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Thursday, 19 June 2008


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Heidi, you need to read this article to get a much clearer picture of Obama;s stance on Iraq. He was against it before his buddy Rezko was set to make millions then he was for it and flipped back after Rezko's deal fell through. Its all here,

heidianne jackson

i've read that article, thanks goat. the point was that by his own admission on several ocassions, including an interview with the nyt, he has said he doesn't know how he would have voted if he had been in the u.s. congress at the time. he has publically distanced himself from his october 2001 speech and similiarly embraced it - depending on his audience.

it does seem to be tied to tony rezko in some regards, but i'm not convinced that it's the whole of it. he is a certified opportunist and he is no agent of change.

oh well.


MR DUPLICITOUS, through and through, Heidianne...EXCELLENT post (and the one below, which I just now read..)

The naivitee is breathtaking...he'll convince Russia to put down Icbms if WE do, yadda yadda yadda...and BELIEVE them. Trouble is, their history would imply WE will be the nice guys and live up to OUR side ("we're better than them!"..I HATE that statement of the left!) and THEY will hide what they promised to disarm.

He can't even pick admirable, honest, upstanding FRIENDS ... how can we believe he can run a COUNTRY? And, does ANYBODY believe his millions are from $1 and $2 donations from college kids, as they like to portray in his campaign? Unreal.

HELP!! Great work, HA..as usual.

heidianne jackson

exactly, z. this guy is getting his donations from the youger generation? i'll lay money that when it's all gone through, at the end of the day, his money will be even more tainted than hillary's. we already know that what's her face from code pinko is a huge bundler for him - i'm guessing that rezko and wright and others are, too. but i really bet there are some REALLY nefarious characters pulling some money together for him and hiding where it came from. and i'll bet that obama KNOWS where it came from.


It's a tough spot that this guy will put Americans in!
Hard to believe that anyone could be even more clueless than the peanut preacher Jimmy.

Hope this all turns around on him before he gets to do the kind of damage he seems set on doing!


SOROS. He hates America THAT much. SOROS, I'd make bet on it.


Your usual excellence, Heidianne...

is there anyone out there who believes he's for open, ethical or accountable ANYTHING??

Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding, stunning "Yes there are..." Millions of them, actually. Empty skulls with blurred eyes and drooling saliva.

It would be a stellar time in our nation's history to actually nominate a polar opposite to this unbelievable con artist. Disappointingly, we have John McCain.

Sure, he is marginally, yet decidedly preferable to Obamawama. But something only slightly less liberal, campaigning (faking) as a real Conservative, is NOT how you beat him... and we won't.

McCain's record and history cannot be disputed and it is verifiable, as opposed to all the empty platitudes sourced from the big BO. The problem is, it is heavily watered down faux Conservatism... or concentrated liberalism, pending your viewpoint. You wondered about those patchy skin areas on McCain's nose? They are tears in the fabric intended to cover up his horn.

There is a serious argument to be made that we actually need and deserve "BO".

We need him to re-remind us of just how deplorably failed all this "hold hands and make nice" rubbish is.

We deserve him as proper, intense and painful medicine to stimulate our brain cells and re-awaken our people to just how large a mistake apathy, uninvolvement and complacency is.

This country has gone to sleep. We don't know history, we have bought all the feel good stories and have slipped into a science fiction world devoid of true reality.

Fantasy rules. If we dream it, it is.

I'll vote for McCain in November with both nostrils sealed up in silastic. So will most people who read this... But it ain't gonna' be enough, Folks. And THAT is exactly what we deserve for letting the Florida crackheads and that despicable Crist shove such a piss poor excuse down our throats. We are relegated to now make McCain win by pointing out how BAD BO is... which is always a desperate position to fight from. This is a disaster.

And yep, we do deserve this. May God allow us to live through it and emerge with something we can slowly, very slowly, put back together over the following multitude of years it will require.

Hopefully, ALL our enemies will take our position and go to sleep as we have. Hopefully, ALL our enemies will take a four year hiatus and miss the coming opportunities to pounce. BO says it's all about "hope", right?

Doubting the coming lacuna from our enemies and having great faith in BO's ability to annihilate what it took generations to form and reinforce as our country, I will prepare for very hard times on the horizon.


Defiant Infidel...I, too, will vote holding my nose....BUT, if he picks "Mr. Sign Kyoto Crist" as VP, it MIGHT be the deal breaker.
If not voting for McCain wasn't de facto voting for Obama, I'd stay home altogether.
But, we have to remind conservatives to make no mistake about it...it would be voting obama. shiver.

Uncle Joe

Nice post. Have you heard his application of the sermon on the mount to the military? Yep, he mentioned it in a speech and its application to national defense.

God help us.

Otto - American Interests

My greatest concern is that Obama’s foreign policy will turn out to be a Jimmy Carter like debacle because he simply does not understand the complexities of global power and the U.S. role within this equation.

Bear in mind that Obama is the first post-Cold War candidate to run for the presidency of the US. Said an Australian commentator recently, “Obama has not internalized … all the deep Cold War questions and ways of thinking which have characterized all significant US political leaders up to now.”

He went on, “The great Cold War questions were things such as how does the US maintain its geo-strategic influence in key regions of the world; what is the interaction between US military posture and other nations’ economic development; how do you keep allies in line with grand Western coalition policy; what is the underlying global balance of power equation; how do you manage the emergence of great powers; how do you balance one power against another; when is it worth embarking on a counterinsurgency campaign and when should the US just stand back from a situation?”

McCain on the other hand, is more than well versed in such matters.


Saw your repost on Nanc's site! Good work!

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