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Tuesday, 10 March 2009


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Great piece, Heidianne! Thanks for mentioning me AND my terrific CUB REPORTER!! Priscilla's terrific!

To set the record straight, HOWEVER..AHEM! I said we need NON PARTISAN but I did not say PEOPLE.. I meant "Non Partisan Cooperation!" It's why I said I thought no ONE person could be in charge of this, we would need one Left and one Right. There ARE no non partisans left, you are so right about that!!

UNITE, PEOPLE! We have a COUNTRY TO SAVE! Go to that tea party, WRITE your politicians, cancel your newspaper subscription! WORK FOR AMERICA! Super post, Heidianne!!


lets hope this makes a dent in THE ONE'S plans to rule the world Heidi!:)..

heidianne jackson

z, sorry to misrepresent your words. i doubt that you'll find any dem or liberal spokesperson who will champion this cause. however, i'm certain there are a large number of democrats who are with the conservatives on this!

heidianne jackson

angel, i couldn't agree more! i hope you'll be joining in in nyc!

Law and Order Teacher

Nice post. Great point. I just posted a video you might find interesting, especially the last line. It's about time to make ourselves heard. As John Locke said we are given natural rights by our creator and government exists only to protect our rights. Maybe its time to alter or abolish our government.


I say it's time to abolish it, and start with a clean slate.


Don't you first have to start out by forming a Committee of Safety and organizing a militia, then you boycott the government's "goods" and form a Committee of Inpsection & Observation to identify the non-boycott participants and make your enemies list, then you form a Committee of Correspondence to coordinate your rebellious activities amongst other dissenters and then you plan your teaparty in the "Secret Committee"?

Only AFTER you've done your homework are you supposed to proceed to the "teaparty" phase. ;-)


The press is not covering these tea parties, Heidi. It's a joke. If you have radical gay rights protests, they're all over the front page at LAT. Nada with the anti-tax stuff...


I don't know exactly WHAT it will take, but I'm sure of one thing, Americans voted for "change" to RENEW the prosperity they had in the late 1990s.

Ironically enough, that was almost entirely due to the Gingrich Congress CUTTING the federal budget for the first time in 100 years, for slashing the Capital Gains tax by 1/3 FROM 30% TO 20% and by saving states and localities BILLIONS via welfare reform and workfare!

That is the opposite of the path we've been on for the past six years or more.

G W Bush was a Republican Keynesian (like Nixon was) and he's being follwoed by another Liberal (and woefully naive) Keynesian Democrat Obama (now) and Carter (then).

I don't how bad things will have to get, maybe as bad as they were under Carter????

A staggering 22 point Misery Index, Stagflation (double digit interest, inflation and unemployment rates) AND a prime lending rate of 23.5% is what Carter bequeathed to Ronald Reagan....we may be headed there again.



Steve Harkonnen

I only hope the tea parties have an impact. We're going to ours in Fishersville this evening with friends and afterwards for dinner. Let us know how yours went!

Oh and I added you to my blog roll. Thanks!

Ducky's here

JMK, I'm more interested in your bizarre thesis that junk financial paper represents wealth, or did you mean temporary wealth.

I enjoy your misery index postings. You really glommed onto that one like a sad sack dog on a bone. Now, how do people factor in the loss of equity in their homes and their loss of net worth? How is that factored into your "misery index"?

Sorry, bubba, anyone with a brain knows this is a bigger problem than anything that happened under Carter. Yes sir, that Gingrich stuff sure worked out great, didn't it.

Look, your laissez-faire boys did boom-boom in their pants, allover the floor and then smeared it on the walls. Rand is dead, Milton Friedman is dead, van Mies is dead and even your average Libertarian stoner knows that Hayek was a utilitarian who didn't care squat for this individualism manifesto of yours ... check that, you probably don't know it.

Ducky's here

If wealth is infinite then why didn't they just keep writing paper?

Really, if it's infinite then why don't we all just join Wall Street and write bad checks.

Or does there have to bee some underlying asset? Bummer that. Bring commodities into this and all of a sudden the Malthusian arguments get a little more significant, right FJ.

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