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Wednesday, 05 November 2008


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Scout's Honor

I'm trying to remain positive. Maybe it won't be so bad.

What is worrisome is that the landslide extended to the house and senate and even governors. He has carte blanche to do anything he wants with very little controls. Very few checks! He presented as a champion of change, but his very liberal leanings were glossed over. America will get change alright. Sigh.

Honestly, the Republicans blew it. We have spent too much time being moral police rather than the less government, less handouts, and preserve freedom for all era of Reagan. The religious right needs to be removed. Politics, not religion. I don't see this election as a referendum FOR Obama, but really a referendum AGAINST Republicans. Middle America really hates us. I've felt it many times on my blog and mostly it's because we are seen as bitter, judgy, uncaring, rich, intolerant folks. I would like for that to change.

Perhaps four years with Obama's change and they'll swing back. We'll see. Hopefully America won't be bankrupt by then. Hopefully, we won't have ignored the sign of terrorism on our soil again. 9/11--the seeds of 9/11--happened on a Democrats watch. They forgot that.

I just continue to hope it will all be alright. Sigh.

heidianne jackson

thanks for stopping by sh. but i have to respectfully disagree with you that we need to move further away from the right. conservativism works. and it passes when it's on the ballot. the actual conservatives who were on the ballots (house & senate) with very few exceptions were reelected. where there were rinos, they were kicked out.

this is not a mandate to remove the religious right from the gop, it's a mandate to get back to those principals.

the griper

it was not a rejection of principles that brought on this defeat for the republicans. it was a rejection of the present president. the left had the nation focused on him and the right did not know how to counterattack and place the focus back where it belonged. they had 8 years of being able to do it and they will continue it until the right wises up to their tactics.



Nanc said, "...four years isn't THAT far away!"

Well, for an old Conservative Christian pushing 80 yo, that is a long time. I really don't expect to be here to fight that battle for my kids, g'kids and g'g'kids. I've been doing it for almost 50 years, now its up to you young folks.

We DO need need Christians (I am prejudiced because I am one) because without them this country will slide deeper and deeper into the cesspool of Marxism. . Obama would have won with an 80% margin without Christian support.. Conservatism wins -- as you said, but only with an educated electorate.

This country has an ignorant electorate.

In Christ eternally,



OK my friend..I won't give up the fight...just yet!


"the worst thing, in my humble opinion, is that i believe that the vast majority of people who voted for obama have no idea what's coming."

I couldn't agree more. I think a huge percentage of the people who voted for him have a very rude awakening coming.

I am grieving our loss right now but I in no way think the GOP is close to being dead. Jimmy Carter's disastrous term brought us Ronald Reagan and I totally expect Obama to be a Jimmy Carter #2 and bring us our new Reagan.

heidianne jackson

griper said: "it was not a rejection of principles that brought on this defeat for the republicans. it was a rejection of the present president."

see, i think it was a rejection of the present president and republicans in congress. obama and his ilk did a fabulous job of throwing blame on the current republicans. mccain and his ilk did little or nothing to countermand it. he's no fighter.

heidianne jackson

jack, you're right, we do need christians. and orthodox jews and messianic jews.

this country has intentionally dumbed-down its electorate towards just such an occasion as election 2008.

heidianne jackson

dee, good to see you here. carter #2? yeah, but on some serious steriods and with a lot more power. it's gonna get ugly out there.

heidianne jackson

i'm with you, angel!

the griper

you can't fight what you don't see and understand, heidi. both, Bush and McCain has one fallacy. they presume that people are essentially good and tried to fight on the basis of appealing to that goodness. they had no counterattack that appeals to the badness in people.

heidianne jackson

so your premise is that by educating the american public about the truth of the financial "crisis", about the truth of bho, etc. they would have been appealing to the badness in people?


I think the far left is in for the worst shock of all. Obama is first and foremost a political opportunist. He'll be wanting a second term and have learned from the first two years of the Clinton term - that ushered in the Republican Revolution in 1994 - and not swing radically left in legislation. He'll move slowly and that'll infuriate all those on the far left to whom he is indebted. They've already begun calling in their chips - demanding a quick push while they have control of Congress. If that changes in 2 years, at least a stronger Republican presence in the Senate, then he'll not have smooth sailing. We'll see.

