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Monday, 21 April 2008


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Nice posting, Heidi!

I like, actually, how the Senate is designed to be insulated from the passions of the mob. It's not just impeachment, but the whole electoral scheme you note makes so much sense when most of the country's so - well - lazily polarized.

I get so frustrated sometimes! But blogging, as you know, has snapped me out of my lethargy. Boy, I'm a better professor for having to keep sharp on all this stuff!

Glad you're back to posting ... hope you keep up the pace!

The Griper

"in other words, the members of the constitutional convention gave this task to the senate because the senate was not an elected body"

except now it is an elected body, so who should be the party to try impeachments now in order to abide by the intent of founders??

heidianne jackson

it was a great design, donald. too bad the whole thing was changed so that we're not much of a republic now...

heidianne jackson

griper, i contemplated running a whole post on how the change happened and the implications thereof, and i still may. it is rather an important idea, isn't it?

as to what body should now be responsible? no telling - the girl scouts? they're about as qualified as anyone at this point.


I never fail to learn something new here Heidi!..too bad Carter and Clinton werent ceremoniously impeached girl!:)


Premium job, Heidianne... I could care less about the quantity of your posting so long as your quality remains so superb. I fully understand how busy our lives can be. I'll take your substantive deep thought over voluminous fluff and shallow cheerleading for the sake of pounding a keyboard... anyday.

...and my end thought was precisely that of The Griper.

Otto - American Interests

No need to apologise about long breaks between posts Heidianne. Thanks for the learning ...


You should have been a U.S. History teacher, Heidianne! Schools sorely need teachers who can concisely, yet interestingly, recount our country's history.


i have to agree with karen!

welcome back.

as for the type not being big enough for goat - if goat would look to the lower righthand corner where there's a little magnifying glass with a number to the right side of it, right above the time - he can change the size of the type ANYWHERE he goes. i have to do it sometimes.

The Griper

as for the reason for not doing any more than throwing the man out of office you need to remember that the government is a check and balance type of government with each branch having its own special powers.

1. the Senate, while it tries the President for impeachment, is still a member of the legislative branch of government. its power is to enact laws not enforce them.
2. impeachment is but a check of an abuse of power. it is not a criminal trial enforcing a law. bill clinton could still have been prosecuted for perjury and found guilty even tho the Senate did not follow thru on the impeachment.


I agree with Karen too. I wonder how many U.S. History teachers know the information you presented on this one post!

I also learned something from your comment thread. I never paid any attention to that little magnifying glass thingy at the bottom right hand corner of the page, so thanks to Nanc too! :)

heidianne jackson

angel, i learn everyday from you and the rest of my friends in the blogosphere. just happy to be around.

heidianne jackson

welcome di and thank you for the kind words. i agree with both of you!


You're doing a great service here with these articles.

Hubby and I have been watching the HBO series on John Adams. It's really amazing. If anyone has not been watching, I think they are rerunning the episodes.

Winfred Mann

Just took a brief look at your site. It's quite interesting, and I must make it a site I visit.




Another great post! And yes the text is much easier to read, thank you, lol, my reading glasses give me a headache when online.
You know the funny part, its us bitter gun loving, God fearing business folks that actually know what the Constitution says and its history and not the educated elitist MSM.


God, I LoVe It when you talk Federalist.

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