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Monday, 01 June 2009


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Listen to your mother party?


fj, it doesn't sound nearly so wonderful when you put it that way. but yes, listen to your mother.


This knocks it out of the park. Heidianne, Jungle Mom is a TREASURE and you are, too, for having reposted it here..IT DESERVES READING.......it's WONDERFUL.

I will say I'm a Father Knows Best kinda girl, but in THIS case, after having read this marvelous Mom's advice, MOTHER KNOWS BEST WORKS FOR ME!!

GOD BLESS AMERICAN MOMS and PLEASE, God, put these wonderful tenets and sentiments BACK into American family life......I fear that'll never happen again...actually, the piece kind of saddens me because of that. Remember the TV SHOW Father KNows Best? I want that life of high principles, kindness, politeness, integrity, love, decency,sacrifice, morality.......oh, do I long for it. WE had it in our families.......how'd it go so fast? (Obviously, many still do, but not THAT many or America wouldn't BE in this hideous trouble )



as you know, i've always been a daddy's girl (or tomboy at least), too. but these are sage words from a mom i aspire to be like.

and you're right - bring back the dinner table for the majority of families and most of the crap goes away.


fabulous read Heidi!..publish it girl!:)

Susan Jones James

Love this - perhaps it's because after rebelling against my mom in my teens, I've come around to her view on things - which certainly means leopards can change their spots. Liberal conversion anyone?

Winfred Mann

My barber is from Venezuela. He stated, "In Venezuela you work hard and end up with nothing. In America you work hard and get what you want." Then he raised his head: "I have a beautiful house, now."


Okay so I have a question, when is the Jungle Mom going to run for President? I'll be her Florida campaign measure!

Great post.


I meant to write "campaign MANAGER"

Way to go!

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