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Friday, 29 August 2008


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I'm not worrying as much as I'm preparing... Have been for awhile. I want to be able to live on our own for a goodly stretch if we have to.

Paranoids have real enemies, too... and there will surely be someone (or several) sling that labeling mud in your direction for even asking this. But it is a bold, real and very relevant question to consider.

We have been told at every opportunity that race is the ONLY reason we might reject BO. There are no other acceptable levels of disagreement or disillusionment with his "credentials" permitted. And like so much of the liberal media, the liberal public and the liberal politicians constantly remind us: "If WE say it, is is now TRUE." It is their favorite, newest tool.

So they will become the judge, jury and deliver the punishment if we dare not follow their directive.

Great write, Heidianne... albeit very sobering.


Hi, Heidianne-That is a thought that has fluttered through my brain on occassion.
I frankly have no clue...but I pray alot!


heidianne jackson

you bring up some valid thoughts, di. glad you're on my side!

heidianne jackson

tmw, i'm so glad i'm not the only one thinking about these things. glad to know i'm not the only one praying a lot too!

Always On Watch

what happens if the obampalooza tour ends in failure

Possibly riots.

And surely a worsening of relations between blacks and whites as well as America-bashing.


Louis Farrakhan has already promised dissent if his guy loses; an Black radio commenter on Dennis Prager said he'd urge Blacks to riot, too, if their guy wins.

And, your thought that Hillary stopped the delegate count so people wouldn't see how well she might have done is an excellent one..wow.

WHat a bunch of hypocrites. How sad for AMerica.
Great post, Heidianne.... And thanks.


I'm not worried about Obama losing so much as to him winning. If violence breaks out as a result of him losing, then I'm FOR the violence happening and then CRUSHING it.

The whole purpose behind voting is to avoid the violence... and if the other side can't live with the idea of compromise and the meaning of majority rule, then its' time they were taught the lesson. Again.


I kinda think as FJ does there. I'm more worried about Obama winning - a very real possible outcome. I won't say more about that for fear of jinxing it, as I'm a bit superstitious. Having lived thru the 60's and early 70's, as many here did, we know how the rioting works and with today's heightened security concerns, I think the major spots will be prepared around the country. And, law and order will overcome the sheeple and thugs.

elmers brother

I'm with FJ, much more concerned if he were to get elected.

Otto -  American Interests

Some pertinent questions here, well done. Win or lose there are concerns, though I prefer the former. Look forward to your take on Palin...


Ah, the politics of racism, hatred and entitlement.

Several years ago I was called a racist by a Liberal because I debunked the myth of a "Palestinian People". I replied, 'Do you still hang around the schoolyards trying to pick up a little boy?' Of course the nasty little ba$tard was aghast that I would call him a pedophile.

I explained, its exactly the same thing, if someone accuses you of being a racist, there is no defense. To even try to defend yourself only makes you sound guilty.

What are you going to say; I have black friends, I give to the NAACP, my sister married a black guy?

The accusation stands. Its horrible but that's the way it is. I won't even try to defend myself from such a charge, I simply point out a few facts.

The Democrat Party is the party of institutional corruption, machine politics, identity politics, racism and slavery. The Democrat party buys votes by taking money from the people that earned it and giving it to those that vote for Democrats. Its a miserable excuse for a political party that should be banned. It caters to every minority group by promising special privilege and punishes any group or person that thwarts its goals and objectives with abuse of political office, law and bureaucratic harassment. It has always done so back to Andrew Jackson and the forced removal of the Eastern Civilized Tribes from their ancestral homes in the 1830s. The Southern Slave Owners were Democrats and so were the Northern "Copperheads". The Members of the KKK were Democrats. Bull Connor was a Democrat as was George Wallace and the only reason that LBJ instituted "The Great Society Program" was to enslave the blacks once again on a different "plantation".

I owe the black race nothing!

Let those stupid enough to burn their homes earn the acrimony of the innocent. Anyone that threatens my family or property takes their life in their own hands.

