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Monday, 04 February 2008


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A friend sent this to me and I thought it described how most of us feel about McCain to a tee.

"It reminds me of an old joke, without the humor of course. A person states that when they die they want to go out just like their grandfather, quietly in his sleep not yelling and screaming like the other people in his car with him at the time. It appears many conservatives are, in some fashion, asleep at the wheel,and some of us are wide awake and horrified."

I read it on the radio show this morning. I'm glad to hear that you too will be casting a vote for Mitt. It is our last chance to stop the horror of McCain.


I'll be perfectly comfortable denigrating John Boy, Heidianne... This traitor is on the edge of ruining everything the Republican Party once stood for! ...He and all the disconnected chameleon alleged Repub's who haven't paid attention long enough to recognize what they are participating in. The backlash is loud, but will it be loud enough to outweigh the foundationless crappola that is attempted to be force fed to remaining actual Conservatives by the turncoats amongst us??

Today will tell the tale.

I have read and digested article after article outlining this deplorable potential demise. Sometimes the outcry in the comments that follow a given post best embody the dejection and misery that this faux "Conservative" hijacker is raining down on the long time pillars of the people.

The words that this commenter added after a Politico article speak libraries worth... at least to those who don't have their thumbs in their respective ears:


-eddie willers, in a comment at Politico under the article, "Dole Scolds Limbaugh" by Mark Allen, Feb. 4, 2008 - 7:46 PM EST

For me, that gentleman's words remind me of some that Mr. Reagan once gave us:

"It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first." - Ronald Reagan

May God intercede in this gargantuan blunder!

Webb Sloane's Grandma

"I'm John McCain and I'm reporting for duty."


Hey Heidi..I used firefox because your site crashes my IE..sigh...I fear that McLame is making headway..what is it with the Conservatives !!!..where have they all gone?

American Interests

It is fundamentally clear that you and many like yourself are most impassioned about the state of political affairs on the Republican side of politics. I try not to weigh in to the arguments, principally because I am not American, but mostly because ultimately, my goal is to defend, to endorse, to promote and advance the American way to a global audience. Nevertheless, if truth be known, I cannot conceal the fact, that I am wired to uphold the values of “The Grand Old Party.” Often I found myself troubled that those on the right side of politics in the U.S., are at war with one another over the state of politics. The electorate, as a whole is no longer as conservative as true conservatives would like to hope. As an outsider, I can see that the state of political affairs in America is a changing. True Conservatism is on the wane, not that this pleases me. One could write a thesis on why this is occurring, why one like McCain is gaining political traction even though he appears to be on the left side of republican politics.

So what does a conservative do? Do they stand for principle, for true conservative beliefs or do they support and vote for the elect ability of the candidate available. Ken Taylor over at the “Liberal Lie, the Conservative Truth”, put it well. “are we irritated enough with John McCain to allow Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama to become President along with a liberal Democrat Congress” … to “have free reign for at least two years to enact their liberal/Socialist agenda, forcing massive Government entitlements and tax increases on the American people,” He continued, “surrendering to Islamic Fascists and the United Nations while taking this country down the slippery path to Socialism? “

It’s a tough question, and I sympathize with your position. Take care and good luck with your chosen candidate …God bless America…


heidianne - i imagine you felt like the wind was knocked out of you as i did most of the day.

every stinking thing about this upcoming election is suspect as far as i'm concerned.

who is our candidate?

who is our freaking candidate?

i tell you, ron paul is looking better every day.

j/k as i stated elsewhere...

Webb Sloane's Grandma

Brave new party? It feels more like a funeral. :(

American Interests

Not sure, did I read somewhere about appendicitis and..??? if so get well soon ...


McCain's been as wrong on ILLEGAL immigration as Huckabee and Bush have been Heidianne, which is indeed awful.

On the economic side, an awful lot of people have been misled.

Here are the real facts about McCain's Supply Side record;

"In 1983, the year he arrived in the House, Mr. McCain joined supply-siders by voting against legislation to place a "cap" on the third year of the Reagan tax cuts.

"A year later, Mr. McCain voted against a Democrat-sponsored tax reform bill that included $250 billion in tax increases and a deficit-reduction plan that contained another $51 billion in tax hikes. While serving in the House, Mr. McCain's pro-tax cut votes helped him earn ACU rankings as high as conservative stalwarts such as Jack Kemp, Newt Gingrich, Henry Hyde and Vin Weber.

"Mr. McCain took over Barry Goldwater's Senate seat in 1987. In 1989 -- in the face of rising deficits -- Mr. McCain voted for a pro-growth cut in the capital-gains tax to 35% and to expand tax-advantaged Individual Retirement Accounts.

He voted against Bush Sr’s tax increase, when Bush 41 broke his “Read my lips” pledge.

"Throughout the 1990s, Mr. McCain was a reliable, down-the-line tax cutter. In 1992, he voted for an amendment by supply-side hero Sen. Bob Kasten to require a super-majority in Congress to raise taxes. That same year, he joined just 37 other senators in pushing for Sen. Connie Mack's proposal to cut the capital gains tax to 15%.

"On April 1, 1998, Mr. McCain voted in favor of lifting income thresholds for the 15% and 28% tax brackets, which would have generated a tax cut of $195 billion over five years. In 2000, he again voted to eliminate the federal marriage penalty and to repeal the "death" tax by 2010. He also supported a bill to reduce the percentage of Social Security benefits taxed to 50% from 85%, restoring them to pre-Clinton levels.

"In 2001, with the bitter primary battle still fresh, Mr. McCain voted against the final Bush tax-cut package. Why would he deviate from a pro-growth, tax-cutting position, built up over 17 years in Congress and dozens of votes, even after running on a tax-cut plan himself in 2000?

"Mr. McCain's protest that he wanted spending cuts to accompany the Bush tax cuts has persuaded few conservatives. But what is not remembered is that, two weeks earlier, Mr. McCain voted to approve the final version of the Budget Resolution -- the blueprint used by congressional committees for spending and tax bills -- which included $1.35 trillion in tax cuts (the Bush proposal) coupled with a $661 billion cap on discretionary spending. When the promised spending cap never materialized, Mr. McCain denounced the wasteful earmarks and pork-barrel spending that he felt jeopardized the budget, and lodged the now famous protest vote against the tax cuts.

"By 2004, Mr. McCain was back on track. That year, he voted against rescinding portions of the Bush tax cut, voted in favor of extending the moratorium on Internet taxation, and voted against raising the top marginal tax rate to 36% from 35%. In 2006, Mr. McCain voted to extend AMT relief for millions of middle-class tax payers and to extend the cuts in dividend and capital-gains taxes. He also voted to end a filibuster that prevented a vote on a bill to permanently repeal the death tax.

"Consider that the Bush tax cuts are on auto-pilot to expire -- and neither a President Clinton nor a President Obama will have to lift a finger to impose a crushing tax hike on America's economy."

by Kevin Stach


Mr. Stach is senior director of the White House Writers Group, Inc.


Romney's backed McCain, Heidi.

I'm looking for some far-right conservative posts on it, but haven't found any yet.

Maybe Romney wasn't so conservative after all. If only Fred Thompson hadn't been so darned lazy...

Anyway, your posts are always principled. McCain could use your voice.

Webb Sloane's Grandma

I don't think conservatives have had a fair say in this process. I believe they have been manipulated this primary season and when McCain tells me to "just calm down" I feel even more manipulated. Sorry, McCain, it just isn't going to be so easy to patronize me. I am still trying to get over the sting in my eye from the last time you stuck your thumb in it.

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