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Thursday, 22 May 2008


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Sheer brilliance HeidiAnne!..I just finished my post this second about the exact same subject matter..dont give up the ship girl!!! :)


Great introduction, Heidi!

I love this part: "...and she said? "well our situation is a bit different and we need to honor the different cultures of those who immigrate here by not forcing them to speak the language of the majority."

I have a hard time getting people to realize how important language is!

Keep it up!!

WInfred Mann

Great post!

This is the exact nature of the African problem: “a majority of people in those countries don't think of themselves as somalians or sierra leonians or even tanzanians but as members of the various tribes”. In addition, it is quickly becoming the exact nature of America’s problem. With every tribe that comes to America, and adamantly maintains their “cultural heritage” (diversity), America, and American culture, become more diluted and segregated, because language IS a barrier.

It is not important where you come from; it’s where you are going that counts.


Terrific post, Heidianne. The English language is what cements us together in this country. My ancestors came here and learned the language. Back in the day, it wasn't questioned. Immigrants wanted to learn the language and were proud to use it.

It is impossible to assimilate without speaking the language of the people. I understand keeping one's culture alive but that is what the home and family are for, not the arrogance of coming to another country and expecting the citizens to bend to your will. The term 'melting pot' implies cultures meshing together. That is what America has always been, not separate segments living in their own little worlds.

heidianne jackson

donald - it amazes me the number of people who think we can somehow hold this thing together and work toward a common goal even if we can't talk to each other. sheer silliness is what it is.

heidianne jackson

winnfred, i'm so glad you also see the correlation. i wish more would/could. karen hit it on the head, too - if we don't all meld together, we are but separate people living in the same land. the strife we see in africa and burma and... will soon visit our shores in earnest if we don't do something about it soon.

Mike Tuggle

Excellent summary of the threat posed by DC's de facto Open Borders policy.

What many fail to realize is that the Neocon goal of "creative destruction" through "global world revolution" INCLUDES US. Their goal is the destruction of ALL traditional cultures and replacing them with a monolithic, globalist culture.

That's why Bush, McCain, Lieberman, et al, support Big Government and Open Borders.


Well written essay Heidianne!

BTW - you passed by a bit early for my Friday Beer review ....
I sampled a bottle of Black Dog Ale !

From Spanish Peaks Brewing Co. of Bozeman Montana.

I'd recommend it to anyone.... liked it a lot myself with a nice balanced blend of aromatic hops and good quality malts.
Cheers then !

Patrick Joubert Conlon

Being an immigrant from Africa, I enjoyed this tremendously. It really is strange how liberals can think one thing is good for Africans but it's not good for us.

I'm convinced that "Hispanics are an immigrant group like no other" because they they haven't really "immigrated." Unlike those of us who came from faraway places, Mexicans simply *relocated* north. They haven't had to leave their old mind-set behind and adapt. They pose a unique problem.


Okay, this is weird. I was going to tell you that Patrick would be interested in this most exellent post, but here he is, commenting right above me. LOL!

I think Patrick is right in his assessment of the unique situation and problems the Hispanics present, Heidianne, and besides the point he makes, many of them believe much of the southern US still belongs to them in spite of the fact that they lost the war. Those are the folks who are bound and determined not to honor our flag, our traditions or our language.

As for your friend, I can't explain her statement because it made absolutely no sense. Yep, liberal for sure! :)

heidianne jackson

mike, welcome to my humber abode. you are so right about the neocon silliness in this matter. it's important that they note that if we have open borders, their ONE conservative issue of national security goes to the wayside. if you don't know who's in the country and you can't control who's coming or going, how the heck do you secure it?

heidianne jackson

ommag, always great to get your reviews! heading to gomer's today for a few bottles of this latest recommendation - i'm sure it will be as wonderful as you say.

heidianne jackson

patrick, it is good to get your perspective because of your immigrant status. and i agree with your take on the hispanic issue. however, why doesn't the same issue apply to the canadians? by every study i can find they are the most assimilated into american life and yet they come no further than the mexicans...

it is a quandry and i don't know the answer. but i do know that left unchecked we will not recognize our country in a few short years.

heidianne jackson

gayle, it's even worse than that - yes they lost the war, but then when the u.s. wasn't appropriating the land, the mexican government offered to sell it to us. and we took them up on their offer. you can check out the details in my previous post here: http://biggirlpants.typepad.com/big_girl_pants/2007/09/la-mentira-gran.html

as i said in that post "when money has changed hands between the rightful owner and a willing buyer, a theft has not been perpetrated."

thanks for stopping by, gayle! glad to see you taking a break for an hour two...


