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Thursday, 26 February 2009


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Long time, no see!

We may have to have another Revolution to restore America to her former glory.


Interesting post, Heidi! Convergence ... sounds like an Obama buzzword!


Great reminder, Heidi - Isn't it amazing how quickly we have forgotten lessons that were drilled into us in high school? Whatever happened to our healthy fear of a Communist take-over?

Gone are "politically incorrect" depictions of double agents that once were evident even in Bullwinkle cartoons, as heavily accented Boris and Natasha plotted to take over the world. Instead we are being convinced that the only threat we have to our well-being is Global Warming.

Propoganda is still powerful. If Obama shouted: "Workers of the World, Unite!" - Americans would rally behind him. Unfortunately, few would recognize that this line is straight from the Communist Manifesto and Marx's tombstone. I'm seeing RED......:)


St. Louis had a rally today against the porkulus bill, expecting maybe 200 people, there were close to 1000 and they , as our forebearers, dumped tea into the river in protest.
Maybe if this type of behavior spread nationwide, the poor excuse for a congress might get the message.


The graceless bunglers making up this current Congress is working hard to reduce our country to a country of collectivism...and communism!..while the Libs cheer them on!..great piece Heidi!

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I love to read stuff like this. Thanks.

Otto -  American Interests

We have witnessed a gradual shift to the left to forms of neo-Marxist socialism throughout many nations of late. Collectivism comes in many guises and it’s all the rage as I write.

The “we are all in this together”, nanny state, one global village convergence appears set to continue unabated. Witness the blind acceptance of everything that pours out of your Presidents mouth, be it free for all money (stimulus packages) consultative (almost appeasing) forms of foreign policy and soon to be released details of carbon cap and trade emissions trading that will further stifle economies through indirect taxes meaning more and bigger government … It’s a circus out there…

How pertinent the video Heidi … wondering if you got around to reading a Nov 22, 08 post of mine, “The Anti Americanism mindset”?

See: http://americasinterests.blogspot.com/2008/11/anti-americanism-mindset.html


THAT is the question, HOW to rein in a "duely elected government."

The problem is one of the "political class" NOT merely one Party or another.

YES, the LIBERALS (BOTH Democrat and Republican) are the WORST, but even so-called Conservatives like Tom DeLay and Dennis Hastert have imbibed on pork and signed onto bloated government.

We seem to NEED a mechanism that right now doesn't appear to exist, OR baring THAT, then some form of revolution down the road....a "revolution" can take several shapes - the most recent one we had was the ill-fated "Gingrich Revolution" undone by both a committed LEft-wing Press and the scorched-earth Clintonians in combining to smear Gingrich and derail a peaceful social and economic revolution that showed so much promise!

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