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Friday, 29 May 2009


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WHAT fun to read, Heidianne!
"flying rats" just slayed me! You must be a BIG Tippi Hedrin fan (heh!)
NEVER HAD A PHILLY CHEESE STEAK and have always wanted one! That sounded SO GOOD! I hate to admit to never having read Catch 22, either. Isn't that the one with Yossarian the Armenian in it? WHERE have I been? I might get that book and read it.
I really loved this..thanks so much! Great job!
flying rats...heh!

elmers brother

I like the Catch-22 movie.

I love what you said about your father. I hope someday my girls will feel the same way. Athough I've admitted many times to them that I'm less than perfect.


think about it, z. they carry disease. they eat whatever they can find. and the leave filth and mess wherever they go. sheesh.

i'll bring you a copy of catch 22 tomorrow. yes, this is the one with yossarian the armenian. and major major and a whole slew of others. well worth the read.

and i cannot understand HOW tippi hedrin did NOT commit suicide in making that movie. i certainly would have done.


elbro - the movie? really? oh the movie was OK, but it SO cannot compare to the book. read the book, man!

as to daddy, i know he's not perfect, but he's a perfect father for me...

the merry widow

Tippi Hedron also did some movie with about 20 lions in the house!

I still say you must have seen, "The Birds" at too young an age!

I read, "Catch 22", umpteen years ago...it struck me as kind of sad and lost.

My Dad wasn't perfect either...#3 on mine...then when we went to Cali, I got used to the drive between Santa Cruz and San Jose and the 880! Zoo, zoom, zoom, zoom...



Catch-22. Phew! For I minute there, I was thinking Catcher in the Rye from the movie "Conspiracy"


bite your tongue, fj - pbthft - ewwww.

Always On Watch

I've never read Catch-22, though I've seen the film, of course.

As for Katie Scarlett O'Hara, she's one of my favorite characters: strong, invincible, and committed to survival. We could use a lot of Scarlett's today!

I loved what you did with this meme, Heidianne!


So... you're not really afraid of birds, you're more afraid of things that fly (roosters can't fly)?

heidianne jackson

aow, thanks - that's my view of kso'h, too. and believe it or not, it's a pretty good representation of my eldest daughter, too...

and as i said to elbro, the book is SO much better than the movie...

heidianne jackson

no, more birds than anything, but i classify bats in that same realm. and roosters can fly, fj, if they're of the free-range sort...


You need a pet parrot...


excellent blog!! it does seem a bit odd to be afraid of birds but not thunderstorms. but then, whatever works...

birds aren't "flying rats". only pigeons are. i'm convinced that pigeons are immortal. have you ever seen a dead one? or a pigeon chick? of course not.

yossarian lives!!


It's not a "Philly" cheese steak unless you have it "wit whizz".

Here's another funny coincidence for you... I used to own a Skoda when I lived in Germany. It was the biggest piece of crap excuse for a car that I ever owned...


Heidianne- Apologies for the long lapse between commenting but I want to formally thank you for the tag! DI and I had a blast with our meme. I actually have a few meme items in common with you (although the bird thing is a real headshaker;) It must have made it hard for you to attend any Eagle's football games in Philly having to contend with that giant replica of a flying rat dancing the mummer's strut in the stands;)

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