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Thursday, 10 July 2008


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I watched this earlier at Gayle's.

Excellent posting, Heidi!


Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. You've got a great blog here!
On Bob Ross: He's my hero.
On Chuck Baldwin: I know he has very little chance of getting elected, but I can't vote for McCain. I made myself a promise to never vote for the 'lesser of two evils' again. After all, the lesser of two evils is still evil, right? I know America will go to hell fast if Barrack gets elected, but in the long run it may be for the best. Look what happened when we got a few years of the Carter administration. Reagan! If McCain gets elected...that might be worse for America than Barrack Hussein. He is a democrat in a republican package.
Whoops! I didn't mean to write a book on your blog! Sorry.
Anyway, I'll be back!
Thanks again,
Aaron (aka ocdman)


Hello Heidi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I appreciate the compliment and I will blogroll you as well. Yes this is a very slow season right now and I am just trying no to put myself in a coma from all of the boredom! I will read through your blog some of the blogs look familiar! great to meet you...:)N


What Aaron said is what Conservatives across America have to decide. I just can't believe the GOP could only put forward a candidate whose best hope of getting elected is that the people dislike the other guy more.

Even a political half-wit like me from far away Australia knows you want to put forward a guy the people like for what he stands for.

McCain does look like he's coming around in some respects, how ever can you be sure he won't change his mind after the election. We all know politicians are much harder to get hold of once they have your vote.


Great video, Heidianne. THanks.

To the folks so selfish that they would jeopardize our nation for their own ego and not pull the lever for McCain, there are no more words. Shallow minds, shallow motives. I'm heartened to read you will vote for him, I know it's a tough one for you, Heidianne.

Supreme Court, federal judges, all life time appointments. Harry Reid has already said he's not putting thru anymore appropriations bills until Bush's term is over and Obama is in the WHite House. If that doesn't wake everyone up, I don't know what will.

Sorry. Reagan is dead. He was great. Until we can run someone like Bobby Jindal, I suggest we all work on the local and state levels to bring along future leaders.


Hey Heidianne! Thanks for making a stop at PGZ. I dig your new look, and I just found out that my innocent little 4-year-old greatniece knows who Barack Obama is but not McCain. Eek!


Videos are wonderful aren't they? Thanks for sharing. If a picture's worth a 1,000 words, ... what's an actual video worth? Priceless !

Otto - American Interests

Heidianne, thank you for posting that was great and important viewing. Said McCain, "There's never been a problem America couldn't solve", well the nation has 116 days left to solve the looming problem of a potential Obama presidency...


Good morning, Heidianne!

A friend of mine created this video. Her name is Dena. On you tube she calls herself "Miradena". She notified me in an e-mail that she had completed this fantastic video and I'm glad you like it as much as I do and thanks a bunch for posting it!


wow. very powerful video- timely and necessary. great post!

thanks for stopping by my blog.


Uncle Joe

Great video! Thanks for posting. There is always something great here.


I wonder if he really IS a 'really really nice person'. I'm just hoping to hear ONE REMARK which tells me he even "KIND OF" likes this country, you know? So far, NO good.

STOP OBAMA. we have to.


I saw this at Gayle's and was also very struck by the quality and effort... as you will soon see. ;)


Great work Heidi!..we all know what an America and freedom hater and RACIST he is!..blech!!! :)


Newspapers all the way over here in Australia are starting to predict an Obama win. Things are dire. McCain is far from ideal, but Obama is a living nightmare.
Good post, Heidi.


heidianne - their side CANNOT even figure out when it's okay to say the "n" word - can you imagine them in a position of power?

and that wife of his - how tacky is she? why she's so tacky, even ducttape be sayin' "girl - you so tacky!" she's an abomination. a first lady of that minitude?

God help u.s. if this dhimmitwit comes to power.

D Wright

I'm not sure what scares me the most; Obama, or the support he's gotten.

American Interests

As Aurora indicated, Australian papers are all about Obama, especially post his European farce. In relation to my earlier comment, 99 days to go ...


Miss you!


So you are saying you an Obama denier?
How could anyone honestly believe the man doesn't actually walk on water?

Good post.

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