I refuse to be afraid of the followers of a Chicago ward-healer and I will not be intimidated by the implied threat.


ah yes Heidi..they want us to cower in fear of the black revolts just like the Mussssssssslims do...bring it on dudes and prove our point!..great stuff girl!:)


It's better for the Country to be burnt to the ground because of riots than a Socialist being elected President. Remember Alan Keyes. He was a black man running for President. Where was the hoopla then. Don't ber fooled by the left's guilt trips.


WHEN he loses - it will be like the rodney king "can't we all just get along" moment times ten. it WILL be ugly, as most "leftard" events are.

imho - the clintons only bowed out so she could have a shot at it in 2012 - the same people who handle her are the very same who handle bho. she was just more than likely told "bide your time - it's coming."

am i afraid? no. do i have fear? yes, for the Lord - no other.


Hasn't the donkey guys and grrls hinted that if Senator Obama loses - it will be because of Racism?


Botomline, it doesn't matter what the Liberals or blacks will do, should Obama lose.

Certainly, it would be a CRUSHING defeat for progressivism within the USA!

I mean, if a good-looking, eloquent, black candidate can't win with a Liberal agenda, then there's little HOPE that ANY "progressive" candidate can win here.

Might they encourage mischief?

All the better! It would be great to see the Mike Moore's and others locked up and exiled from the American political scene.


Heck I'm not so concerned as much about what happens if Obama loses as I am if he wins.

Don't underestimate the black population of America. Not all of them are snowed by Obama.

Some folks are claiming Obama will be the first black President (not quite true since Clinton was LOL) but...Obama grew up with a somewhat privileged background. He went to private schools, was raised by his white grandmother. He did not come from "the hood". I don't mean "the hood" as derogatory either. What I mean is that Obama was not raised by black parents, was not raised in the ghetto, likely never had to fight for anything. Now, does this mean that all blacks in America come from the ghetto? Of course not. But if we are going to break the racial barrier, let's get someone who actually had to climb over the barrier, not someone who never had to come up against it in the first place.

So, sorry to get off topic, but I don't think Obama represents the average black man in America. I really don't. Just like I don't think most politicians represent the average American, I guess because most of them are rich, fat cats living off the average American population. Now of cours Palin, she's not a fat cat, I like her.

Anyway, I never gave it much thought what would happen if he lost. I am very concerned of what happens to us if he wins, which is a possibility.


when he loses they will riot
cry foul
scratch their heads
not be able to understand
call the American people stupid, neo-cons, idiots etc etc
look down their noses at the people in this country who work for a living and don't want or need the government to attend to every aspect of our daily lives
excellent post.


As an Obama supporter, if he does in fact lose , it will be once again proven that even though this country has been forced to endure 8 of the worst years in recent history, America is afraid of changing the status quo! Most Americans would have shown that they would rather suffer more under Republican rule, than see a Black president! I'm sure that most of Black America would be disenfranchised, disappointed, and sadly disconnect with politics altogether for a while.


There would be riots in some areas, but moreover there would be huge resentment, and a severe breakdown in race relations. As a black man, I would hope that if Obama loses, there would still be a serious effort to reconcile with Black America and include us into the true fabric of what America's promise is for ALL Americans! The true reason that Black America is excited now is because for the first time, we feel that OUR concerns will be heard, and barriers will finally be removed! There have been 2 different Americas for as long as I can remember, White America and Black America. We really want 1 America, and that's what we feel Obama brings to the table. But if he loses, it's not as if we are not already used to losing. We have been losing batles for the past 400 years!


There would be riots in some areas, but moreover there would be huge resentment, and a severe breakdown in race relations. As a black man, I would hope that if Obama loses, there would still be a serious effort to reconcile with Black America and include us into the true fabric of what America's promise is for ALL Americans! The true reason that Black America is excited now is because for the first time, we feel that OUR concerns will be heard, and barriers will finally be removed! There have been 2 different Americas for as long as I can remember, White America and Black America. We really want 1 America, and that's what we feel Obama brings to the table. But if he loses, it's not as if we are not already used to losing. We have been losing batles for the past 400 years!

Self Reliant

I believe that there will be riots when B. Hussein Obama loses. Even though he will lose because of his stance on issues and his shady past relations it will be blamed on all of us being "racists". One thing that Mr. BHO needs to relaize is that he only had this oportunity because he is black-if a white man had the past relations that BHO had then that candidate would have been gone immediately-BHO got to this place because of his color--and of course the media.


