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Tuesday, 22 January 2008


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I too am saddened with Fred leaving. I supported him in the Iowa caucasus because I thought he was the only good conservative. Now who do we have left? I'm not sure John McCain can beat Hillary or Obama?
Why can't the Republicans get their act together? I guess Rudy might be the man...I at least trust him when he says he wants tax cuts, and that he keep fighting the war on terror.


I'm sorry, Heidi! I know you've been a passionate Thompson backer.

Stop by my blog and join the discussion, on exactly these issues, when you get the chance.


Webb Sloane's Grandma

The Republican party has turned its back on conservatives. I really hope they don't think that people like me will pull the lever beside someone's name just because it has a big "R" beside it in the voting booth. If so, they are in for a big surprise in November.

"The press is impotent when it abandons itself to falsehood." --Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Seymour, 1807.

"The liberty of speaking and writing guards our other liberties." --Thomas Jefferson: Reply to Address, 1808.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." -Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey, 1816.


Heidi, hey there. Uncle Fred bailing out was indeed bad news. I remember right after 911 - he and Biden came on MTV and really reassured an entire generation of kids(learning new scary words like ground zero, anthrax, Taliban and jihad) that America was a noble nation - she didn't deserve this and she would prevail - regardless.

I'll always be grateful to Senator T for his kindly escort from innocence to involvement. He is one of the smartest cats in the GOP's box. And his influence will be felt for sometime to come.

heidianne jackson

tony, thanks for visiting, come back again. i don't think anyone on our side can beat hillary and i don't think obama will be their nominee. who is left, indeed.

heidianne jackson

donald, thanks for the invite. i did avail myself of joining the fray... :)

heidianne jackson

grandma, you are dead on and i said as much over at donald's place. these are three great quotes - i considered using the first one in my post. thanks!

heidianne jackson

thanks for the comments, courtney, your words are valued, as always.


Grrrrrrr....... blah.... I knew it was going to taste like this.

Chin up, Heidianne. It sucks, but we got to deal with it, like so many things. Keep it relative to everything else, my good lady. ;)


My condolences my friend but it is not the end of conservatism and it bugs me to see Fredheads get so despondent. If Mitt had been the one to leave I would be sad but I would have jumped on Fred's wagon with the same fervor that I support Mitt with. I thought conservatives in Fred's camp had the chin to get off the mat and fight for their beliefs not mope in a corner and let Hill or B HO waltz into the Whitehouse with their socialist agenda while they sit on their hands and mope about the death of conservatism. Fred is a good and decent man and a true conservative American Patriot but he is not the only one. Get over it Heidi Ann we have socialism to beat. Do you forfiet the game just because your star quarterback gets hurt? No, you put the next guy in and fight just as hard for him and victory,if not harder. I have to say I never expected this defeatist attitude from Fredheads, get over it , we have a Super Bowl to win.

heidianne jackson

di, i will take today to mourn. tomorrow i will come out swinging.

heidianne jackson

goat, as i said above, i will come out swinging, but it will be on my terms. i will not support john mccain, no way, no how. he will do more damage than hillary because he will ensure that another conservative will be highly unlikely to get elected. i will vote, and at this point, it will probably be for romney.

what disgusts me so much is that this is a infotainment sponsored primary season. that no one advances except by the approval of "the press". that we the people are by and large lapping up the milk being shoved down our throats by people and institutions who have a completely contrary goal to those of us who are real conservatives.

and btw, a newconservative is not a conservative, he (or she) is a "republican" with some democrat tendencies. that is not what a republican is and that is not where the party should be heading.

when we sell out our conservative ideals, we compromise that which is important. all of it is important, not just some of it.

i will vote, goat, but i will be working dilligently to ensure that mccain does not get the nomination.


sorry to hear about your guy, heidianne, but quite frankly - i didn't think he'd go the distance - the odds were against him.

there is no candidate worthy of any of our support at the moment. this is the very reason i've failed to endorse a one of them. i cannot ignore my inner person.

all i know, as i've stated elsewhere - we'll all probably be apologizing for who we voted for this year in four or five years - just like this time.

don't feel badly. we're going to get exactly who we deserve. sadly.


Yep Nanc especially if you sit on your hands we will get socialism by judicial fiat and executive decree if Hillary or Obama wins. Nanc, I don't want to hear one word of complaint if Hill or B HO wins if you sit on your hands.
Welcome to the Romney camp Heidi, pull a rock up by the fire and have a seat, its warm and we don't bite.
Time for Fredheads to get behind Mitt for the good of the GOP and Our Country


I dunno, Goat, I know what you are saying, but I also understand Heidianne's perspective, and would even if I didn't share it. You know I do share it, though. I like you, I share the bulk of your views and opinions and I fully respect your cheerleading. I especially respect your purpose!

