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Thursday, 01 May 2008


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Winfred Mann

It's scary when people running for President (Obama and Clinton) don't know the definition of recession. It's a simple macroeconomic term defined as a decline in GDP for two consecutive quarters.

DUH! Hillary, are you dumb, or are you lying?


Thanks for the great introduction, Heidi!

This part about the recession's something we'll have to keep hammering. Yeah, we're having some market fallout, but growth - no matter how small - is growth, and I'm seeing help wanted signs all around Southern California.

I expect some revision on the job numbers we've seen recently, which might show more dislocation. But it's not the case that we're collapsing like the Great Depression.

We've got to keep those taxes down too. Those are some very interesting numbers you've quoted above ... thanks!


As always Heidi.thorough and brilliant!..u said:The critics on the left want to move to a single-payer nationalized system of healthcare, like, say, in Britain or Canada, where patients wait months to receive basic health services and treatment, with some even dying in the meanwhile...I once knew a guy in Canada who's father had to lie in the hall for days in a hospital..who needs socialized medicine?..NO one!

Uncle Joe

Thanks for this post. It is scary when you look at how close people who think like this are to the most powerful political office in the free world.


It's a basic difference between the two parties and I am looking forward to the clear distinction in November. The Dems believe government is there to solve everything and your money is theirs. Obama didn't even speak as though he understand captiol gains taxes. The Dems can say all they want that we're in a recession - doesn't make it so, election year or not. We are in a downturn. The economy is cyclical. Like the weather and global warming. Oops.


You know, Heidianne? I was thinking you ought to do a little more in-depth articles and at least show some sources! (HAHA!) (kidding!!) WHAT a great bunch of writing you do; You are a public service in and of yourself!
Thanks SO much!

heidianne jackson

hi winfred! thanks for stopping by - my guess is she's just flat out lying - it's the normal response of libs, isn't it?

heidianne jackson

it's all in a day's work, donald - for both of us!

heidianne jackson

thanks for stopping by, angel, this is some serious stuff and people are voting with emotion rather than logic. even when presented with FACTS many on the left simply refuse to see the truth.

heidianne jackson

precisely! uncle joe. glad to have your input on this issue...

heidianne jackson

karen, it is a basic difference between the two parties and i hope for that clear distinction to start NOW! i sure hope you slapped your hand with a ruler for that slip about global warming - sheesh! :)

heidianne jackson

hi zabelle! thanks for coming by again - i will try to do some less "fluffy" posts in the near future. i promise!! :)


Are you people for real? Gas is at 4.00 a gallon, food prices have risen 83% in 3 years, housing is overinflated, the dollar is falling like a rock. Does teh earth have to implode in order for you people to understand whats happening here in this country? As for your little tax table at teh top it means nothing. Clinton taxed the American citizens and Bush is borrowing money we will eventually have to raise taxes to pay back. I find it very concerning that conservatives don't care weather we borrow and spend leaving the burden to the next generation when they are always touting "personal responsibility". Democrats raise taxes because Republicans lower them (mostly on the rich) and then spend the country into deep deep debt that requires higher taxes to be collected in order to keep the country running.

As for healthcare we need a single payer system. Call it socialized or whatever you want but getting the insurance companies out of the way is a good idea.

heidianne jackson

rob, yes we are for real - you, obviously live in make believe land where you can say whatever you want without the proof to back it up and expect all of us to bend over and thank you.

please point me to where you get your data pertaining to the rate of food pricing increses. according the bureau of labor statistics (http://www.bls.gov/news.release/cpi.nr0.htm) you're numbers are bit off. according to this site, 2005-2007 u.s. food and beverage pricing increased 9.3%.

please explain how a the government is going to fix healthcare. what has government ever fixed that it has set out? please explain how spending money on healthcare is will make either the cost lower to the individual tax payer or more efficient for the consumer. please explain to me how the government (both federal and the states) can not manage the limited socialized medical care they control and yet want me to believe they'll be able to do better if we give it to them completely.

please explain to me how you can justify spending money on welfare and pork (yes, BOTH parties engage in this stupidness and i don't condone it for any of them and believe it should be outlawed) and subsidies and government regulations for "safety" and "ecology" and "health" but not for the actual items of protection of the country.

rob, you're certainly welcome to post here, but your argument lacts not only cohesiveness, but logic as well. a single payer system is PROVEN to be less efficient and more costly and a lower standard of care in EVERY country where it has been implemented.

are there some things broken with our current system, hell yes. but throwing the baby out with the bath water isn't going to fix anything.



Let the comments through I say, as long as these folks aren't bigots or anti-Semites. They'll be fluff with irrationalism.

Rob's been drinking the Nancy Pelosi Kool-aid.

We are in a cycle of economic turbulence, sure, but cyclical is the key word. Markets are correcting, and the dislocation hasn't been as bad as earlier periods of economic crises, like the 1970s.

We're not rationing gas, nor waiting in lines. Interest rates are low, and so for people who waited out the market, while finishing school or saving, this is a great time to get in on the ground floor. Iraq's been largely taken off the table, and the voters are scared to death of an Obama-Wright administration.

The job numbers actually fell in the recent BLS statistics, and the media's reporting that we're cresting the economic difficulties now, with the pressure on the dollar likely to ease, and with it gas prices.

And to think: All this will happen just in time for the November election, and McCain's already ahead of Obama by six points in recent polling!

The GOP's supposed to be having a bad year, if we listen to people like Rob. Meanwhile, the rest of the country can put things in perspective - and people aren't too eager for health rationing!

See Gallup for more:

"McCain Moves to 6-Point Lead Over Obama":



What a comprehensive post, and I mean that in a good way (not like comprehensive health care from the Democrats, ha). I need to come back and read all the links etc. McCain's plan would be better than the Democrats for sure.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth


FLUFFY POSTS? THOSE are MY domain, pal!! (smile!)
I heard Hillary tonight in Indy giving a speech in which she included health care, of course.....as much as we pay for private insurance and as high as our deductible is? I told Mr. Z tonight "We could sure use healthcare as described by the Left, but I'm not turning America socialist for OUR pleasure"
She went on to explain how she'd like to knock America right out of the cutting edge it's always had through innovation and invention....TAX TAX TAX the health industry! Then, we can all go to China for our health needs. You can't make this stuff up.


Good Stuff Heidi! Us Am Pow Fan Girls have to stick together!


wonderful expose - AGAIN, heidianne!

although i didn't get to all your links, you are certainly to be trusted.

all this makes me wonder WHAT they'll enforce on u.s. next?

i cannot help but think this will be the last election.

lookin' up! *8]

Otto - American Interests

Outstanding post Heidi! I confess to not being sufficiently knowledgeable about America's health care system but am drawn to McCain’s comments contending “that the health insurance and delivery system is in fact failing many Americans – but that it was failing because of market distortions mostly created by the government itself, makes sense. As does,” "The real reform," he noted, "is to restore control over our health-care system to the patients themselves," introducing more competition on price into the system”.

A very comprehensive post, well done!


Excellent post, Heidi. It's nice to hear some positivity about what Bush has achieved. The table comparing tax under Clinton and Bush was revealing to say the least. It would go back in the Clinton direction under a Democratic government as well, no doubt.

As you say:
Notice the attacks on "the most extreme right-wing," which is to be expected from the folks at FDL, who are itching to move the country further to the left than we've ever been in history, in health care, as well as on foreign, economic, and social policy.

Isn't that phrase 'extreme right-wing' the one they use to shut our mouths and walk all over us every time?


Happy Mothers' Day Heidi! Hope you're well, and I'm looking forward to another excellent Big Girl entry!

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