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Friday, 01 February 2008


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Excellent post Heidi. I will note this about Lonheart that you linked, he is a neo nazi anti semititic, though he does have a should have right to be an anti-semite if he wants. I semi follow the fight he has had with Robert at LGF.
My main focus from here on out is going to be on local elections for the House and Senate as that is really our only roadblock to socialism from the second coming of Clinton. McCain will get killed in the dabates and lose big, Mitt isn't trusted by the base for many good reasons and Fred was shot down by the MSM before he opened his wings. Our only respite is to make sure our local folks win. I am in a deep red district with a solid guy. I will get some links up to other fights to engage and protect including my neighbor district that John Doolittle disgraced and John Kerry's senate race. It is time to support the GOP like never before if we want to block socialism under Clinton's third term.


I will add that I hope we can coordinate in directing conservative funds to fights we can win on the local level.


What an outstanding post... hardly appropriate to be referred to as an "overview" as it contains such an excellent amount of detail, history and references. I have no idea how you managed to keep it so relatively short, too, given the complexity of the issue. I will link to this at my site.

Thank you for your involvement and great effort, Heidianne!


I'm glad you're getting back into things, Heidi.

I respect your analysis, although I disagree on your conclusions.

heidianne jackson

goat, i wholeheartedly agree! that is our best hope for change back to our founders' principles in the future.

heidianne jackson

thanks di, such a great honor coming from the likes of you.

heidianne jackson

donald, thanks for the well wishes and glad you stopped by. but, pray tell, do you specifically disagree with in regards to my conclusions? that john mccain hasn't sold out the republican party on several occasions since coming to be in office? or maybe that he has changed his stance on the second amendment and the bush (the younger) tax cuts?

please expand your statement for the benefit of all of us here...


Good question about the moderates and dishonor killings.

I recently conducted a nationwide survey of dishonor killings in Jordan. Inter alia, one of my findings is that 89% of the people in my representative sample support tougher penalties for these crimes. Right now, there are three penal code articles on the books that offer such leniency to the perpetrators that the average sentence is six months. With this kind of overwhelming majority, you'd think those laws would be overturned. But they haven't been.

There is a disconnect between words and actions.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"


Brilliant as always Heidi..in line with my weekend post..GMTA!:)

heidianne jackson

ellen, thank you so much for stopping by. it's a great honor. a quick google returned so much information about you and your book i almost didn't know where to start - so i started by ordering your book. i hope you'll stop in again...


hi again Heidi!,,thanks for the link and mention..We will NOT submit!!! :)


My comment vanished into thin air! :(

It's an excellent post and I agree with both your analysis and your conclusions, Heidi. We are going to be in the same boat as the UK very soon if we don't change our ways. What a disgusting and depressing thought!

Off topic: Check your e-mail. I've sent you some wallpapers since you said you were collecting them for your son.


Oops! I didn't realize you had comment moderation enabled.

American Interests

Good analysis Heidi, back in the fold and we are all richer for it. Damn I hate getting involved in the politics side, much rather just plug for America. Incidently, you might find the following interesting, http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,23146873-26397,00.html

heidianne jackson

great wallpapers, gayle - thanks! i know he's gonna love them (and i'll keep them, too!) np on the moderation thingy - i get so many idgits wanting to post and i just don't want to deal with it...


Heidi: Some have questioned the attacks on McCain's waterboarding position, in term of immediate relevance. What's more important right now. A moratorium on waterboarding or an surrender in Iraq? Clinton will be much worse in foreign policy.

Conservatives who will either sit out the election or vote for Clinton aren't thinking straight, IMHO.

In any case, I don't want to argue. I appreciate your passion and respect your views.

Check Captain's Quarters, however, and his comments on Ann Coulter's appearance on Hannity and Colmes last night:

"It appears Coulter hates McCain more than she cares about conservative values. She has acquired McCain Derangement Syndrome, and is rather obviously unbalanced by it. Sean Hannity was clearly embarrassed to listen to this tirade, and Coulter should have been embarrassed to have indulged in it."

heidianne jackson

donald, interesting story, but it's just more msm propaganda. there wasn't a bloodless coup there was a takeover of our party by the msm. never before in the history of politics in this country have the press been so much in control of things as they have been in this one.

they started down this route in 2004 and i believe it is a by-product of the mccain-feingold act. it limits free speech for those of us who want to put money towards a candidate, but give free reign to the msm to use pollaganda and 'news' to bend it and shape it to their will.

the msm does NOT believe that mccain will make a good president. they believe that anyone the dems put up can beat him. and any republican who believes otherwise is just pissing in the wind.


Very interesting and insightful post, especially regarding the dangers of Islam. As a non-American, Rudy seemed the most interesting of candidates, foreign policy wise. I don't know much about Romney's foreign policies regarding the war on terror. Off to research now.

heidianne jackson

ok, donald, i went to see cap'n ed's post on this (gosh his site is sooooo slow) and what i saw was myriad entries from both sides of the aisle. but the majority of the name calling i saw was coming from mccain's supporters.

and, btw, calling it mds to sort of align it with the idiocy that's been going on around bush since the beginning is disingenuous at best. at worst, it's just plain ignorant.

it is not mds to point out things that mccain has ACTUALLY DONE. it would be mds if i were to hold mccain accountable for every illegal alien who commits a crime. or maybe to hold him accountable for every terrorist set free because we didn't practice "enhanced interrogation techniques".

mccains has been no friend to any republican. he has been quite a friend to all democrats.

he is pro-life in the same vein as romney, but says he doesn't see the need to overturn roe v. wade but somehow the matter should be handed back to the states. huh? he is for staying in iraq, but not for keeping enemy combatants off our soil and without constitutional protection.

nope, not gonna vote for him.