This is one of the best posts on immigration patterns I have read. The last person to comment makes a very important point; this transcends language. If you look at the clashes in Africa, you'll find that people have memories and loyalties. Mexican immmigration is threatending for a number of reasons. But historical and cultural reasons top the list.

As you know, we have a historic border dispute with Mexico. This makes Mexican immigration different than any other group. And you are quite right, loyalties do not change when you relocate. Many here have a closer tie to Mexico City DF than Washington DC.

The language situation can be accounted for by there being large areas where only Spanish is spoken in the U.S. Our early wave of immigration was much more polyglot and so assimilation was obviously more necessary to that wave. Having a huge concentration of people with different loyalties and language creates what Samuel Huntington calls, "A Cleft Nation." This is the sort of situation that led to WW I. It is very dangerous.

But culturally, you will also find Mexicans less inclined to the academic rigor it takes to learn a new language. Culture is important. There is a reason that their economic ascention has a limit and Mexico is poor. The culture values large families more than education. Culture is very important. Forward-looking, academic cultures do better economically. Notice how quickly Koreans grasp English and how many Asians are in graduate school. Mexican's culture does not lead to first-world status.

You mention in the post that saying what you did, what commentators do, and what I wrote, gets you branded a "racist." What you really are, however, is a culturist. You recognize the common sense cultural truths that Roosevelt did. Racism is stupid and dangerous, but assimilation and culturism are necessary. We can assimilate people but first we need to lower the numbers and secondly we must make it a goal.

I have written a book entitled Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future. For this excellent post, I'd love to offer you a complimentary copy. If you'd like one, go to www.culturism.us, find my contact info and e-mail me. I think you'd like the book and I'd love to send it to you. This was an excellent post.

BTW, have you read about the chaos in South Africa this week? People did not know that South Africa has always had a tremendous illegal immigration problem (even under apartheid). Now it has errupted into violence. In my chapter on multiculturalism and culturism I consider such risks. Diversity is NOT always a blessing.



AMAZING post, Heidianne. Thanks for the information.

May I kick Holly to the moon? or might that be too drastic. You know we're raising a generation who don't appreciate our sovereignty and we hear "well, if WE have nukes, why SHOULDN'T Kim Jung Ill?" coming from college students. It's not an uncommon mentality, and it's very scary.
Why should they learn OUR language, right? Especially when we're teaching bilingually? BIG mistake...it only benefits the teachers who get more money for it, don't kid yourselves, folks.

Patrick's point is an excellent one, too...here in LA, you'd really think the Hispanics have just moved in, not adapted to our culture. In the upper middle class neighborhoods, the grocery store employees are all Hispanic and talk Spanish to each other throughout the store and look very disgruntled if you ask a question in English. We've been a doormat for years and we're paying for it now. Sometimes I get the feeling I'M the interloper in situations like that and it isn't a pleasant feeling.

Funny, I know Mexicans here who came legally and they are outspokenly against illegal Mexicans coming here. THEY are vehemently against amnesty, etc. They know what La Raza and Mecha are planning. VERY frightening.

Remember I teased you and bemoaned the fact that you hadn't had a new post lately? OH, man, Heidianne, I SURE SEE WHY. SO indepth, so informative. Thanks a lot.

Roger W. Gardner

I just had the good fortune to be drawn here from Great Satan's Girlfriend's. What a great piece of good luck for me. This is one of the most intelligent, most thorough, well-conceived and produced articles I have read in a long, long time. Congratulations to you. And thank you for all the hard work that went into the creation of this wonderful piece.