I thought about this a while back. Remember the last two elections, how close they were, and the hatred on the other side on how the Republicans 'stole' the election... Well, those were two lily white candidates. Now we have the first Black candidate. All Hades could break lose.

Papa Frank

I. for one, will be locked and loaded come election night and the day after.


i have never thought of this before. riots? it makes sense. it seems strange that people are allowed (socially acceptable) to vote for someone simply because of the color of his skin, but if you don't vote for someone for the same reason, you are a racist. double standard...

btw...thanks for the blog visit



It has become more obvious to me that many here are more afraid of the status quo being interrupted than anything! Many will still vote for Mc Cain, even though they are jobless, homeless, and have sons & daughters still stuck in Iraq, fighting an unjust war that should never have been fought! How ignorant is THAT!

Papa Frank

Almost as ignorant as thinking that John McCain would provide nothing but the status quo even though he has gone against his own party more than anyone. To believe that John McCain would be a third Bush term is about as brain dead an idea to believe as is global warming. They belong with the Tooth Fairy and Frosty the Snowman as far as reality goes. Or to think that all change is good. CHANGE IS NOT A DESTINATION JUST AS HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY!!!

Papa Frank

By the way EVO -- I would challenge you to take a good look at the history of the Democrat Party that you seem to support. Their legacy is that of severe racism. The Democrat Party was the party for slave owners. The Democrat Party founded and run the KKK. When formed the KKK not only killed black people but also killed Republican politicians. The Democrat Party were the ones who had the longest filibuster (which is still a record today) in order to stop black people from being able to vote. Martin Luther King Jr.'s daddy was a registered Republican and it is quite possible that Martin Luther King Jr. voted Republican as well. Why do you think that a Democrat leadership would be a good thing?

Papa Frank

I would LOVE to have a black President but would not jump on the bandwagon of someone completely unqualified and unproven. How about Colin Powell? Are there not infinitely more qualified candidates than Obama?


Papa Frank, all I can tell you is that from my own life experience in this country, every Republican presidential term since Richard Nixon has been a disaster for the Black community! I can remember vividly when Reagan took over. Government funded programs got cut out, causing my school grants to be discontinued, many job training programs were cut, and as a result, crack cocaine took over. The 1980's then suffered through a recession, and gangs started forming like never before in the Black communities. Then, in 88 Bush Sr. takes over with his infamous "read my lips, no new taxes" speech, and we all know what happened then. Now, we have "W" steal his way into office, ganster his way into Iraq, start an illegal war, kill over 4,000 us troops and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens, while wreaking our economy. As far as I'm concerned, the Republicans have totally screwed over the average American citizen in these past 8 years!

Papa Frank

Now tell me this: how does your school grants being discontinued have anything to do with crack cocaine taking over? And if so, how is it that more and more people graduated from college than ever before? Guess what? My grants were non-existent and I never finished college and yet I don't complain and live a good life. I was not "forced" into a life of crack cocaine by leaving school. And the two years of school that I did attend I am still slowly paying for. I don't see how Reagan either hurt you or helped me. And how is the fact that gangs started to form any direct result of Ronald Reagan? The black community should take responsibility for itself, shouldn't it? And since when is there a "black community" and an American community? Aren't they the same? If you want to blame "W" for stealing his way into office then explain how this is so. Bush won both elections hands down. If you don't like that -- OH WELL. If you want to say that Gore got more votes I would point out to you that your nominee got millions less votes than Hillary. Did Obama STEAL his nomination? And you seem to leave out Jimmy Carter who was the worst president of all time. And how about Billy Bob Clinton? How did the "black community" fare under his administration? The fact that he had no backbone and allowed unanswered attacks on our fleet and on the World Trade Center is the reason that 9/11 was possible. During Clinton's administration we had every opportunity and reason to take out Osama and yet Billy Bob lacked the nerve and cut our armed services horribly. Do you completely IGNORE the racist legacy of the Democrat Party?


