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Monday, 02 June 2008


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You just want to swoop down and get this guy and bring him home to a warm bed, no bugs, a steak, baked potato and salad or a huge lasagna, don't you? SOME comfort food! And about 100 hours straight of sleep?

Amazing about the people there.......Afghanistan had been a jewel until the extremists came in and now it's a EXPLETIVE pit!!!

Thanks..everyone should read this, indeed. Keep this guy in your prayers, everybody. z

BT in SA

Yes, like Z, said, this man should be in our prayers.

Whoever it is that wrote this - first and foremost, thank you for what YOU are doing for US! And, oh my gosh. What a way with words!!!

Even if it can't be verified, it was a good read. And again, all of our guys [and gals, too] who are doing these jobs - to you all: big, big, big THANKS!!!

Winfred Mann

I have a copy from a Canadian sniper in Afghanistan, picking off Taliban. Let me know if you think it's postable.

"Lone Survivor" contradicts what this person is saying about all of them in a constant struggle with one another. But if can get OBL, I'm all for it! Marcus does support the comments against the Liberal media, and I think we already knew that the MSM sold America out... again.

I once had an email from a Marine whose group was contemplating suicide during a mission; they cited the miserable conditions there. These people need an economy and modern thought to become part of the real world (not MTV) of responsibility government and economies.

I'm glad I was born in America.


awesome Heidianne!..I posted on our troops as well but with a slightly different angle!..the MSM is beyond hopeless girl!


Man, that was good. A story told for many, I am sure. Really glad you shared it with everyone. Have a wonderful weekend, Heidianne!


i can honestly say that i never watch cnn and fox is beginning to wear on me.

of course, if you listen to obamamama the internet is full of liars!

just who do we trust?

prolific post, heidianne!

Jennifer Gallagher

God Bless the Marines. I give em a hard time a lot but only because they deserve it. I love them guys and I try and do as much as I can to help them out like push them out of the boat.

One of my Marine friends just sent me an email with Marine bumper stickers in it.

This one says it all
Marine Bumper Sticker


Great post....and even greater LETTER.

It should remind us that what most military people say is true, "The U.S. military is at war, the rest of America is at the mall."

Sad, but true.

American Interests

I will assume it was written by a marine for that is my preference. In any event, I am glad you posted it; it’s full of truths, and notable ones at that. And well put JMK …


OORAH! I Have to say, I wish I were him and he was me. I would relish that but I am too old and broken. I would love to be tracking the taliban in their mountain hideouts because I can think like a savage beast maybe because I am one but that doesn't matter. My biggest regret is that I didn't join the Marines as my father did but we lived in a world after Reagan brought down the wall and the taliban were not known so it was a distant thought. I spent hours on the phone with my dad on 9/11 wanting to join up and he simply said they won't take you with your messed up back and it crushed me. I want to fight the jihadis with every fiber of my being, my very soul sits with that Marine on that bleak ridge and always will. I can help fight the cyber war though and I do and we all should!!!

James Kievit

Regretfully, SNOPES does indeed have an entry regrading the Afghanistan story... see http://www.snopes.com/rumors/freezing.asp

Enjoyed your page as a whole.

James Kievit

Regretfully, SNOPES does indeed have an entry regrading the Afghanistan story... see http://www.snopes.com/rumors/freezing.asp

Enjoyed your page as a whole.

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