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Tuesday, 01 January 2008


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I'm supporting Fred but I agree, he could put a little more life in his candidacy. The problem is, he's not playing the media's game, he's not politicing "as usual", and that's both a good thing and a bat thing for him.

Have you seen the list of supporters at Flopping Aces?


Happy New Year and may your wishes both come true.


"That said, he needs to make a more convincing case to the voters, which will require a greater display of enthusiasm that he views these as both perilous and promising times and that he is the best man, overall, to navigate the ship of state through these times."

That seems to nail it, Heidi. As I've noted, I really like Thompson. I'm pulling for him to do well, although he's not my first pick.

Man, it's a strange primary season!

Hope you're having a great holiday!

heidianne jackson

i am hopeful that this thursday will be another iowa caucus day surprise. the word is getting out and hopefully it's fast enough...

it's been a great one so far - the culmination will be our trip to iowa tomorrow.


Fred makes a great case. And a lot of folks don't realise how fire in the belly can be interpeted diferently down here in Hillbillyland. Fred gets it and supertuesday might become super fred's day!


I also like Thompson, though like Americanneocon, he probably isn't my first choice either.

But even David Limbaugh's endorsement is hardly ringing. "I must confess that Fred is the only one I don't have major reservations about -- apart from his electability." (THAT'S a MAJOR WOTTY!!!) "Yes, I worry that he supported McCain-Feingold and that he might not be a strong supply-sider."

Ideally, before Super Tuesday, you'd want a Conservative stalwart in at least 2nd place to Romney, effectively removing Rudy from serious contention and relegating the Huckabee's and McCain's to also ran status.

THAT is the only way that a real Conservative candidate will stand a chance.

The GOP hierarchy and the bulk of Republican strategists will say that "Only a Romney or a Rudy can win a general election, as they've both won and done well in predominantly Blue regions."

For his part Thompson's got to be a lot better than his current 4th in Iowa and a lot better than dead last (trailing even Ron Paul) in New Hampshire!

If he's going to have a chance, he's got to be at least a clear 2nd to Romney in the national polls by Super Tuesday.


Heidianne, Fred did great and won the focus group over during the Sout Carolina debate!


Where are you, by the way?

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