I see I have to clarify. I did not personally do crack after my grants got cut, I just had to take off 2 semesters until I could get my student loans to finish school. I also live a nice, middle class lifestyle, however as a result of numerous job training program cuts, layoffs, school program cuts, and everything else that directly affected most of the inner city communities the hardest, crime, drugs, and gangs began to increase. What typically happens in Black communities is a loss of opportunities brings on loss of hope. When America catches a cold, Black America catches cancer! Some people then decide to make ends meet however they can, resulting in selling drugs to those who have lost all hope.

The overall loss of hope within the poorer areas of inner city communities is perpetuated by Republicans who seem to be totally oblivious to the problems of the average American, much less the inner city! All we've seen in the last 8 years are tax cuts for the rich, wasteful spending, excessive greed, and massive layoffs. The reason that so many are excited about Obama, is because he is the ONLY politician I have ever seen who actually has the sensitivity and empathy of the plight of the average American citizen. He truly cares about ALL of us!


During Clinton's administration we had every opportunity and reason to take out Osama and yet Billy Bob lacked the nerve and cut our armed services horribly.

By the way, how's that search for Osama going now? 7 years past 9/11 and he's still hiding in caves, putting out videos every 6 months or so. Also, I'd venture to say that 'W' is the worst president of ALL time! As far as I'm concerned, this administration's cowboy mentality that's caused this country to be hated internationally like never before!

Papa Frank

How does our continual hunt for Osama free Billy Bob from the responsibility that he shrugged off? The responsibility to protect us. He did not answer clear aggression and so what we got was more aggression closer to home. Aggression on our own soil. Billy Bob could have taken out Osama while he was standing out in the open and operating freely as he chose because there was no fear of retaliation from a weak American President. Now he hides and puts out a tape every six months only to prove that he is still alive. Then he stood in the open and defied us openly and aggressively and we did NOTHING.

"All we've seen in the last 8 years are tax cuts for the rich, wasteful spending, excessive greed, and massive layoffs. The reason that so many are excited about Obama, is because he is the ONLY politician I have ever seen who actually has the sensitivity and empathy of the plight of the average American citizen. He truly cares about ALL of us!"

What we saw for the first time was an actual tax cut that did what tax cuts SHOULD do. They should be for ALL AMERICANS. Everyone received a tax cut and the poorest received the GREATEST percentage of tax cut. Why do you hate the rich? Are they not Americans and deserving of the same benefits? Without the rich there is NO MIDDLE CLASS. Socialism and history has taught us that if we are all economically equal then we are all poor and hungry. The rich make it possible to have a strong middle class. I have no argument that the spending was wasteful and excessive but I know that only John McCain talks about cutting spending and getting rid of the pork in the budget. Obama only promises more spending. And how is it that you believe that Obama knows the plight of the average citizen? His life has been anything but average. I suppose the average citizen goes to private school and lives in the highest cost of living state in the nation (Hawaii)? And here's another news flash for you. The average American DOES NOT LIVE IN THE CITY. Inner city people think they are everyone and that is a huge problem. That is why the pundits are always surprised at election results and can't figure out how somebody could have possibly won. The middle of the country is HUGE and FULL of people who vote consistently in every election. They don't skip voting. The average American is not the inner city person.

Papa Frank

By the way, when Democrats took over Congress the average gas price was $2.30. The majority of jobs lost were also in the last two years. This Congress has done the LEAST of ANY Congress in history and has an approval rating that is only HALF of one of the most unpopular Presidents ever. Tell me how things have gotten better in the last two years with Democrats in control.


This war is costing America billions of dollars weekly, money that has been draining our economy! I would also venture to say that this war is responsible for the continuous rise in gas prices! The rising gas prices also affect food, products, and other daily expenses. The ripple effect that the war has caused was initially created by Republicans.

Papa Frank

So I'm to believe that the last two years that the Democrats have been in charge have been working to turn everything around and make things better? Their insistence on taking a vacation instead of helping out Americans is good? Their refusal to drill which is what 70% of Americans want is fulfilling the will of the people that they are charged to serve? Their policies which raised gas prices by almost $2.00 in only two years time is excusable simply because they are Democrats?

