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Monday, 14 January 2008


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Hubby and I have both contributed, but will do so again. This is a good challenge, because most people can afford $10.00. If they can give more, please do.

The more I listen to all the candidates, the more I know Fred is the ONLY Conservative in the bunch.

Thanks for the Hat Tip.

Patrick Joubert Conlon

Thanks for the heads up, Heidi. I had no access to the Net today so I just found out through you.


Good for y'all, I would like to see Fred do better though I am Romney shill. Just take down Huck and McCain is all I ask. Fred has become my strong second choice for his solid positions but the way he has run his campaign leaves me wondering about his leadership and managerial skillset and Rudy is a tight third.


Something I have noticed is Fred's and Mitt's supporters are far more congenial to each other and others than those of the other campaigns and more likely to be friends discussing issues not emotions.

heidianne jackson

i've noticed that, too, goat. good of you to stop by.


The Fred Thompson Campaign is in full swing.
I am so flipping excited about what this will mean for all of us.

I gave to his campaign when I could, working hard so I can give some more.

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