I also understand your "get up and fight anyway" view. I will. She will. We all will. But we don't have to abandon our true beliefs to do so, nor should any of us have to, or in some way 'hide them'. That smacks of some sort of twisted, modern day PC to me. Kind of like a voter espoused "flip flopping" for purposes of portrayal.

I have already said I would vote for the Republican nominee, and I WILL, but I don't have to put on some completely false approving energy that suggests I like this situation... I DON'T. And I WON'T. That's not my "fault", either... it is my view.

The Conservative movement, belief and values system is severely fractured. Ignoring that does not fix it, it allows it to get worse. Being quiet about what we see is the equivalent.

I really take exception to being served what smells like urine to me... and being encouraged to applaud it as if it were fine wine. I'm not sitting on my hands, nor is Heidianne, nor Nanc, nor any other true Conservative. The only reason I would not cast a vote against the Hildebeast is my death before the opportunity. That's not the point here, and it's not the point Heidianne is trying to make.

Winning the election with a candidate that is a lite version of the Left is NOT winning... it is succumbing. It is stale, inferior meat with a fake freshness label. It will also give everyone another four years to more thoroughly forget what real Conservatism is. That's a death knell, as we have already strayed so far from the mark it is out of view. In a society where people forget what they had for breakfast, this is a bad, bad thing.

Heidianne surely should be allowed the right to mourn the passing of what she saw as the best choice without being accused of "sitting on her hands" or denounced for her mourning. The same goes for anyone else who shares her view. I got a vision of any of us not voting... but it sure is not real.

It looks to me as though we will perhaps get to find out just how genuine a Conservative Romney really is. I will be thrilled to admit that you were right and we were wrong and I pray for the day that gives me the chance to concede that to you.

For the good of ALL of us, Goat, I mean every syllable of that last sentence.


goat - i don't know where you got that i'd be sitting on my hands - i'd NEVER vote for a dhimmicrat! never!

i will vote for whoever's on the conservative ticket all the while holding my nose as i don't believe there is one good candidate out there - i'll be compromising and that sickens me just as much as voting the other way.


Keep the faith Heidi..all is surely not lost!:)


I consider mtself to be a very hardcore conservative DI and I have left my sincere condolences to Fred's supporters, he is a good and strong supporter of our ideals. I never accused Heidi of sitting on her hands, I accuse those that say they will because their candidate is not winning. I will give them a couple days to mourn and they deserve it because the movement was truely very heartfelt and dedicated but Fred flopped and only he is to blame not his supporters nor those of us that did not jump on the wagon. He ran a very poor campaign and jilted many that drove hours to attend rallies for him to give a five minute speech and then leave. Fred is not nor was the 'only' conservative in the race. He is/was not the second coming of Ronald Reagan that so many wanted to make him and he clearly lived up to that.
Yes, I am and have been a Romney shill and I am damn sure a Constitutional Federalist conservative. Fred did not want the job and I don't blame him, I would rather kick back with Jeri as well. Fred had an 87 rating from the ACU for his time in the Senate, McCain has an 83. We don't have to abandon the conservative cause we just have to view it from a more modern perspective, its not 1980 anymore. Mitt looks forward, Fred was static and the Dems want to go backwards.
Look folks I used a Super Bowl analogy because its true, there is a hell of alot more at stake here than Fred, we have to beat socialism and the Democrats. McCain is their lapdog, Mitt is all we have left. Look at the man's life and it exemplifies everything we claim to support. He is dynamic, optimistic and exudes the same faith in America that Reagan did and wants to give back to a country that has given him so much. I think we should give him the chance.


Yep .... I'd agree with you about Fred Thompson.

The sad thing is that so many people fail to see the problem.

Otto - American Interests

I felt for you when I heard Heidi. While Fred was not actually my favored GOP candidate he was clearly the most conservative, hence his running played an important role in counter steering the other GOP candidates further along the right/conservative continuum. Whilst I empathize with your "whole thing sickens me" position after Fred's withdrawal we need take heart. A Romney or McCain Presidency is far more preferable that either a Hillary or Obama one...Stay Well!


Heidi: Time to get back into the blogging debates!

This is from today’s L.A. Times:

“John McCain now has a pathway to the Republican presidential nomination. The question is whether he can put his fractured party back together.

The Arizona senator, long the bane of the GOP establishment, showed in Florida that he could begin cobbling together a new Republican coalition — attracting enough support from all corners of the party base to give him a plurality in the biggest and most diverse state to vote so far in the 2008 campaign.

He took about a quarter of conservatives, secured nearly a third of evangelicals, dominated among his typical base of self-described moderates, and won easily among voters who care about authenticity, experience and electability.

