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Monday, 10 March 2008


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Robert (ConservativeCommentary)

Another good one! The history lessons serve us all well, even those of us that think we know it. I know this takes alot of work, and it is appreciated.

I have read most of the Federalist Papers, and I am not sure this next thought is contained there, somewhere else, or if I dreamed it:

Isn't the reason that the Senate and the house were to have different qualifications and service due to the intent to have the Senate represent the states rights/needs, while the house was to represent the people's desires for their rights/needs, and then the compromises be reached between them to balance the two?

heidianne jackson

you are absolutely right, robert. i'm not sure which essay it was in, but probably #62 or #63. dag gum it, now i'm gonna have to go find it. thanks!


Dang you beat me to it again, I was going to use that quote fron today's Patriot quotes because it was so perfect for this discussion. Another excellent post Heidi another aspect of the Senate was to prevent the larger states from overriding the smaller states just as the electoral college does in presidential elections.


Great job. Talk about going back to the basics.

"Each State, in ratifying the Constitution, is considered as a sovereign body, independent of all others, and only to be bound by its own voluntary act. In this relation, then, the new Constitution will, if established, be a FEDERAL, and not a NATIONAL constitution."

-- James Madison (Federalist No. 39, 1788)

I think politicians forget about the difference in Federal and National.

I do Zogby polls and one question they almost always ask is:

Q. Do you consider yourself a citizen of:

1. The world.

2. Your state.

3. America.

I always answer "America", which is true. But I'm reminded here that we are citizens of our state. The federal government has very few responsibilities, like providing for security. They seem to have forgotten that too, and think the federal government should be in control of everything, everytime somebody sneezes in a state, the government wants to come wipe their nose.

Uncle Joe

Another great post. Looking forward to part 3.


Another excellent history post. You're cookin', girl!

heidianne jackson

you are correct, goat - part of the great compromise. not necessarily true any more though...

heidianne jackson

deb, my father's family has always been states' righters (would have definitely been anti-federalist back in the day) and we were always taught our loyalty was to our state and then our country. i had drilled into my head a number of times lee's response to lincoln upon being offered the command of the union armies just six days after fort sumpter: "i am an american, but i am a virginian first." he would only agree to the post IF the legislature in virginia did not vote to secede.

we all need to wake up and fight against the nationalization of our country. revolution anyone ??

heidianne jackson

thanks, karen - you don't do so bad yourself :)


Exactly Heidi, the Civil War was not so much about slavery as many northern states still had slaves as about State's rights. My family has been here since 1623 and the original house still stands in Boston as a historic park so you understand my intense interest in our founding. Another great book on our heritage is James Webb's "Born Fighting" being Scots-Irish I have to recommend it.


Great research, Heidianne. I read some time ago something along the lines your article covers regarding the intents of the founding fathers on the type of government that America was to become and I was shocked to find out that America which prides itself on being a Democracy and actually implies that it always has and was to be a Democracy, really wasn't. I think it was John Quincy Adams that advocated a federalist republic...I could be wrong on this. I'm sure you'll correct me if I'm wrong as this is obviously your forte.


Excellent Heidi, no doubt it would be. Where on earth do you have the time to write it? I hope that there are folks getting a history lesson here or at least it's making them interested enough to look it up on their own.

You're a great American gal, keep it up!

Jess :)


As a demonstration that most people do not understand the Constitution — and the value of your series, in my opinion — is their unawareness of “incorporation.” I cannot think of a single issue that does a better job to illustrate that Americans are first citizens of sovereign states, and that they have “few” individual rights at the national level.

Your posts keep me coming back for more! Good job!


The diff between 'national' and 'federal' is what got me.

Heidianne - this is a great series you've created

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