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Sunday, 21 June 2009


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I'm still trying to wrap my brain around a bunch of college kids making something like this.. ..THOSE were the days.
I'd like to take that tall skinny guy with the flat hat on and kick him to the moon, once and for all. Is that city in the background CHICAGO, per chance?
I think it IS too late, those 'usurpers' are now Americans who don't understand what they're doing.
We have to show them how they're wrong..We have to be a bridge back to AMERICA (heh)..

great find, HA..thanks.


I'm not sure e're currently fighting an -ism so much as some -ties. We're trading our freedoms for "financial" safety and equality.


"we used to know what to do about those who would rob us of our freedom and destroy our country. i wonder do we still? i wonder is it too late to chase the usurpers out of town?"

We used to have fortitude, but I don't think we as a folk have that same grit any more. We have suffered generations of deprivation. We have been deprived of "need". Our forefathers have made such a safe haven for us here that we have not suffered enough lately to remind us that we must be vigilant, self-reliant, resilient and boisterous. Because of that we've slumped into mediocrity. Political correctness has stolen our voice, leaving us unable to amply cry out expressing our anger. Decades of government subsidies have stolen our ability to stand unmitigated upon our own two feet, point our defiant face into the buffeting winds of adversity and prevail.

So to answer your queries... Is it too late? Probably not. Will we? Probably not... And more's the pity for it.


FJ..good way to put it!

G-Man...."WILL WE?" Don't count us out yet!
Not much to add to your excellent comments...
Except we need to have an honest media again, too..if we're EVER going to get the American people thinking, get the TRUTH out.

heidianne jackson

z, you are so right - i don't think there are many college kids that could create something of this caliber. actually i can't conceive of many who would care.

heidianne jackson

boy, you've said a mouthful fj- but i'd put the " " around "safety" and "equality"...

heidianne jackson

g-man! so glad to see you here!!! you have said so eloquently what people need to recognize. thanks!

heidianne jackson

z - it's all about getting people to THE BRIDGE that will allow us to close the gap on these things. don't count us out, indeed!


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