I do not like the thoughts of what is to come - especially the burdens that will fall to the small business class. And, anyone making more than $42,000 will be paying higher taxes, suddenly finding themselves labeled rich.

More chocolate, please. It helps a bit.

Uncle Joe

Conservatives and conservative Republicans have lost what little voice in the national government that we had over the last few years. Democrats gained seats in the House and the Senate and won the White House. Stunned, disappointed, and frustrated, conservative voters feel that Democrats will literally destroy the country and turn it into something with a government akin to what Hugo Chavez brought to Venezuela. Conservatives don't trust Obama and are convinced that, at best, he is a staunch left wing Democrat or, at worst, a closet Marxist who is the culmination of William Ayers' desire to overthrow the U.S. government and form it into his own twisted, Marxist image. Many conservatives are asking "What do we do now?"

I'll tell you what we do. What American conservatives need to do is remember our conservative ideals. Step back, take a deep breath, and remember that we are the ones who believe in the American people. Really, take a deep breath. In through the nose; out through the mouth. Now, remember that America's hope lies in its people not in its government. The sole purpose of our government is to protect our God given rights. The American people spoke and chose Obama as president. We who supremely believe in the principles of Democracy must take our medicine and celebrate another American marvel: the peaceful transfer of power in the highest office of the land. So, I prescribe three courses of action.

First, thank God that you live in a country that was crafted to be able to transcend the prejudices and injustices of the past. There is no caste system in America. It has now been demonstrated that ANYONE really can be ANYTHING they wish to be in America. I heard a young African American mother with tears streaming down her face tell her young son that Obama has proven that race in America is no longer a constraining factor in his life and that he truly can grow up to be anything he wants to be. Obama's victory, as one friend described it to me, is like a great weight lifted from his shoulders. As conservatives, we should celebrate. We knew that race was not a constraint. We knew that people like Jesse Jackson and Lewis Farrakhan used race to dominate and divide people. We have been proven right... finally!

Second, we need to be good Americans. Obama is now our president. That doesn't mean that we have to agree with him on everything. However, it does mean that we should give him credit for good work when he deserves it. We should also give him the rightful respect that the left wing refused to give George Bush over the last eight years. As conservatives, we need to take the high road. We should not stoop to the level of the crass and disgusting left wing like the posters on dailykos, Huffingtonpost, or TheDemocraticunderground or even Webb Sloane. Temper tantrums are for childish people. We are conservatives. We are adults.

Third, we need to hold the Republican party responsible for the election results. The Republican party leadership decided a few years ago that true conservatives and conservative Christians were not desirable. They decided that moderates and pro-choice style candidates would make the Republican party a modern party that could win elections. They chose to spend and spend and spend tax payers' money just as much as Democrats. They chose to support amnesty for illegal immigrants. They chose to stick their thumb in the eye of conservative Christians and give lip service to true conservatives. They literally are the party of Arnold Schwarzenegger. That may play well in California, but it doesn't play well any where else. Republican leadership dumped conservatives for a Hollywood styled and watered downed conservatism, if it can even be called that. The sad truth is, George Bush is not a true conservative and neither is Linsdey Graham or John McCain. John McCain's claim to fame was the fact hat he was a "maverick" which meant that he was willing to go against the base of the party and lean to the left.

We conservatives must hold the Republican party responsible for the decline of a conservative voice in our federal government. We must let them know that if they continue down this mushy path of "moderate" politics, they will continue to lose elections. We must let them know that we will not support them unless we have a strong voice in the party. The question is, will the Republican party leadership figure it out? I am not so confident that they will unless we speak loudly and strongly. I say that conservatives should not give their support to candidates like John McCain again. Let the Republican party know that to have a chance they will have to be the party of Reagan. So, we need to gain some backbone and make them feel the heat. Withholding our support from a candidate that can't win is a small sacrifice for us. But, it is a loud and powerful message to the Republican party. Conservatives must be the ones who stand up and put America first and the Republican party last. As Reagan said, "When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat."

the griper

i can see by your response that my comment wasn't clear.
1. there is good and bad in everyone
2. politics brings out the worse in people.
3, thus, in politics, you need to address the worse in people not the good.
4. neither Bush nor McCain knew how or were unnwilling to. and because of it, they both lost favor with the people.


