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Friday, 06 March 2009


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elmers brother

ah he deserved it


Were you "TOO HARD?" on him? He said:
"Gee..I just can't be informed because I'm busy..family, etc."
MY answer would have been:
"Don't VOTE, PLEASE DO NOT VOTE until you are INFORMED!"

I think you were easy on the person. Although I think he's probably a good guy......
THIS is why I (and you!) keep saying WE HAVE TO GET AN HONEST MEDIA OR DO IT OURSELVES!! Right?

Great piece, Heidianne...

shelly powell

you were not to hard on him at all ... ignorance is not bliss and i learned something new in the process!


Hard on him? Naw, I would say stern is a better word to use. I relate it to when my mom would have give me some medicine for an illness I was experiencing. Of course, I didn't want to take the medicine even though it was going to make me better; so my mother had to be very stern with me and make me take it. Though it was somewhat unpleasant to get down it did make me better in the end.

This is what you have done for this individual and hopefully he will continue to take more of this medicine until he begins to see for himself and not what the MSM is showing him how this whole spending thing is bad for us on all levels.

Great post,



Here, here!

Sorry I haven't been commenting much in recent months, I've been bogged down with work and school. Still reading it though and you're still doing a great job expressing my sentiments, for sure!


Pasadena Closet Conservative

Keep fighting the fight! We're all in it.


Wow, Heidi, you go girl. I don't think you were hard on him at all. It was just what he needed. Information and education! If you were to come back at him and call him an idiot,it would have accomplished nothing. Instead you came back at him informed and he knew that. Hopefully some of it sunk in!!

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