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Friday, 08 August 2008


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Would it sound corny to say I weep for our country? This is what Conservatives are now relegated to? Being threatened like this, enough to where the NY SLIMES, for goodness sake, asked about NON PARTISANSHIP? THAT's rich, huh!?

I'm linking this at my blog, Heidianne..I rarely do this (I'm an egomaniac, after all!! hee hee!) but THIS has to be read by THE WORLD. Actually, I may send this to friends, too..........

you do such excellent work. Geller and Schlussel have NOTHING on you, kiddo. xxxx

heidianne jackson

corny? heck no, sane and knowledgeable, but not corny. i keep hearing mr. t in my head saying "i pity the fool" and i keep applying it to anyone who thinks we're on the right track moving leftward in this country. how silly is THAT???

thanks for the kudos - especially since i think geller and schlussel are da bomb!


Alinsky RULES for RADICALS #12 - Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)


The Soros-funded MoveOn crowd is well-funded, well organized and extremely malicious and malignant.

They are truly "an enemy within."

Excellent post, Heidianne!


I pity the conservative fool that would fear these idiots. We need to be smarter than they are & it's not all that hard.


Terrific post, Heidianne. I had not heard about this freak. John O'Neill lives here and he did nothing but tell the truth, beginning when he and Kerry both came back from overseas. Now, his partner, Joe Corsi, has a book out on Obama.

Facts are stubborn things.

heidianne jackson

fj, i know you are right, but we need to be smarter than to fall for it. psychological warfare only works if we let it... thanks for stopping by!

heidianne jackson

thanks jmk, they are an enemy within - sortof. the funding is just as much from without the country than within if soros is to be believed...

heidianne jackson

LOL cube, you are so right. now if we could only convince the rnc that the way to beat them is show we're conservative and not to emulate them...

heidianne jackson

you are correct, karen. i'm the middle of "the case against obama" by david freddoso and so far it's amazing. corsi's "obama nation" is on my list next...


The video disturbed me the most. This man calls himself a christian? Fine if you want to go with the harsh leviticus chapters but the sermon on the mount? Blessed are the pure in heart, blessed are the peacemakers, blessed are the meek...I am shocked. Unbelievable information heidianne! nice job...I suspect this will be a smoking gun. I hope it gets legs soon. :)N


"Welcome to Accountable America. We're working to stop the Right Wing special interest groups who are pushing lawmakers in Washington."

and, what might TF these special interest groups be?

i get so sick of the left thinking (with what) we have something up on them in the special interest group. THEY INVENTED THE EFFING TERM!

Uncle Joe

The witch hunters have organized! Why engage in public debate with conservatives that you can't win when you can pack them into box cars and lock them up. Thanks for the heads up on this crowd.


i just read the best nomenclature for hussein obama at moonbattery:


bwah! i left my own: OBAMARXIST

heidianne jackson

nikki, i don't think HE calls himself a christian - i think he just repeats the words because it's what is required to get elected. disturbing - pious fraud indeed.

heidianne jackson

yes, nanc, they invented the term and now they try to use it like it corporations (especially oil) are "special interests". i can't decide which tagline i like best, but both are definitely fitting...

heidianne jackson

uncle joe, leave it to you to find the perfect idiom. witch hunters is precisely right!

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