- i believe that the vast majority of people who voted for obama have no idea what\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s coming

You\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re utterly insane.

- Hopefully America won\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t be bankrupt by then.

We\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re bankrupt now, thanks to your beloved Republicans.

- i need a chance to regroup and figure out what my next step should be.

shutting up is a first step. No one will be listening anyway. Your type doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t even have a seat at the table anymore, because as you say,

- the party is dead.

This is the only thing you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re right about.


I share your thoughts about how so many obama voters were dazzled by the rhetoric and slick speeches and don't know what's ahead for them. Maybe that's what makes it so much MORE maddening; this thought that WE KNEW and voted wisely, they didn't, and WE're going to suffer, and worse, America's going to suffer!

The party might be dead but given a Jindal or a Palin or a Michael Steele, people who are TRUE conservatives, not RINO's, and we have a great chance.

I'd make a $1000 wager that obama won't get a second four years. Maybe five thou...if I were a betting girl~!

good post, good luck with the move!!xx


Great Satan survived and thrived in spite of and because of The War Between the States, The Beatles and President Carter.

She can handle #44.


Nice reminder, Heidianne! There are indeed many lessons woven throughout the tapestry of American history. But this nation is resilient - and we will survive this new day of infamy and this new battle scar - with renewed fervor.

Obama's proposed redistribution of wealth is clearly Socialistic, not Democratic. And lest the Liberal Left forget: (...) FDR: "Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. The joy and moral stimulation of work no longer must be forgotten in the mad chase of evanescent profits." (FDR's First Inaugural Address, March 4th, 1933)

Shaw Kenawe

Stunned, disappointed, and frustrated, conservative voters feel that Democrats will literally destroy the country...

Are you serious? The worst financial crisis since the depression, two wars, an American city, New Orleans drowned, torture, habeas corpus, millions of Americans out of work, millions of Americans lose their homes--tell me please what you're talking about when you predict that Obama will "destroy" the country.

There is no coutry left to destroy. The Republicans have done the job.


And tonight we learn that most American university textbooks say FDR knew about Pearl Harbor before it happened..THIS is what's being taught our kids and we wonder why they'd vote a disaster into the presidency!?
Batten down the hatches, folks..this is the NEW PEARL HARBOR. God help us all.
Great post, Heidianne..
One of your commenters is right...there is little left to destroy, but the reason is their lefty media which doesn't deem fit to tell us ALL the news. How's about the flooding in the Midwest, did you see any disasters there that they couldn't handle or did their state gov'ts do the job right, unlike New Orleans (the media ever mention the good news that the Midwesterners took care of their own)? As for wars, thank GOD we had the guts to feret them out where they were and not here...millions are losing homes because Bush and McCain's warnings went unheeded when the National Black Caucus was being promised people could get homes based on the size of their welfare checks..THAT's a good idea? Those poor people are out on their butts now, folks..SOME help that was.
If this country can get its media telling us ALL the news so we can hear the truth and act on it, and if we get our American feet steady again on the conservative self-reliant, independent, less-government system we were founded on, we'll do fine.
Then we have to unteach the liberal left's lunacatic curriculum...we have a country to heal and save.

vegas art guy

Great post, I'm adding you to my blog roll, something I should have done long ago.


Heidi, I have been remiss in not rendering an invitation to you and your readers to visit a new collaborative blog at conservativeconvictions.blogspot.com

I think you know Jenn, and we have partnered to start a new place with the intent of taking back the GOP for conservatives. We have been published for a week, and have been joined by two other writers and the qulaity of work is superb! It isn't your typical blog, and I think you will find it a good place to rally for the conservative cause. Between your place and ours, we can have some good discussions anf productive discourse.

Otto -  American Interests

Must admit the thought had crossed my mind ... It's almost conceivable that Hedge Fund guru's like Soros played a hand in creating the mess ... Great read Heidi


Merry Christmas, Heddianne

Otto -  American Interests

Stopped by to simply say, Merry Christmas ...

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