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Wednesday, 27 May 2009


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Well, it's ABOUT TIME we got a new BigGirlPants post..and it's so worth waiting for!

SO much to comment on, so I won't..you covered it perfectly. I love the Buffet video and the cartoon! The Star of David picture is disturbing: and should be.

As for Sotomayor on that video? Dismissive. She SAID it and then says she didn't. We didn't hear that because SHE says we didn't hear that. But we HEARD IT, SONIA, baby! She Robt Gibbs' sister?

Thanks for the nod, Heidianne.....and thanks for a terrific post. I'm linking to it! xxx

heidianne jackson

thanks, z. it was sort of cathartic to write this post. it's amazing to me that there are so many who are willfully ignorant. including our current cic. to them it's NOT about socialism or marxism or whatever - it's about power - expanding and keeping it. nothing more, nothing less.


Good Post Heidianne, it's spot on!
They say the truth shall set us free. They just don't say when.
Sometimes I think half of the American people are suicidal, but no, just
ignorant and more enamored with celebrity than statesmanship. All we had
to see was the dueling speeches of Obama and Cheney the other day, to
see a fool on the one hand, and an adult, a statesman on the other.

It's going to be a bumpy ride.

heidianne jackson

i think you may be right on all points, pris. thanks for stopping by!


Heidianne I think this is my first visit to your VERY smart blog! Your second paragraph was so full of profundities that it's thoroughly clogged my limited logic circuits. :-)
Outstanding post! Come visit my place when you get a chance, I'll be a regular here from now on.

shelly powell

well said my friend ... there is so much B.S. swirling around these days that i have the distinct feeling that i am drowning.

elmers brother

Well I did take an oath to protect this country from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.

Mark Harvey (aka Snooper)

Pris said that the truth will set you free. Well, the firs thing that has to happen is that first the Truth has to be known before that Truth can set us free. Therein lies the rub. So many Americans have been duped and it all started in our "lack of education" system in this nation.


I agree with Snooper...the truth has been taught right out of our kids. At my place, my French interviewee, Frogburger, is talking about the kid he's a Big Brother to....the kid's doing a project right now on all the terrible things America did to our Indians. The French American-loving Frogburger (that's his screen name, of course!) had to teach this American kid what Memorial Day was about...he hadn't heard of it.


I don’t know, Heidianne … decimated values and institution could be the good news. I think it is far beyond that. There is not a single aspect of our country that Øbama has not already attempted to dismantle; not one.

Worse, the international situation is falling apart. North Korea this morning threatened South Korea with an invasion should they participate in a maritime embargo of the Democratic People’s Republic. Another conflict is brewing in Georgia. More than half of polled Israelis favor a preemptive strike against Iran. Iran has moved its fleet into the straights of Hormuz to challenge our Navy. Essentially, the world see’s Øbama as that empty suit we know him to be.

He’s nominated a racist to the Supreme Court, not because of her judicial experience on the appellate court, but because she is a committed socialist who agrees with Øbama that the U. S. Constitution is out of touch with modern society.

So yes, there is plenty to be concerned about, but little to nothing we can do about it; after all, doesn’t Øbama have the mandate of the American voter? We’re stuck with him until 2012, but we can definitely do something about the complexion of the U. S. Congress … and we must. If true conservatives fail to take back the legislature, I predict it will be curtains for the United States of America. We have to be much more than disgusted … we have to be mad as hell; we have to actually do something about it.

Semper Fi


jingoist, thank you so much for stopping by. and thank you for the nice comments - you're welcome here any time! :)


shelly be sure to keep your mouth closed! and elbro, i know my friend, i know.


snooper you are dead on accurate - as z has so graciously already pointed out. it's disgusting that anyone who's been in this country for more than a week doesn't know what memorial day is all about.

i swear our exchange student from germany has a better grasp on what this country is supposed to be than those who have been "educated" here. lack of education is right.


hey Heidi!..i'm so disgusted with what is happening. it's demoralizing and damaging...so true girl and so frightening!:( sigh


but what to do, angel? in our never-ending attempt to make efficient use of electriciy have we turned out the light at the end of the tunnel??

Vegas Art Guy

A Racist by any other name is still pondscum. Who says my life experience is not as full as hers? Let her try teaching for a while and see how frigging empty it is.


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