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Sunday, 13 January 2008


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Patrick Joubert Conlon

This is the first time I've ever given money to a politician because it's never felt so right before. I'm kinda glad that the MSM is low-key on Fred right now. You know they'll tear him to shreds if he looks like a winner.


Fred is moving forward in spite of the media. Also it seems his competition is spreading lies that he is going to drop out. They wish!


hiya Heidi!..your dedication is inspiring!..ty for droppin by at my humble abode..missed your 2 cents!..and keep up the fight here..we NEED a true Conservative girl!:)

heidianne jackson

patrick, hubby and i are in the same boat. nothing feels right about any candidate except fred. he's my guy.

heidianne jackson

debbie - i heard that the day of the caucuses in iowa, but not since. do you have a link you can provide to me?


Down here in Hillbillyland, many folks were glad to see Fred roll up his sleeves and getting loud. Hope he keeps it up. Seems that all the GOPer's in the 5 Feb Supertuesday 'frederacy have Fred in their hearts and either Huckabee or McCain on the brain.

heidianne jackson

angel, glad to be back and i hope never to have another week like last week again :)

heidianne jackson

great to hear it, courtney. keep up the good work and maybe put a word in for fred from time-to-time...


As you know I talked about this on the radio show yesterday. Really pulling for a Fred win in South Carolina!!

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