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Tuesday, 07 July 2009


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Excellent … and should anyone happen to think that all of what is happening in this country today is but a mere fluke of the times, think again. It is the design of leftists to provide us with 1984 … for real. And when it is done, Big Brother will turn to the enslaved and say to them, “You should have stopped me at the roll.”

America is too strong to be defeated from without … it is too weak to prevent defeat from within.

heidianne jackson

precisely right, mustang. i'm still confused by orwell being an avowed socialist and not understanding that a socialist government can lead to what he proposed in 1984. and so much else that he wrote about, too.


Excellent post, Heidianne...BOY, can YOU multitask!

Mustang, Big Brother will just be gloating....don't you think?

Man, that last orwell quote is SOMETHING. And now, here in America, we've got a government illustrating that exact POWER sentiment. )*$&()*&$# them all.

heidianne jackson

multitask, z? heck i just ignored the things i was supposed to be doing!!!

big brother is already gloating - and all the thought patrol, too. if this past week is indication.

and we are already there (the last quote). got a bridge handy, z?

the merry widow

I don't have a bridge, will a swamp do?

Orwell got it right, both with, "1984", and wit, "Animal Farm"...some are more equal than others...and obama's admin and congressional dhimmicrats sure are showing their "equality".

You know something? I do not want to be equal to them...I really dislike cesspools.

And power for power's sake, reminds me of another quote, "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."


heidianne jackson

yeah, a swamp is probably the same thing at this point, tmw. i'll join you there :)


The bricks of totalitarianism are being placed in the wall very quickly. I think you may be right, outright civil unrest may be on the horizon. Great post heidianne.


and Hussein couldnt even admit that the US military brought down the Soviet Union..what a freaking tool!

heidianne jackson

thanks ham, you're so right - i hate to advocate anything at this point, but it's getting stupid. or is that MORE stupid?

heidianne jackson

angel you're so right! OF COURSE there were people in those countries working to bring down the USSR - they didn't want to live in that environment anymore than i do. however, had it not been for the u.s. and reagan's policies, the USSR wouldn't not have fallen - and those people would not have had the courage to fight the commies. sheesh - i agree with hannity that bho needs to consult a history book every now and then.


I hate to think of a time when I will be forced advocate civil unrest. It is not a step that any patriot would take lightly.

How long is it until predator drones haunt the skies over a defiant Montana, Idaho, Wyoming or other such state? Will we see tanks rolling into Denver like the capital of some rebellious eastern European state? Will Times Square be our Tien an Minh? It is not a thought that I cherish. I know that it may well be necessary, but I still don't like it.

I do realize however that I swore an oath to defend the constitution with my life if needs be and as far as I can tell, that oath does not have an expiration date.

It is just sad to see that otherwise patriotic Americans more and more are arriving at the same conclusion.

We've all seen the UN come down on the side of revolting provinces, supporting their independence, but I seriously doubt they'd do so here.

The end result of following the mental exercise of a rebellion to its conclusion yields either the birth of two or more countries, all vastly diminished in their power, treasure and prestige or in the creation of a new totalitarian state after crushing such a rebellion.

Liberals seem so totally against "torture". I wonder how against it they would be if the target of the "torture" is one of their conservative countrymen. I'd bet the dislike would quickly subside.

Oh well just some random disorganized thoughts from a random disorganized G-Man.

Rightwing Guy

I am so glad that Michelle Bachman in MN, i would go crazy here if she wasnt


thanks for the vis to WHT..missed ya girl!:)


Sorry to drop in and advertise my blog here, but I have a post regarding an urgent call for aid from one of our wounded heroes. Please visit my blog and lend whatever aid you can! Again, please pardon the intrusion.

Always On Watch

I do think that "civil unrest" may ultimately be what decides which way America will go -- either down the path of totalitarianism or back to our Founding principles.

A year ago, the possibility of our needing a civil war for independence would have been unthinkable to me. Not now.

In my view, if we don't overturn this Congress in 2010, that kind of civil war will be the path we are on.

Always On Watch

Speaking of some problems with civil unrest.

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