This is what good writing's all about. Engaging us in the problem, clarifying the problem. Speaking directly and honestly about the problem, without resorting to second-hand opinions and personal presumptions.

Just damn good writing.

It is truly a pleasure to meet you. I will certainly be back as often as I can. Please know that your fine work has great value.

Roger G.


"well our situation is a bit different and we need to honor the different cultures of those who immigrate here by not forcing them to speak the language of the majority." (Holly)
That's the pablum "educators" drum into kids heads here and throughout the West.

Logical inconsistency (not applying the same standard and same logic to various arguments) and naivete (not understanding the negativce repurcussions of an idea if it were implemented) are hallmarks of Liberalism/socialism.

Maybe she'll grow out of that.

You're an excellent educator yourself (in the true sense of that word) so she has more of a chance than many!


All immigrants need a son in law named Jeff. Down here in the 13th colony (which swaps the biggest increase per year in immigration with North Cackalackey every year) the kids are assimilating. The kids get it.

Like when you meet them at the store. Maw and Paw may be dressed to the 9's in native clothes and speak little or no ingles, the kids do. You see brother with his emo hair cut wearing hot topics fashion arguing with his sister with her pierced belly button and tri toned hair about if Hawthorne Heights will ever make another album or why Tupac was a poet not a priest.

The kids get it.

The example of Santa Anna is disturbing. Obviously assimilation is not the norm there.

heidianne jackson

culturist, glad you found me. anyou are dead-on accurate on all your points. thanks for stopping by - your book looks extremely interesting!

heidianne jackson

Z, glad you found the time to drop by again. i just don't know how to post quick fluff pieces. probably why i could never have succeeded as a journalist - well that and the fact that 'm not a liberal...

heidianne jackson

roger, welcome to my humble abode. i'm big fan of yours over at wake up america. i'm hoonored by the comments you've left and i hope you'll come back and see me!

heidianne jackson

jmk, i agree that logical inconsistency and naivete are both hallmarks of liberalism. these are two of the main requirements of rationalization and self mind fornication as well.

i hope that i am able to temper holly and her sisters, but i am not sure i am having much impact. some day, when it all comes crashing down around them maybe they will look back and think about the words i drummed into their heads...

heidianne jackson

courtney, nice to see you here! consider yourself very, very lucky that the hispanics around you are assimilating - i assure you that is NOT the norm. not in chicago, not in california or texas and not even in here in the middle of the country where things have always been pretty whitebread...


I found many convincing points in your post, but you left out the fact that part of the problem is that there are many jobs Americans will no longer do--they want to work in nice clean stores and offices out of the heat of summer or cold of winter. They don't like getting dirty. The kids don't want to go pick cherries, mow lawns, etc during summer, much less clean toilets, etc. They just want to hang out at the mall, etc. You have a photo of a woman with a sign saying, "I'll mow my own damn lawn". No, she won't. She might for a while, then lose her resolve.

The Mexican president Vicente Fox made a faux pas and said "even your negroes won't do those jobs", and when told that was not politically correct, he said, "oh, I meant, even your 'African-Americans' won't do those jobs". He didn't get it, but what he said was true. Americans no longer can expect blacks to pick cotton and anyway, machines do a better job. Now, for what machines can't do, they have illegal Mexicans and others.

Employers take advantage of this unwillingness of Americans to pluck chickens, slaughter hogs, clean fish, etc. and that is one reason they hire people without checking to see if their immigration documents are legal. That, and the fact they can get away with paying sometimes less than the minimum wage. If they get caught hiring illegals, the illegals are jailed or exported or both, and the employer is free to hire the next batch of illegals waiting in the wings with more fraudulent papers, until he gets caught again. Now they are complaining that because of the raids, they can't get anyone to pick their peaches, etc and they are rotting on the trees.

Then too there is that business of a North American Union for which our president has met with the Canadian Premier and the Mexican president and create open borders to facilitate trade, etc.

