaves free... was a Republican.

The issue is this... democrat mantra by and large is a doctrine of enslavement. The democrats were the slave holders then and they are attempting to be the slave holders now. They are creating slaves in the same way the slavery originally started in the Americas... indentured servitude... The democrat party uses the same tactics as drug dealers. The first hit is free, after that, they have hold of you by the jockey shorts. "Look, we give you a small monthly stipend, in exchange for that we'll take your right to keep an bear arms...!", for example. That sounds pretty good to a person who has nothing, but then again, you have nothing largely because the democrats sabotage the economy such that very few can find their way through to experience the American dream. Why do you think it is that democrats demonize the rich? Because they don't want their captive audience, their slaves to want that outcome for themselves. That is why the endless cries of "tax the rich" echo endlessly through all of their speeches.


BRAVO HEIDIANNE!!!...black people point the finger at white people, to this day, attributing to all whites all manner of evil for having owned slaves. ..so true and so brave of you to explore this taboo!..btw..my last post got deleted and the comments poofed..lol..If u wish to repost your comment hun..please feel free!:)

Bar Kochba

All whites are racist, don't you know? What a great piece. Keep exposing liberal crap.

PS Have you signed in support of the Jewish Declaration to the Nations? Its very important so please pass it on.

heidianne jackson

donald, i finally got a chance to read your post and i agree with your assessment. thanks for visiting and i'm glad you liked the post.

heidianne jackson

right on all points, g-man, and great anaology as well. i meant to mention in my post (but it just got soooo long) was that the ku klux klan began it's long history as a democrats' social club - that's right you couldn't join unless you were a card carrying member of the democrat party.

the other thing that should be noted along the lines of your taxation is that there are more "rich" people in the democrat party than in the gop. also, it's important to remember that taxes are only levied on earnings not on wealth...

heidianne jackson

angel, oh NOOOO what happened? i'll head back over there shortly. thanks for stopping by and your kind words.

heidianne jackson

bk, thanks for the heads up - i've signed now! and you're soooo right on your comment!


heidianne - this is an excellent commentary - you really did your homework on this one - i commend you.


WoW. The research on this is incredible - very informing and danging - also helps to make the case that America is the only nation that committed Civil War to put paid to such a wicked, ungodly concept as slavery.

Also - the bit about Alinsky was inspired and resonates even now - though not through Hillary. Alinsky seems to have accepted Jesus' statement that "The poor will always be with you" - unlike Senator Edwards who, bless his heart, is actively courting poor people as a platform in his campaign - ensnaring them in a culture of dependence and apathy.

Currently - the kids in America who get a massive serving of how evil slavery was back in the King cotton days are making a correlation to the modern era - but not the one their teachers are trying to make (about America's sins - real and imagined)instead we see mistreatment of women, 2nd class citizenship, no rights for women and minorities in unfree, unhappy and unhinged lands and openly wonder - why not? Why not strike down their immoral leaders, why not roll Sharansky's dice? The more we learn about this period in time and the more we connect to the modern world, the more the fututre femmes, future leaders and future intelligentsia will morph into a prescription that is light on considering ancient traditions, stability and subtle nuances - and heavy on intervention, universal rights and immolating intolerance.

Thank you for a very thought provoking piece.


You have the dubious honor of being the only post I've commented on since the first of December! I've taken the month off (no blogging or visiting) because of company, but Nanc sent me this link in an e-mail and so, since everyone is still asleep, I decided to check it out. I'm glad I did!

You have outdone yourself! I am aware of most of what you wrote, but I do realize that most young people are not. Unless true patriotic conservatives manage to take back the educational system of this country it's only going to get worse. They are teaching "fiction" to our children and it's ruining this country. Thank you for an outstanding piece of work!

Farmer John

In answer to you question...

Truth is whatever makes you feel more powerful. Teaching actual history wouldn't empower progressives. And look who's running the schools.


Very well written piece Heidianne!

"Racism" is an artificial construct, that elevates the bigotry and xenophobia, innate to all men, to imply that, to paraphrase Orwell's 1984 that SOME bigotries are worse than others!

It is a sick, demented exercise, made sicker still in that it elevates victimhood into an exalted status and it's that elevation of "victimization" that is at the root of many of our current troubles today.


Wow. I read every last word, even badly needing sleep. I couldn't 'put it down'!Tremendous work, Heidianne... Congrats indeed!

The racism label is a propped up, tool of convenience used by left agenda at every possible junction. Real history taught to tomorrow's adults is counter-productive to their path. The alteration/omission of fact is appalling.

They're not even keeping score at basketball games anymore...


just a quick note to g-man and some of the others that referenced the democratic party of the civil war era. it most certainly was nothing like the democratic party of today - in fact, it closer resembled todays gop. the newly formed republican party of 1858 or so that sweet-talked lincoln into being their initial presidential candidate did not foresee where that party was headed. it is unfair to compare the political parties of the mid 1800's with today's parties....

American Interests

Not an easy question to address Heidianne, you have done an admirable job. You need not apologise for the legnth of the post, its one of those subjects that, well can't be tackled in one or two paragraphs.

I am compelled to point out that welfare, in all its shapes and forms, does little if anything to elevate the poor; black or white.

A very informative post!

heidianne jackson

thank you one and all for the wonderful comments. i have been EXTREMELY busy and not blogging as much as i would like.

don, of don's mind, you are absolutely correct that much has changed in the past 130+ years, but not everything. the kkk started as a democrat's social club and to this day, the vast majority of members are democrats. and while the party itself seems to have changed a great number of its members have not realized it - hence the term 'yellow-dog democrat'. the same can be said for the gop in some ways...

jmk, you are sooo right. thanks!

di, you're comments are too generous, but thanks!

and otto, i couldn't agree more!

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