Heidi: I'm not trying to force anyone to vote for McCain.

Also, Captain Ed's not the only one talking about MDS. Here's Roger Simon, discussing the very criticism of McCain at this post:

"One of the raps against McCain by traditional conservatives is that he opposes waterboarding and Gitmo. On the other hand, he was one of the earliest, strongest and most influential backers of The Surge. I think by any rational comparison the importance of The Surge vs. waterboarding and Gitmo isn't remotely close. The Surge is responsible for the vastly improved situation in Iraq and for our consequentially improved situation globally. The other two are of marginal importance by comparison. McCain, it would seem to me, has his priorities right (not to mention more experience) on the most important issue of our time - the War on Terror."

I'm confident McCain's the best candidate, of either party.

As always, I respect your views, as I said earlier.


One of the most highly respected Reaganite conservative websites and biggest email webletter of all The Patriot Post gave McCain a 5 rating and Romney a 7. I stand with Heidi and will not vote for McCain for any reason. He may be right on the war to an extent but he is a complete bumbling fool everywhere else and has to name drop dinosaurs from a past era when the economy comes up. Obama and Clinton both will eat him for lunch in debate with the help of their lapdogs in the MSM. Oh and Donald, Cap'n Ed endorsed Romney and has blasted McCain with both barrels.


Lets see, let me count the ways,
McCain-Feingold limits what the people can say,
McCain-Kennedy, amnesty paired with dangers untold.
McCain-Lieberman listens to what Al Gore has told.
He hates people that have made their own way,
So why should I like what McCain has to say?
Why do I so distrust McCain?
Perhaps because I am still sane!


Well, Rachel Lucas had this to say:

"Just what in the hell kind of crack are Ann Coulter and lots of other conservatives (even the normally brilliant Michelle Malkin) smoking when they say they won’t vote for him if he’s the Republican nominee? Coulter actually said last night on Hannity and Colmes that she would campaign for Hillary instead. Granted, she probably didn’t mean that, but good god damn!

I’ve read several dozen blogs yesterday and this morning, and there are even comments on my own blog, saying that if McCain is the candidate, they won’t vote at all. ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS?

Let me get this straight: you’d rather have Hillary Clinton, a bona fide socialist, liar, all-around bad person, as president. You’d rather have Obama, the senator with the most liberal voting record, as president.

Really? I throw up my hands in disgust. I truly do....

And I don’t even have enough curse words in my brain to communicate my opinions about McCain-Feingold. Jesus on a muffin, that is some bad, bad stuff.


Seriously, people. Seriously. You’d rather have Hillary? You’d rather have Obama?

I don’t even know you."

I'm putting out the call for conservatives to pull together. If McCain prevails on Super Tuesday it'll be time to look ahead.

Again, I respect disagreements among folks. But we need to unite!


Hey girl! I think you hit on something that needs to be addressed - but maybe in a different slant. I keep finding pages and pages of really smart people that really seem to think this is it. That there won't be an America by this time next week.

And, I am really disappointed by all the doom and gloom (I know there is a diff between awareness and alarm) and what sometimes works like some kind of downer drugs about worrying about the culture. Old folks always say the pendulum swings back and forth.

Yet down here in Hillbillyland, we've been taught that way back in the last millenium that "coming down on the side of life" was the end all be all for figuring out if someone was a conservative.

Being a hick and a neophyte about elections aside - I'm getting really annoyed by being lectured to by the radio and the Faux news guys (loofahs or not) about the GOP.

Karen did a really good bit last week about 'turning off that radio' and I see it every day. Even Mitt and Huck folks are like "oh brother, here we go - the end of the world - yawn."

I don't mean to ramble - but America = Optimism. America is the future, America will survive. America built the modern world - and she knows Her way around.

Thanks for sharing this. You are a great inspiration Heidi - I salute you and thank you for your art and your work.

Bar Kochba

I fear that the US will only awaken as the cries of the muezzin ring out in the streets.


goat - lionheart IS NOT an anti-semitic!

heidianne - i've put a half-hearted romney endorsement up at curtains - as i'm fixin' to put up a much more in-depth endorsement in the next day or four.

my husband's been out of town this past week and just returned this a.m. and we've been playing ketchup...if you know what i mean...

p.s. i'm somewhat with ann coulter on the mccain't or hitlery choices, except i'll write in someone before i'll vote for either.


Obama is going to beat Hillary and he will landslide McCain in the general election, that is the best reason to support Mitt, because it will be about issues and not ethics. Obama is inspiring to a new generation of voters and is already using Alinsky tactics aimed at Mitt as his feared candidate. Romney's slogan:"Change begins with Us". Obama's:"Change begins with you", very good. The Dems are paying attention to the down ticket as well in the locals and Hillary is a big negative, Obama is a big positive for the Dems. McCain is a big negative in that race for the Republicans.
Heidi and I, and I am sure we all agree the down ticket of our local races are the most important of all, that's where the laws are born. Make sure to support your local GOP rep from the water board to the Congress even if you aren't happy with the POTUS candidate so we can stop nutty socialist legislation in its tracks.

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