In winning Florida, McCain threw off a major critique of his candidacy: He prevailed in an all-Republican primary that excluded the more moderate independents who had ensured McCain’s wins in New Hampshire and South Carolina.”

I hope conservatives will be able to pull together. I doubt Romney has much chance on Super Tuesday. McCain will probably wrap up.

Then we’ll need to unite, start healing the party, and get ready to defeat the Democrats in November.

Webb Sloane's Grandma

"won easily among voters who care about authenticity, experience and electability."

Was that written by one of McCain's staffers? McCain won big time in Miami-Dade county. I wonder why?


A Letter of Introduction from T. Herman Zweibel

By T. Herman Zweibel
Publisher Emeritus (photo circa 1911)
The Onion
January 21, 2008 | Issue 44•03

The school-educated busy-bodies who manage my media properties inform me that it is almost time to appoint a new President. I almost cannot believe it is time for the suet-brained populace of this flagging Republic to be once again herded into the voting-booths to allegedly choose precisely which bloody-handed butcher will crack their bones and suck the marrow over the next few years. Futility, I say, rank and base futility! Does the grist choose the mill, the rabbit the hawk, the innocent 12-year-old Atlantic City orphan girl the lusty mob of beefy, drunk, vacationing coal-oil sales-men? They do not, and neither do the Citizens choose their Leaders. However, if The Onion news-paper can further the illusion that an individual vote has more potential to change the world than a lamb's last bubbling bleat in a crowded slaughter-house—and furthermore, if we may turn a hand-some profit by doing so—than let The Onion be the Judas goat to the milling herd of democratic cattle!

I am told that our new War of the White House section will contain the vetted and censored life stories of each candidate; white-washed and simplified versions of their heinous plans to drain the life and wealth of each and every tax-payer; a schedule denoting the appearances of every aspirant, so that one may go and be covered in unspeakable fulminating lies in person instead of hearing them over the crystal-set. I should God damned well hope that there will also be prettily-colored pictures, or else the average American citizen will not be able to keep his eye on it for more than a few heart-beats, and it would be better yet if there were accompanying photos of ample heaving bosoms. Sadly, the man in the street becomes affronted whenever he feels his supposed dignity is being besmirched. Why is this? The man in the street is, for all his puffery, standing there in the God damned street!

In any case, there will also be a section on how our Democracy works, despite even the simplest boor suspecting in his secret heart of hearts that it is a sham. Which it is. I have not voted since becoming a wealthy industrialist, having figured out some time ago that it is much wiser to employ the organ grinder than vote for the monkey. Still, I hope this special section is of some amusement to all. I understand that one of the candidates is campaigning in a dress this year, and yet another in a minstrel's blackface, which I must say was unexpected; but as long as there are no Catholics on the ballot, I see no reason to summon the marksmen.

Now get back to work!


I'm depressed and have been since Fred dropped out. It's very frustrating.

Webb Sloane's Grandma

I was depressed about Fred ending his campaign. Now, I am determined. I am determined to make sure that Republicans know that I will not vote for a person while holding my nose. I am determined to stand strong for my convictions and not give in to the cries of "If you don't vote for McCain you will be helping Hillary win." Sorry to burst bubbles out there, but that ain't true. Giving the Republican nomination to a person who has demonstrated over and over again that he holds people like me in contempt is what will give this next election to Hillary. And, if Hillary wins, Republicans will have to re-think their little "Democrat lite" policy. I will not weaken and give in to McCain's feigned, imbecilic, disingenuous, half hearted attempts to "reach out" to conservatives by pretending to be one that we will surely see soon. I will not waver and choose the "lesser of two evils" this time around. The modern Republican won the majority in the House and Senate and the White House because of people like me. Now, they have turned their backs on me and others like me and have tried to marginalize us. Well, this is one conservative who will not forget.

If most conservatives are really conservatives, they will not vote for McCain and Republicans will lose. When that happens, take a guess where Republicans will turn when they get over their "we are like Democrats too" hangover.

I am not out of this fight in any way, shape, or form. I will stand by my convictions and, I am afraid, I will unfortunately stand by watching Republicans gnashing their teeth when they realize what they have done.

I am a conservative first, a Republican second. I am not a party person. I am a person with convictions. To me, if we compromise our convictions, we betray ourselves just as Republicans have done. I'm in this one for the long haul. Keep your eye on the goal, not the clouds.


I just watched the Dem debate, McCain will slaughtered and appear as a senile old war monger. We will get amnesty either way and lose everything we have worked so hard to gain if he is the nominee. Mitt Romney is the only one left to carry our mantle and we must get behind him in force and vocally.

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