Papa Frank

And by the way, the war was voted on by Congress and approved by an overwhelming majority of Democrats. Just in case you are delusioned enough to think the Democrats had nothing to do with it.


Bill and Hillary will party like it's 1999 (again).

Jesse Jackson will crawl out of his hole and pronounce Americans racist (again).

Europeans will throw down their cigarettes in a fit of effete pique and pronounce Americans stupid (again).

Al Quaeda will curse and prepare to meet their virgins (they think)(again).

Matt Damon, Susan Sarandon, Barbra Streisand, Pam Anderson, and the other Hollywood Ilk Club will declare they're moving to Canada or Europe and then not do it (again) (dammit).

Liberals will wail, gnash their teeth, and book appointments with their shrinks for the next 4 years (again) (not that it helps).

Republicans will rejoice.

heidianne jackson

of course you are correct, gabrielle. thanks for stopping by!


What if John McCain were a former president of the Harvard Law Review?
What if Barack Obama finished fifth from the bottom of his graduating
class? What if McCain were still married to the first woman he said "I do"
to? What if Obama were the candidate who left his first wife after she no
longer measured up to his standards?
What if Michelle Obama were a wife who not only became addicted to pain
killers, but acquired them illegally through her charitable organization?
What if Cindy McCain graduated from Harvard? What if Obama were a member
of the "Keating 5"? What if McCain was a charismatic, eloquent speaker?
If these questions reflected reality, do you really believe the election
numbers would be as close as they are?
This is what racism does. It covers up, rationalizes and minimizes
positive qualities in one candidate and emphasizes negative qualities in
another when there is a color difference.

heidianne jackson

evo, evo, evo. please come back to reality.

first of all the keating five strategy is a non-starter. mccain was completely exonerated in that mess and the only reason they wouldn't completely let him off was because he was the only republican they could in any way, shape or form involve. secondly you're just not making sense.

at this point in the elections of both 2000 and 2004 the numbers were just as close. this is something that has been discuss ad nauseum on several talk show and with several pundits. look at these 2004 tracking results from cnn. almost identical to what's going on now.

so, please explain to me what racist movement was afoot when it was two rich white guys going up against one another.


I'm just pointing out that in my own mind, there is no real rational reason that that this race is this close. For me, the introduction of Sarah Palin into this race should solidify the Mc Cain camp, defeat, simply because she has proven herself to be incompetent for this position. However, because she is an attractive woman, with very conservative, dangerous views, some seem to have latched onto her as "one of us". Any clear thinking person wouldn't think twice about letting this woman become a heartbeat away from the highest office in the land!

Papa Frank

So I guess you agree with Alcee Hastings then:

"If Sarah Palin isn't enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention," Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida said at a panel about the shared agenda of Jewish and African-American Democrats Wednesday. Hastings was explaining what he intended to tell his Jewish constituents about the presidential race. "Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through," Hastings added as the room erupted in laughter and applause.

Papa Frank

Racism has always lived on the side of the democrats. They were the racists of the past and are still the racists today. Get your head out of the Obamass and get some fresh air for your brain.


Look man, racism has no political party! it is what it is. Democrats AND Republicans have racist individuals,as was just exhibited in the primarys.

Papa Frank

But Democrats are oraganized and habitual racism where as there are some racist Republicans. I do not tolerate racist Republicans and would have nothing to do with the Democratic Party that was founded on racism by racists and still to this day seek to enslave. Welfare and social programs are a means to an end. Any government big enough to provide you anything you want is strong enough to take everything you have.


Well folks, I guess this whole conversation has been put to bed now. I'm sure there are s lot of disappointed people on this blog this morning, however let me be the first to extend the olive branch. As the new President-Elect said in his speech last night, we are all Americans, and whether you agree or disagree with him, if we are to begin to get this country back on the right track, we must ALL work together! This division has not been, and will never be good for the wellness of our country. We are presently in the worst shape we've been in since the Great Depression, and I truly believe that in order for this country to heal itself, we must all become one America, with everyone benefitting from it's greatness, and not just the wealthy, privilaged, or politically connected. We have a lot of work to do, so let this be the beginning of a new day for the country & the world.

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