I agree aliens should come in legally and learn English as quickly as possible, there should be no government programs for English as a second language. They can go to private schools for that, as aliens from other parts of the world do. A language is best learned by total immersion in it. Mexicans will tell you that if you plan to visit their country, you should know the language--they aren't willing to inconvenience themselves to find someone to translate for you.

Oh, by the way, I am finding that more and more of those "Mexicans" are really indigenous Mixtecs and Porapeches from Mexico or Mayans from Guatemala. They don't even speak Spanish. The Porapeches speak Tarascan (we have thousands of them in the Puget Sound area) and the Mayans speak K'anjobal. They are more familiar with Spanish as a second language, so getting them to go to a third language isn't easy. Doctors sometimes have to wait for two translators, one to speask to the patient in his language and translate it in Spanish to an interpreter that can then relate the history to the doctor!

It is a sad thing to see illegals staying here years and raising kids in barrios with the gang-bangers leading to violence, early pregnancies, no schooling. Then you have Americans of Mexican ancestry like LaRaza and MeCha recruiting them for their demonstrations to promote their dreams of a "reconquista" of the former Mexican territory. The new arrivals don't know the history of the two countries, they just follow these wild-hair groups out of a misguided and misplaced sense of national pride, when that will get them nowwhere.

Americans are addicted not just to oil, but to cheap laborers willing to do the nastiest jobs, and turn a blind eye re illegals in order not to have to do the work themselves. So how are we gonna get Americans back on the farm? Or the orchards, lawns, etc. Before long we will export all exportable jobs, import all our food, and only have service jobs that can't be exported. Who will do the dirty jobs?

Port Orchard, WA


"how to post quick fluff pieces?" Stick around ME, Heidianne! (Smile) I SO admire your indepth approach...Roger's absolutely right about your site and you. Keep it up, you're a public service in and of yourself.

heidianne jackson

emilie, thanks for stopping by. i'll try to address each of your points here, although i'm not certain you actually read MY post in its entirety.

1. you said "You have a photo of a woman with a sign saying, "I'll mow my own damn lawn"."

actually, i don't have a picture of that so i'm not sure what you're speaking of. however, the majority of people i know DO mow their own lawn and resolve has nothing to do with it. and in terms of those who don't mow their own lawn, if someone to mow their lawn at a price that makes sense to them isn't available, they will mow their own lawn. period.

2. you said "Americans no longer can expect blacks to pick cotton and anyway, machines do a better job. Now, for what machines can't do, they have illegal Mexicans and others."

again, there are plenty of lower income whites and blacks who will gladly do whatever job they can find. but more and more often there are no jobs available to them because of the illegals. one of the greatest bones of contention between the hispanics and the blacks is that the blacks are angry that the hispanics are taking jobs that the blacks believe should be there.

additionally, in colorado for the past 2 (in the third year now) two growing seasons, they have been using low security prisoners to work in the fields. the prisoners are liking the ability to work outside and the farmers are saying they are getting more work for the same money they were paying the illegals. sounds like a win/win to me.

3. you are spot on about the porapeches and mixtecs, people simply assume if you're from south america you speak spanish. you have to remember the brazilians speak portuguese, not spanish and it's also a challenge in certain areas. but the point is, if these people would get out of the hispanic communities, their second language would be english, not spanish...

4. as to who will do the dirty work? american's will. they will pay those willing to do it for the price they want to make or they will do it themselves, but it will get done.

heidianne jackson

well, since i LOVE your blog z, maybe you'll rub off on me some :)

American Interests

Fantastic posting. There are many who would object to your views but I know exactly where you are coming from...It's a concern over here as well....


"i hope that i am able to temper holly and her sisters, but i am not sure i am having much impact. some day, when it all comes crashing down around them maybe they will look back and think about the words i drummed into their heads..." (Heidianne)
Should that day come, there won't be much time for ruminating, Hedieanne. This country would be unrecognizable in that it would take on the nature of various factions at war with each other.

There's a hint of some of that today, but the economy has kept most people fat enough, dumb enough and happy ENOUGH to avoid that reality just beneath the thin veneer of what we call civilization.

Perhaps your neices will, like most people temper their views with more logic as they mature...and in that process, your words may be a guide for them.

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