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Friday, 26 June 2009


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"reaffirm America's adherence to the Geneva Conventions"

Anyone who's ever even bothered to read the Geneva Conventions would understand that they do not apply to Al Quaeda. They only apply to cosignatories. When did Al Quaeda sign them?

heidianne jackson

great point, g-man. i am unable to find any indication that they've ever signed, so i'm guessing not. but all these "do gooders" think if we're nice to them they'll be nice to us. oh yeah, sure.


Good post, Heidianne..spineless jellyfish is right.
Ya, when our president says he intends not to meddle, but Merkel and Sarkozy tell Iran OFF....and still Iran warns US to "don't meddle", you got to wonder, right?

WHEN is this president going to THINK THINGS THROUGH before he speaks? On second thought, maybe he'd even be WORSE if he DID think. oy.
Super post, Heidianne..thanks..

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Always On Watch

"reassert presidential authority to incarcerate terrorism suspects indefinitely, according to three senior government officials with knowledge of White House deliberations."

I have no problem with applying that kind of action to the Gitmo prisoners.

However, I AM concerned what kind of definition of "terrorism suspects" this administration will use. Remember Janet Napolitano's definition?

heidianne jackson

cht, welcome!

heidianne jackson

good point, aow! by those definitions i'm a terrorist and probably you as well...


Hey Heidi! Great article. What scares me is these people don't THINK before they SPEAK!

You haven't talked about the Honduran coup yet. Can you believe Obama is backing that SOB? I am so angry about that!!


Heidianne I enjoyed your post so much that i plan on using it soon. I'll credit you of course. :-) Thanks!

heidianne jackson

jessica - you are soooo right. i haven't discussed the honduran thing because so many others are. i'm sickened by his backing of the oas, but i'm not surprised...

heidianne jackson

thank you jingo - i would be HONORED to have you use any post of mine. thanks!

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